Why So Many People Can't Stand Brittany Mahomes

This feature contains references to suicide and sexist slurs.

Life can't be easy as the wife of an NFL superstar. Just ask Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen, who was heavily scrutinized when she and legendary quarterback Tom Brady divorced in 2022. And let's not forget Russell Wilson's wife Ciara. In 2023, she was mocked for posting an Instagram video of herself lip-synching in a pair of MSCHF's popular yet preposterous "Astro Boy"-inspired boots, per Page Six. And then there's Brittany Mahomes, whose provocative Twitter posts sometimes get more ink than her husband, Kansas City Chiefs star, Patrick Mahomes. Such a divisive presence can provide an additional motive for opposing football fans to hate the multiple Super Bowl-winning Chiefs. 

To her credit, Brittany is hardly gold-digging arm candy. She and Patrick have been an item since high school and she also became a professional athlete before her husband signed with the Chiefs, having played for a championship-level soccer team in Iceland. Currently, Brittany owns a fitness training and merchandise business and is also the founder of the Women's Soccer League team, Kansas City Current. But on game day, she's all in to support her Chiefs athlete. As Brittany explained on Instagram Stories (via MMG Sports), Patrick's emergence to superstardom has been thrilling. "Ultimately, getting to see him live his dream and do ... what makes him happy and what he enjoys every day has been the greatest," she gushed. She may be the biggest fan of her other half, but it seems that she's sadly attracted a fair few detractors herself.

She bought her baby a Chanel purse

Back when they were high school sweethearts in Texas, Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes' first date was at an Olive Garden Restaurant. Of course, today they can dine at pretty much any posh restaurant in the U.S. Money also seems to be no object when it comes to getting birthday presents for their kids, such as the time the couple bought their 2-year-old daughter Sterling a purse for her birthday. In this case, we're talking about a Chanel pocketbook for the baby to store her valuables in — and at the mere price tag of $4,800, no less. 

In a video shared to her Instagram Stories (via The Sun), Brittany gifted the item to the birthday girl while asking, "Did you get a new purse? Let me see what it looks like! Do you love it?" In response, the baby seemed more interested in the piece of toast she was eating. Some folk who watched the video appear to share Sterling's lack of enthusiasm. 

When People reported the story on Twitter, many netizens responded by chastising the couple for selecting a gift far too valuable for a toddler to comprehend. One user responded, "She would be happier with a plastic Disney purse! [To be honest], that's not even attractive, it's just for status." Meanwhile, another chimed in, "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Ridiculous." It was a stark reminder that maybe the Mahomes had forgotten about that humble first dinner at Olive Garden.

Brittany Mahomes trash-talked the Bengals

Since 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs have been particularly obsessed with beating the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that blanked them the previous two regular seasons and robbed them of a chance to reach the Super Bowl in 2022. No fan apparently experienced that pain more than Brittany Mahomes, who felt the officiators stole a game from her husband's squad in December. "I mean at this point it's just a joke," she lamented on Twitter after the Chiefs lost to the Bengals 27-24. "We can never catch a break." It was a mock boo-hoo moment among victorious Bengals fans, who castigated Brittany online for her comments. In response to another frustrated tweet from her an hour later, one user wrote, "Your play-by-play isn't necessary."

But after the Chiefs exacted revenge against the Bengals in the conference final, it was Brittany's turn to gloat, as she tweeted, "Cancun on 3," along with a victory hand emoji. The phrase is a sports riff directed at a team drubbed out of postseason contention. In this case, the post also appeared to be a sub-tweet to Cincinnati cornerback Eli Apple. He had previously used that same phrase while mocking his team's defeat of the Buffalo Bills the previous week. Still, Bengals fans were not amused, with one user responding, "You are the reason your husband has so many haters." Others begrudgingly saw the humor, with one noting, "As a Bengals fan ... congrats"

Brittany has to deal with her hubby's groupies

Like Hollywood hunks, you'll find a few NFL stars like Joe Namath and Reggie Bush who have led playboy lifestyles in their prime, but it doesn't appear that Patrick Mahomes is cut from the same carnal cloth. Brittany Mahomes has a lot to do with that — an attractive and successful entrepreneur with her own extensive sports past. All the same, while she's evidently more than capable of holding her own against the hordes of female admirers holding her husband in their Cupid crosshairs, she still keeps her eyes on those who fawn over her famous husband.

