RHOA: What Drew Sidora Has Said About Her Relationship With Ty Young

Season 15 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" has wrapped, but the drama between Sidora and Pittman continues to trend among Bravo viewers. 

Drew Sidora's impending divorce from Ralph Pittman definitely contributed to the most entertaining parts of the "RHOA" Season 15 reunion. Most of the tension revolved around Pittman's discomfort over Sidora's relationship with professional basketball player Ty Young. Pittman and Sidora's reunion battle came after they spent the entire season laying their marital problems out on camera. The spouses clashed over Sidora's ongoing feud with Courtney Rhodes, Pittman's cousin and friend of the show. Sidora felt that Pittman sided with Rhodes after Rhodes called her out of her name. "Okay, her calling me a b***h and then lying about it is okay with you?" asked Sidora to a befuddled Pittman.

They also butted heads over Pittman's unwillingness to accompany Sidora to marriage counseling. "I feel like even this is a big deal because Ralph hasn't been present for marriage counseling," admitted Sidora during a joint session. However, Pittman had an excuse. "It hasn't been collectively between you and I, but I've been working on myself" replied. Pittman. He also admitted to moving out of their bedroom so that he could be comfortable. During part two of the reunion, Pittman appeared on stage and accused Sidora of having an affair with basketball player Ty Young. Prior to Pittman's appearance, Rhodes made a similar accusation. 

Here's everything Sidora has said about her relationship with Young.

Drew Sidora says Ty Young is just a friend

Drew Sidora has a personal relationship with Ty Young, but she maintains their bond is purely friendly in nature. At the start of the "RHOA" reunion, Courtney Rhodes claimed that Sidora once snuck off to a basketball game to see Young. "She lied and went to go to a basketball game," said Rhodes. While Drew admitted going to the game, she claimed the interaction was innocent. "First of all, I saw her. I went to her game. Okay, and?" said Sidora. She also brought up Pittman's checkered history with transparency. "I don't know what Ralph's been doing ... If we're going to talk about that, it's a whole different conversation," added Sidora.

During the same segment, Sheree Whitfield presented the cast with printed-out texts supposedly between Sidora and Young, which Andy Cohen stated were "very incriminating." Sidora responded by saying, "We're very friendly. We're friends." She added, "First and foremost, if you saw my DMs, my DMs are popping." However, she didn't verify the legitimacy of the messages, despite urging from castmate Monyetta Shaw. Later in the show, Sidora got into an argument with Pittman after she confronted him about "coaching" Rhodes against her, regarding the affair allegations. Pittman responded by saying, "Drew, you're acting." Sidora then burst into tears and stormed off the stage until her castmates went to go check on her.

What others have said about Drew and Ty

Unfortunately, few people have jumped in to defend Drew Sidora. Meanwhile, Ralph Pittman has several people backing up his claims. This drama has even spread to the "Love & Hip Hop" franchise, which has seen two cast members claim that Sidora was involved in a relationship with Ty Young. "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Mimi Faust, who was engaged to Young on and off between 2020 and 2022, implied that Sidora and Young had an intimate relationship back in the spring. According to Page Six, Faust made the shocking revelation by posting an Instagram Story featuring a photo of Sidora and Young, as Ice Spice's "Munch," a song about oral sex, played in the background. 

Faust's "LHHATL" co-star Rasheeda Frost has also hinted at a possible romance between Sidora and Young. "Obviously, it's some vibing going on, let's just say," Frost shared with Page Six in August. And though she expressed the importance of focusing on her own life, she added more fuel to the speculation. "Now listen, it's a lot, okay? It is what it is," added Frost. Despite the fact that Frost basically added more ammunition on top of these Sidora-Young rumors, she implied that she and Sidora are in an okay space, even though "I haven't talked to her in a while."