Body Language Expert Tells Us Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Are Still Endgame Without PDA

Fans' obsession over Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's "Love Story" only continues to grow, even if they haven't shown any PDA quite yet. Swift and Kelce's romance has only just begun, but it's already making headlines everywhere. 

It all started in July when the Kansas City Chiefs star told the "New Heights" podcast that he attended the infamous Eras Tour and attempted to shoot his shot with the musician with a friendship bracelet featuring his phone number. Unfortunately, the football star didn't have the opportunity to give Swift the bracelet. But their romance was far from over. In September, Kelce revealed on ESPN that he invited Swift to a game. He shared, "I threw the ball in her court and told her, 'I've seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead. You might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead and see which one's a little more lit." Kelce's invitation worked because, on September 24, Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs game. 

Swift was all the rage during the game. The internet exploded with videos of her and Kelce — from the football star reportedly looking up to Swift's suite to Swift cheering on Kelce when he landed a touchdown. Everywhere you looked, it was all about "Traylor," and even though they did not display any obvious PDA, body language expert, communication coach, and author of "A.W.E. S.O.M.E." Jess Ponce III exclusively told Nicki Swift that Kelce and Swift are endgame. 

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce left the game together

There's no denying Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's chemistry! Although the Kansas City Chiefs game was their first public outing it was clear the romance was there — even without PDA. Body language expert Jess Ponce III exclusively broke down why the musician and the football player's relationship means business, starting with the way they left the game together. 

In a video posted to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, the moment Kelce and Swift walked out of the stadium was captured by an onlooker. The post clearly showed Ponce that the two probably would have liked to show some PDA. He explained, "They are walking very close to one another, to the point that we expect to see the couple holding hands. Given their proximity, especially the alignment of their shoulders, the fact that they are not holding hands seems to be on purpose." Ponce suggested that the reason the two didn't hold hands was to "downplay PDAs." 

Ponce also noticed Kelce seemed a bit uncomfortable with all eyes on him. Now, the famous football player knows a thing or two about being in the public eye, but Swift's fame is undeniably on another level. Ponce shared, "One thing is evident, however, and that is Travis is very self-conscious. He's profoundly aware that all eyes are on the two of them...It appears the extra attention he's getting is taking some getting used to."

Taylor Swift's reaction to Travis Kelce's touchdown was genuine

Instead of someone cheering for Taylor Swift, it was the other way around this time. When Swift attended the Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24, it was clear she was there for one person and one person only — her rumored new beau, Travis Kelce. The camera operators often cut to the Grammy-winning musician throughout the game, and Swifties could not have been more grateful. At one point, they even captured the "All Too Well" singer's sweet reaction to Kelce scoring a touchdown. As if she had been his girlfriend for years, Swift jumped out of her seat and screamed for the football star like a fan at one of her concerts.

If you're wondering whether Swift's reaction to the touchdown was sincere, well, body language expert Jess Ponce III sure thinks so. Ponce told us, "Taylor's reaction is 100% genuine. She is paying attention to the play from the very beginning. You can see her eyes follow the ball and she is one of the first in the room to show excitement." The Grammy-winning musician wasn't following other people's footsteps, and was intrigued by the play from start to finish.

To Ponce, the "Cruel Summer" singer wasn't just there for show; she was genuinely interested in what was unfolding. He shared, "She's a fan and it showed." For Swift, Kelce's touchdown just happened to be the cherry on top of an already exciting game.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce left the game in style

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were ridin' in the "Getaway Car" the night of the Kansas City Chiefs game. Once the game ended, the night had just begun for the two lovebirds. Multiple people saw the rumored couple leaving in a vintage convertible car, with the football player driving the two off into the sunset... or at least to a nearby restaurant, per the Daily Mail. Kelce and Swift put their romance on full display as they took on the streets of Kansas City. Body language expert Jess Ponce III explained to Nicki Swift how the rumored couple's departure from the game showed the seriousness of their relationship. 

Ponce shared, "Who doesn't love a convertible! And what an excellent way to ride off together!? Riding with the top down, shows that their experience — enjoying the ride – was more important than trying to keep things under wraps or hidden from others." In the past, Swift kept her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, extremely under wraps, but with Kelce, it seems like she's throwing caution to the wind — literally.

Ponce told Nicki Swift, "While they may not exhibit a lot of PDA, they are not hiding their relationship. They are open and free, quite literally, with how much they enjoy spending time together." It seems it's only a matter of time until Swift and Kelce's rumored romance becomes a full-blown relationship, and Swifties can't wait!