Who Wore It Worst? Fans Have Thoughts About Meghan & Kate's Look-Alike Outfits

No two royals dress the same, but Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle — arguably the two most stylish members of the British Royal family (or The Firm, if you will) — have accidentally twinned on a few occasions. Granted, they have some rules to follow, like making sure they are never dressed too casually and that their outfits should always be color-coordinated and cohesive, but the Princess of Wales and Duchess of Sussex always manage to look straight off the runway — and sometimes unintentionally mirror each other's fashion choices.

It's no surprise, especially since an insider revealed that Meghan has been looking to her sister-in-law for some fashion tips. "Meghan has certainly turned to Kate for guidance and inspiration," a source told Elle. And despite the longstanding rumor that there's beef between the two, another insider told the outlet Kate is happy to lend Meghan a hand in all things fashion. "Kate has been on hand to help guide Meghan with advice about certain designers and royal protocol," they divulged.

That said — when they step out wearing identical outfits, fans can't help but engage in a Who Wore It Worse debate. Some believe that Kate is the better dresser out of the two, while some think that Meghan can carry outfits better. To gauge where the majority stands, we've put out a survey to ask who is the better style icon out of the two Royals.

The camel coat showdown: who nailed the look better?

It's the colder months when Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle truly shine, with both royals showcasing how they have perfected the art of layering. From donning oversized coats to coat dresses to various permutations of scarves, hats, gloves, and heels, the two certainly know how to remain chic even amid unforgiving temperatures. But they also know how to keep things understated, as evident by the classic camel coat they sometimes sport during official outings. On an official visit to Scarborough, Kate paired a wool Max & Co camel coat with a knee-length turtle neck dress of the same color and a pair of tan heels, belt, and bag, looking as coordinated as ever. Meanwhile, Meghan opted for a contrasting ensemble. She paired her Stella McCartney camel coat with a brown sweater and skirt and a pair of Jimmy Choo burgundy pumps.

As for who whore it worst? A Nicki Swift survey had fans debating whether Kate or Meghan could carry it more elegantly, and the Princess of Wales emerged as a favorite. "Kate has class. Everything she puts on just oozes with style and class head to toe... I'm always happy to get a glimpse of her," one fan observed, while another exclaimed: "Kinda obvious! The QUEEN-IN- WAITING NEVER missteps!!!!!" One fan also noted that Kate's figure is always accentuated in whatever she wears: "Kate has impeccable taste and has a tailor to fit her clothing to her body type! Perfection always. Meghan mostly looks nice but not perfection...but so what?"

The red ensemble face-off: who stole the show?

Bold red is a challenging color to pull off, but both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle know how to rock it off confidently. At the Coronation Concert, the Princess of Wales arrived wearing an Alexander McQueen suit consisting of an asymmetric jacket and flared bottoms, a red clutch, and red stilettos. Meanwhile, at the 2022 One Young World Summit, the Duchess of Sussex stunned in a bold scarlet outfit of her own: an Another Tomorrow blouse with bow detailing and matching pants, along with a pair of complementary heels from Aquazurra and gold jewelry.

Both looked just as regal as ever despite the vibrant color, but fans have an opinion about who can wear it better. In a Royal News survey, fans concluded that the Duchess of Sussex wore it worse, with royal enthusiasts remarking that Kate shines more in scarlet. One fan wrote, "No comparison.... Princess of Wales is natural always perfect, so elegant and with a beautiful family not only now, since she was borned [sic]," while another commented, "Catherine no doubt about it, pure class perfection."

Some fans didn't want to take sides, declaring both looked gorgeous in similar ensembles. "They are wearing what suits them, and they both look nice," one fan said, which another agreed with: "For me both look good." While fans obviously have their biases, it's pretty clear that we can all take style notes from both Kate and Meghan.