"It's always going to be a worry for any girl that's dating an NFL boyfriend," she explained on an episode of "Shootin' It With Soph" (via New York Post). "But you just have to know that [the girls] are there for that only and so you just can't let it get to you." While she added that she puts up with women wanting to take a selfie with Patrick, it's a different situation when female fans directly message him on social media hoping for an in-person meet. However, she insisted she simply has to shrug them off. 

Instead, Brittany insisted that the more hurtful side of social media came from the harassment and insults she regularly received from both men and women. "I had to change my phone number because people were texting me and harassing me and saying all these mean hateful things to me," she added. 

Her animated behavior makes her easy to mock

Folks claiming to be the world's biggest Patrick Mahomes fans would be prone to a harsh cross-examination by his wife, Brittany Mahomes, who's been the football star's romantic partner since 2012. It's an undying loyalty that's been severely tested during NFL games, but none more nail-biting than in a 2020 playoff match, when the Kansas City Chiefs were trailing the Houston Texans by 24 to 0. But a Mahomes-engineered comeback saw the Chiefs demolish their opponents 51-31, granting Kansas City a home-turf advantage in the conference final that resulted in the team winning the Super Bowl that season. 

Brittany's jubilation went off the rails after the game's final play. "All those people that doubted us and hated on us, that thought we were gonna lose this game? Guess again!" Brittany said in a video posted to social media (via TMZ Sports). It turned out to be the wail that launched a thousand memes.

Fans on Tik-Tok were particularly merciless with Banshee Britney, turning that shriek into a guttural snarl more befitting of a metalcore vocal. Another looped the shriek to a phone recording of her checking an account balance. A far less imaginative entry replayed the video, followed by a series of sexist slurs. Elsewhere, the memes have been just as brutal, such as a 2022 image issued shortly after the Chiefs were bounced out of the playoffs, showing President Joe Biden getting friendly with the NFL wife.

She annoyed fans with a gender reveal party

In June 2022, three months after they got married, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes held a gender reveal party for their second child that she highlighted on Twitter, complete with an excerpt of The Drifters' classic "This Magic Moment." Brittany captioned the post with a cryptic "Take a guess." Amidst a backdrop of balloons filling the household, the couple sprayed blue paint onto a gender reveal sign, signifying that the NFL great's wife was carrying what would be a boy. Patrick was so taken by the moment, he even dashed outside for a fully-clothed leap into the swimming pool, already populated by flocks of rubber ducks. For friends, family, and followers, the occasion was pure bliss. 

Unfortunately, others weren't thrilled over the news surrounding the impending arrival of the boy, whom they named Bronze once he was born. In response to the family video, one cynic tweeted, "Poor Patrick. She's really trapping him good." Another shared similar feelings about the celebrations, writing, "Congrats to Patrick and his annoying wife."

While extravagant, the party was rather innocuous — particularly in comparison to some other real-world examples beyond the NFL realm. That includes one that caused a wildfire in California in 2021, killing a firefighter and razing five homes. Earlier that year, another potential reveal killed an expectant father and injured his brother while they tested a powder-releasing explosive device that accidentally detonated in the family garage.

Not everyone wants to be drenched in champagne

After a sweet victory, nothing seems to be as delightful to the taste buds as uncorking a bottle of the good stuff to celebrate the occasion, or so Brittany Mahomes thought. In 2022, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills in a division playoff game that helped pave the way to the team's second Super Bowl victory in three years. From the comfort of her skybox, Brittany appeared to get swept up by the moment and decided to open up a bottle of champagne and spray it over the Arrowhead Stadium crowd below her. She documented the momentous occasion with a video on Instagram, capped with the euphoric caption, "Chiefs Kingdom, Y'all rock." But it turned out that those fans were not amused over being drenched by all that bubbly while enduring freezing temperatures in an outdoor stadium. 

On Instagram, one respondent chastised the jubilant sprayer by writing, "She should be ashamed of this. She got a lot of backlash for squirting fans in the cold!" Another upset fan commented, "Gross behavior to do that to fans and children in freezing weather." Still, that didn't stop an opportunistic dry cleaner from offering free service to restore those soaked garments if affected spectators presented a ticket stub to the big game. But Brittany didn't display any remorse when she addressed the situation, tweeting, "I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week."

She was accused of posting racist tweets

Brittany Mahomes has been in a relationship with Patrick Mahomes for over a decade. Like her husband, she also fully backs the Black Lives Matter movement and supported former San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick when he angered stalwart patriots by kneeling during the national anthem. All of this makes some unearthed posts she shared many years earlier all the more mystifying.

