Gene Kosowan

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University Of Alberta
Music, TV, Movies
  • Gene tries to make his writing as sharp as possible with an objective to submit the cleanest copy that his skill set can muster. He's also had jobs as both a writer and editor, finding that being an editor has made him a better writer and vice-versa.
  • Gene strives to avoid the mundane and cliche-ridden text with a focus on ensuring the work is original from the introduction to the conclusion. As someone who's interviewed a number of famous people, he avoids fawning, after discovering that as figures, celebrities aren't all that interesting. But as people, they do have life experiences that folks like Joe and Jane Sixpack can relate to. That's an angle he consistently targets, unless there's an unusual element worth pursuing.
  • As someone who doesn't take himself seriously, Gene has an irreverent bent and am inspired by folks who march to a different beat than what convention would otherwise dictate. Depending on the freedom that a publication or website allows, I strive to incorporate that arcane side into stories whenever I can. It's also a way to distance myself from the rest of the literary pack.


Gene was the founding editor of such music publications and newsweeklies as AIRtight, See Magazine, and Vue Weekly before moving on to larger-circulation print titles Like Satellite Orbit and DIRECT. A-listers he's interviewed run the gamut from Rob Lowe and William H. Macy to Alyssa Milano and Jacqueline Bisset. He eventually transitioned over to the online world, where his work has appeared on a number of sites including TheTalko and Screen Rant. Armed with a curious mind and a thirst for irreverence, Gene is always looking for the most unusual angles to a story in a compelling quest to make a piece as interesting as possible for a fickle readership.


While Gene received a B.A. degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Alberta, he declares it's had very little to do with his altered career path into writing. He fell into it through his involvement in the Edmonton music community, where he was headhunted by an editor of a Canadian music magazine called Music Express to do a regular column of the local music scene. That stint confirmed Gene's professional direction, and he's been pounding out copy ever since.
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