What Brittany Mahomes' Relationship With Her Mother-In-Law Randi Martin Is Really Like

Brittany Mahomes has long been a part of the Mahomes family, but is her relationship with her mother-in-law, Randi Martin, a touchdown?

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes' relationship goes back years as the couple started dating in 2012 when they were high school sweethearts, per Us Weekly. Even as the pair went to different colleges, they still kept the romance alive. Eventually, Patrick was drafted to the NFL to play for the Kansas City Chiefs, and throughout it all, both Brittany and his mom were by his side. When the couple married in 2022, Martin was in attendance and shared a sweet dedication post to her son on Instagram, per People. She said, "Wow how the time flies. My boy is married!! I love you always and forever. you will always be my first born." There was no mention of Brittany in the post, which made people wonder if the two are even close.

Throughout the years, Brittany and Martin have supported Patrick in his football career, sharing eerily similar sentiments. In 2020, Brittany shared with "Today" (via Us Weekly), "It was surreal to see him living his dream and seeing him grow as an athlete and as a man in general was just amazing." Martin is also thrilled for her son telling FOX 13 that this is all a "dream." Randi and Brittany are alike in many ways, but does this make their relationship stronger, or are they so similar that they do not get along?

Randi Martin has defended Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes and her mother-in-law, Randi Martin, have a strong enough relationship that she came to Brittany's defense. The former soccer player has been controversial since being thrown into the limelight. Some football fans love Brittany, others cannot stand her, and she has caught some flack for many things she has done.

In February 2021, Brittany shared some of her maternity photos from when she was pregnant with her and Patrick Mahomes' daughter, Sterling Skye. In the images, Brittany wore a long beige ruffled dress as she held her belly. What seemed like an innocent post fueled the former soccer player's haters. They began to criticize her outfit choice as they suggested that she was trying to appear thinner than she was, per the Daily Mail. Brittany responded to the hate via an Instagram story. She said, "Well ladies, not trying to look 'skinny' in my maternity pics. I'm very pregnant and not here to try and make myself not look pregnant..."

Although the backlash started on Instagram, many shared their opinion on Brittany's maternity photos on Twitter, and some came to her defense, per Republic World. One user tweeted, "I will foreverrrrrrr have @brittanylynne8 back when hateful, jealous women feel the need to put others down instead of lift them up. Keep slaying, queen." Brittany's mother-in-law, Martin, reportedly quoted this tweet with the response, "Me too." Martin also shared several tweets supporting Brittany and continued to have her back.

Brittany Mahomes and Randi Martin are close as ever

Brittany Mahomes and Randi Martin love to support Patrick Mahomes at his football games, and because of this, the two are constantly hanging out. In August 2022, Martin shared a photo of the Mahomes family, minus Patrick's dad, at a game as she hugged a then-pregnant Brittany. She captioned the image, "Spending time with my family is priceless #blessed Psalms 28:7." Making sure to tag her daughter-in-law and her two sons in the photo, the Mahomes family looked as happy as they could be.

And it's not just football games where Brittany and Martin will have bonding time. In August 2022, Martin shared a photo of her, Brittany, and Patrick's siblings at a soccer game. She wrote, "Absolutely the best seeing my first KC Current game last night with my family.. loved the drum line. Giving you a super shout out!! I need to know y'all's chants and songs to cheer along!!"

Seeing how close the two are, Randi makes sure to give her daughter-in-law some birthday love. In August 2022, the two were all smiles as they posed for a photo together. Martin wrote, "Happiest birthday @BrittanyLynne have a fabulous day!! Love you." Brittany and Martin's relationship is as strong as ever, as the two absolutely adore one another.