Shortly after Brittany and Patrick were licking their wounds in the wake of a Super Bowl loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021, she received even more damaging news about a tweet she posted in 2016 that others deemed racist. The since-deleted post read, "Just hit the quan with some black girls, my life's complete." It prompted a slew of responses including tweets that read, "Not a good look," and "Mahomes girl is over party." Another deleted tweet from two years earlier also received criticism. It stated, "Last time I was rubbing lotion all over black guys."

It's difficult to decipher the intent of the posts without knowing their context. However, whether she was trying to be humorous or not, the general response to her tweets nonetheless suggests her statements were insulting enough, either way. The timing of their emergence might not be coincidental, either — Brittany's antagonists might have used those posts to further irritate her after the Chiefs lost the league final. As of this writing, she has never addressed the contentious posts.

Brittany has been called arrogant by the media

Brittany Mahomes's social media presence clearly riles up a few non-fans. And evidently, the media hasn't been on her side throughout it all, either. In their report of the notorious champagne incident of 2022, the conservative Daily Caller claimed that a gulf existed between her and loyal Chief fans — and that she was blissfully unaware of why. "She sprayed champagne on complete strangers like they were peasants and she was royalty," David Hookstead wrote for the outlet. "Does she truly not understand why people are upset?"

Likewise, for First Sportz, Aamir Jethwa took Brittany to task over her complaints about being pregnant while her family's palatial digs were still being built. The writer noted that Twitter folks weren't particularly sympathetic, writing, "They immediately called out Brittany Mahomes for her privilege and rich lifestyle." The family's main home is worth roughly $1.8 million, but they also own three other properties cumulatively worth $8 million.

In an op-ed written by Rob Breaux for Talk 103.9, the author furthermore argued that Brittany is successful in her own right — she doesn't need to bench-press her way to fame or relevance via social media. Breaux also speculated that her arrogance, and that of Patrick's brother, Jackson, stood in distinct contrast to the attitude of her husband, writing, "Mahomes is always humble ... Their online personas feed into the hate that they receive on social media, and it's amplified because Patrick Mahomes is the face of the NFL."

She has been called stupid by detractors

Accusations of having a cavalier attitude toward regular folks are one thing, but a lack of intelligence is another. To that end, Brittany Mahomes' haters have yet to cease questioning the amount of gray matter in the beleaguered NFL spouse's cranium. Clearly, the writers at Barstool Sports aren't exactly enamored with Britney and Patrick's brother Jackson, calling them "The two biggest morons on the planet." But their hubris-ridden rant had a New England Patriots bias ringing throughout, claiming that the famous Kansas City fan duo allegedly instigated hostility when they showed up at Gillette Field in Massachusetts. 

In 2023, Outkick thought Brittany was totally out to lunch over a tweet made shortly after the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVII against the Philadelphia Eagles, in which she wrote, "I think a lot of people need to apologize for what they said about this team at the beginning of this season." To which writer, David Hookstead responded, "This is an all-time bizarre tweet. Apologize? She wants people to apologize? For what?"

Meanwhile, in an op-ed for Fox News, Joe Kinsey addressed Brittany's outbursts regarding the way that Chief's games had been officiated. He offered a damning indictment regarding her behavior, as well as that of Jackson Mahomes. "At some point, this clown show is coming to your city," Kinsey wrote. "These whiny, entitled idiots will eventually show up in your city playing the victim card and pumping out TikTok dance videos."

Despite the flack, Brittany Mahomes doesn't care

It's no secret that Brittany Mahomes fully supports her husband Patrick Mahomes in what he does for a living. It's also a sure bet her vocal backing might have helped to inspire him to lead the Kansas City Chiefs to two Super Bowl titles, as of this writing. Still, one could argue that she goes overboard at times and can be a little insensitive to people who find her irritating. But that doesn't excuse her more extreme opponents for comments that defy tolerance. 

Case in point was one tweet referring to Brittany that shockingly read, "If I was stuck with this woman for life, I'd kill myself." However, her response on Instagram Stories (via TMZ Sports) was nothing short of tactful. "Making comments like this are very, very concerning but also highly inappropriate," she posted. "'Killing yourself' is not a term to just be throwing around like this."

While Brittany's tweets can be provocative, they're relatively inoffensive for the most part. To that end, she challenges those opting for the hateful route. "I wish, that every person that made a dumb ass, hurtful, [or] rude comment to someone on social media, that I could just sit them down, look them in their eyes [and] say what the heck is wrong with you, what are you doing?" she tweeted in 2020. While she's admitted that offensive and insulting comments can get to her, evidently they won't be enough for her to stop speaking her mind.

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ by dialing 988 or by calling 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.