Shakira Hit With MORE Tax Evasion Charges One Year After Gerard Piqué Split

Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie," but neither do tax documents. The Latin singer has been hit with a second round of tax evasion charges nearly a year after she was first accused of the same issue.

The past couple of years have not been easy on Shakira by any means. In June 2022, Shakira and long-time boyfriend Gerard Piqué announced their split after 12 years, per Harper's Bazaar. What followed was a messy breakup, filled with cheating allegations made against Piqué, diss tracks, and a custody battle over their two children. On top of all that, Shakira had another major problem to deal with.

In 2018, the Grammy-winning musician was accused of six counts of tax fraud for not paying 14.5 million euros or 13.9 million dollars during her 2012 to 2014 tax season, per The Guardian. The prosecutors alleged that Shakira avoided paying her fees by claiming that she was living in the Bahamas when, in reality, she was residing in Spain. The "Waka Waka" singer has continued to proclaim her innocence. In a 2022 interview with Elle Spain, she shared, "I am confident that I have enough proof to support my case and that justice will prevail in my favor." Shakira's decision to plead not guilty to the crimes has resulted in an upcoming trial that could potentially cause an eight-year sentence on top of a hefty fine. While the trial date is set for November, Shakira has been slapped with another set of charges.

Shakira is accused of tax evasion...again

"Whenever, Wherever," Spain will make sure they are getting paid the proper amount in taxes, even if you're a famous star like Shakira. In 2018, the musician was hit with tax fraud charges, and nearly five years later, she is in the same predicament.

In September 2023, Spain prosecutors accused Shakira of failing to pay taxes for a second time around, per the Associated Press. The musician allegedly did not pay 6.7 million euros (7.1 million) in taxes during 2018. The outlet received a statement from prosecutors alleging the musician "used an offshore company based in a tax haven to avoid paying the tax." Shakira has been notified of the charges but has yet to release an official statement on the allegations.

Back when she was charged with the first set of tax fraud allegations in 2018, Shakira maintained her innocence. Telling Elle Spain, "The Spanish tax authorities saw that I was dating a Spanish citizen and started to salivate. It's clear they wanted to go after that money no matter what." Although it's unclear as to what she will do with this second round of charges, it's clear that Shakira is willing to put up a fight if she does not think that she is in the wrong. However, only time will tell whether the musician will have to pay up and face prison time.