Body Language Expert Tells Us Donna Kelce Already Approves Of Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce doesn't seem to be the only one in his family who is smitten with Taylor Swift. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end's mother, Donna Kelce, also appears to have developed a sweet spot for the Grammy-winning musician. 

Kelce and Swift's romance has been all the rage after the football star shared his bold attempt at getting the "Blank Space" singer's attention at one of her concerts. He revealed on the "New Heights " podcast that he made a friendship bracelet with his number. Not a bad move, but unfortunately, Swift didn't meet Kelce just yet. Still, this caught her attention. In September 2023, Swift attended one of Kelce's football games and met the NFL star's parents — or at least Donna — during the game, per People. Swift and Donna sat next to one another and appeared to enjoy one another's company as they laughed and cheered the Chiefs star on. This wasn't the last time the two crossed paths, as the singer attended Kelce's game just a week later. 

In October 2023, Swift brought her posse to watch her rumored new beau play against the New York Jets, and Donna was also in attendance. The two embraced as they watched Travis help lead the Chiefs to a win. Things seem to be getting serious between the football star and the musician, and body language expert, communication coach, and author of "A.W.E. S.O.M.E.," Jess Ponce III, seems to think Swift already has the stamp of approval from Donna Kelce.

Donna Kelce's affection toward Taylor Swift is clear

Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift never go out of "Style." Ever since rumors first swirled about Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce, she has gotten super close with the Kansas City Chiefs star's mom. In October 2023, Swift and Donna had a sweet interaction as they watched the Chiefs play the New York Jets. Jess Ponce III exclusively told Nicki Swift how the interactions between the two are a clear sign that Donna is fond of Swift.

Ponce explained to Nicki Swift how the two have grown immensely close in a short period. He shared, "Donna and Taylor are getting closer and closer, figuratively and literally. At this weekend's game, you could see the two joyfully embrace as they watched Travis play."

Donna was on mom duty, as she had flown from her older son Jason Kelce's game to Travis' and was welcomed with open arms by Swift — literally. Donna and the "All Too Well" singer hugged one another tightly when the mom of two arrived at the Chiefs game. Donna was all smiles as she hugged the musician, and Ponce believes the embrace was genuine between the two. "His two biggest fans held one another close, shoulder to shoulder. It seemed natural and sincere," he said. 

It wasn't just the hug that made it clear to Ponce that Donna and Swift got along, but also what occurred afterward.

Donna Kelce continues to show her admiration for the singer

Donna Kelce might be the biggest Swiftie there is — at least that's what it seems like whenever she hangs out with Taylor Swift. Jess Ponce III explained how their embrace at the October 1, 2023, game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Jets was much more than just a hug.

"After the two released their embrace, Donna continued to look at Taylor, a clear sign that the fondness is mutual," Ponce explained. The video of Swift and Donna hugging showed the mom of two looking up at the "Love Story" singer with a big smile after they gave one another a big hug. Donna continued to appear ecstatic over Swift's appearance at the game as the musician engaged in a conversation with her.

Some may say that it's too early into Travis Kelce's rumored romance with Swift for the two to have met each other's parents, but clearly, Donna doesn't think so. While they might not be at the stage where Swift could call Donna an in-law, the couple is definitely taking the steps to get there. Ponce said, "Is Taylor now 'family,' it's too soon to tell, but the foundation is there."

Donna Kelce has poked fun at the attention Swift is getting

Donna Kelce has a funny (chicken) bone up her sleeve, especially when it comes to all the Taylor Swift attention. Anything Swift does becomes news everywhere, and that was clear when she attended one of Travis Kelce's games in September 2023. The "Bejeweled" singer was cheering on her rumored new beau in a suite and made sure to enjoy all the amenities that came with it. A fan account tweeted a photo of Swift enjoying some food with the caption, "Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!" This went viral as memes of "seemingly ranch" soon flooded social media. The company, Heinz, even announced a limited edition condiment called "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch" on Instagram, and now it seems that Donna is getting in on the viral joke. 

While at the Philadelphia Eagles game a month later, Donna shared on her Instagram stories (via People) a photo of herself and Jake from State Farm, who happened to be eating a chicken tender similar to how Swift did just a week before. But the pitchman was missing an important part — the ranch dressing. Donna poked fun at the viral "seemingly ranch" meme, captioning the photo, "No 'seemingly ranch' available at the Linc." 

Clearly, Donna Kelce is close enough to her son's rumored new girlfriend, so much so that she's comfortable enough to joke about the musician's viral meme.