Does Tory Lanez Have Any Kids? What We Know About His Son Kai

Tory Lanez is known for many things, from being a famous rapper to his well-known case against Megan Thee Stallion. But aside from all of that, the "Hurts Me" singer is a father to his son, Kai'Lon Peterson, or Kai for short.

Lanez and his now-wife, Raina Chassagne, welcomed Kai in April 2017. Sadly, what should have been one of the happiest days of his life turned into one of the worst, as he was nabbed on gun and drug charges. Lanez recalled the memorable day with HotNewHipHop, sharing, "The day my son was born was the day I got locked. It was April 12, and I was coming out the hospital. I didn't even get out the parking lot. The cop was already plotting on me from the night before, but that's something special about the day [Kai] was born." However, Lanez's legal troubles didn't stop after the birth of his

In July 2020, the "In For It" rapper was accused of shooting Megan after an altercation between the two, according to the BBC. After three long years of going back and forth in court, Lanez was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting the "Hot Girl Summer" rapper in August 2023. Although the case has wrapped up, it continues to bring media attention to Lanez's personal life, including his son. Now that Kai has grown a bit older, here's everything we know about the rapper's one and only child.

Kai was Tory Lanez mini me

Kai'Lon "Kai" Peterson is all grown up and is becoming Tory Lanez's mini-me! Before he found himself behind bars, "The Color Violet" rapper would work around his demanding schedule to make sure he spent time with his son. Lanez told Billboard, "I gotta make sure I do what I'm doing to make sure he knows that I'm there and that I'm always around. Like I don't miss his birthdays or anything like that, like I'm always around in those times like just to make sure that he knows I'm there regardless." At times, the rapper admits it was hard to see his son with everything he had going on in his music career, but when he does make time, it's clear that Kai shares similarities with his father.

Lanez frequently shared photos of him and his son hanging out, and Kai undoubtedly resembles his dad. In a post shared in September 2019, when Kai was just two years old, it was clear he was Lanez's twin from the way he dressed to his face. All Kai is missing is his dad's tattoos. The rapper even shared a photo of him and his son in 2020 with a caption commenting on how the two look alike. He said, "Like father like son. Minus the tobacco..." As Kai has gotten older, he continues to look like Lanez, and we can only imagine he will keep looking like him as the years go on.

Kai was with Tory Lanez during Megan Thee Stallion trial

Tory Lanez's son, Kai'Lon "Kai" Peterson, was with him as he faced his trial against Megan Thee Stallion. Not just supporting from afar; the rapper actually took his son to court. Lanez sparked criticism in December 2022 for taking Kai along for the ride of the court case. TMZ reported the rapper had adjusted his son's suit before walking hand in hand with him into the courtroom. Although Kai wasn't always present, many deemed the 6-year-old's few court appearances inappropriate. Lanez, however, had his reasons. He explained that Kai was his biggest support system, justifying why he brought his young son to the hearing.

Lanez taking his son to court wasn't the only time Kai was brought up in this trial before his conviction. The rapper pleaded with the judge for a lighter sentence for many reasons, including that he is a father, as noted by People. He shared, "I am standing in front of you as a father to a child, who is 6 years old, who is my world and needs me in his life every step of the way." Unfortunately for Lanez, this didn't sway the judge, and he received a 10-year prison sentence.