Travis Kelce's Ex Alerts Taylor Swift To His Big CHEATER Reputation

Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry warned Taylor Swift that his cheating ways may keep her from being his endgame.

Swift and Kelce recently cemented themselves as the homecoming king and queen of the Kansas City Chiefs' September 24 matchup against the Chicago Bears. Now, Kelce's ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry, has arrived on the scene with a warning for Swift: he's a cheater with a capital "C." During an interview with the Daily Mail, Benberry — who dated Kelce for less than a year after meeting through his 2016 dating show, "Catching Kelce" — shared some sharp thoughts about her ex. "Once a cheater always a cheater," said Benberry, repeating her past claims about his unfaithfulness. "Taylor seems like such a fun girl with a beautiful spirit so I wish her the best of luck but I wouldn't be a girls' girl if I didn't advise her to be smart!" she added.

Benberry also implied that Kelce could be using Swift, but that she may be unable to scope out his true intentions. Although Benberry's initial comments garnered some strong reactions, there were surprisingly many users on X, formerly known as Twitter, that agreed that Swift should heed Benberry's warning — including a big Swift fan account with over 70,000 followers. Unfortunately, Benberry seemingly proved that she may have had ulterior motives, as she shaded Swift shortly thereafter. According to Page Six, Benberry reportedly liked a rude comment about the singer's looks. 

Here's what Kelce's team has to say.

Travis Kelce's team says Maya is clout chasing

It seems that Travis Kelce isn't going to let the claims of his ex-girlfriend bring him down from his high of finally courting Taylor Swift after shooting his shot this past July. Although he hasn't addressed Maya Benberry directly, on September 26, TMZ posted comments from an anonymous person in his camp, who made it clear they didn't approve of Benberry's comments. In addition to minimizing Kelce's past relationship with Benberry by claiming they were only involved for a month, they also claimed that Benberry was looking for attention. Ultimately, they felt her comments were a "poor excuse of someone trying to get her 15 min of fame." Swift, unsurprisingly, hasn't addressed this drama either.

However, Benberry popped over to her Instagram Stories that same day to clarify her comments. First, Benberry posted a photo of Kendall Jenner wearing shades that said, "I don't care." Then came the next story. Next to screenshots of her email correspondence with the Daily Mail, Benberry, typing in all caps, claimed that she wasn't attempting to shade Swift. "I DON'T HATE TAYLOR SWIFT NOR AM I BITTER," said Benberry. "I GOT ASKED ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIPS AND I SPOKE ON IT BECAUSE I CAN." As far as the shady like, she claimed that she only liked the comment because it complimented her and that she didn't notice that it spoke poorly about Swift. Benberry also called Swift a "BILLIONAIRE AND A BOSS," who she genuinely wishes well.