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University Of Alberta
Independent Films, SNL, NFL
  • Gene has interviewed celebrities like Rob Lowe, William H. Macy, Ernest Borgnine, Jaqueline Bissett, Tim McGraw, Al Franken, and Martha Stewart to create feature stories. As someone who prefers to talk about the art and the work of his subjects, he is not one to fawn over celebrities, an attribute that made it easier to talk to famous folks.
  • As an experimental musician who specializes in soundscapes and dark ambient music, Gene has had much of his work featured on digital compilations worldwide and has collaborated with artists based in England, Spain, France, Italy, and Brazil.
  • During the hungry years, Gene became manager of a band at its embryonic stage, which rose to international prominence. Sadly, he wasn't with them, as they moved to Toronto where they first became famous.


Gene first fell in love with writing when he became editor of an alternative music and news publication that was a promotional vehicle for a campus radio station. From there, he was suggested to become a regional writer for a national magazine called Music Express. He was recommended by a colleague to become a managing editor of the newsweekly SEE Magazine, before jumping to more prosperous territory at Vogel Publishing, which created magazines for satellite TV viewers across North America. That led to him being headhunted for a city editor job as part of Bell Canada operations. He gave up the rat race in 2007 to become a freelance writer.


Gene studied Economics and Political Science at the University of Alberta where he earned a B.A., although it was at campus radio station CJSR-FM, that he cultivated his interest in popular culture.
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