Hailey Bieber's Steamy Scary Movie Recreation Gets Carmen Electra's Stamp Of Approval

Heidi Klum may be deemed the queen of Halloween, but this year, Hailey Bieber is giving her a run for her money. The model took spooky season to a whole other level with not one but three different costumes, and one even got the stamp of approval from Carmen Electra herself.

To kick off the Halloween season, Hailey first stepped out the weekend before the big holiday in a Flintstones-themed costume with hubby Justin Bieber, per People. The Rhode creator dressed up as Pebbles Flintstone from the iconic cartoon show with Justin as Bamm-Bamm, a neighbor to the Flintstones. The two stunned as they attended a celebrity party, but Hailey didn't stop there when it came to Halloween looks. On Halloween, the model posted photos of herself dressed up as each of the Plastics from the film, "Mean Girls." Hailey even went as far as to include an image of herself in the Burn Book. While these two looks were iconic already, everyone couldn't stop talking about Hailey's third Halloween costume.

For her third costume, the model dressed up as Carmen Electra from the famous scene in "Scary Movie," where she gets stabbed in her breast implant while running through the sprinklers. Even Hailey herself knew she had a costume winner on her hands! In a behind-the-scenes YouTube video of the creation of the costume, the model shared, "It's pretty f***ing good!" Not only did Hailey know she had paid tribute to the scene well, but Electra thought so herself.

Hailey Bieber's Halloween costume sparks a comment war on Instagram

People are screaming for Hailey Bieber's "Scary Movie"-themed costume look, including Carmen Electra. Bieber posted photos of her Halloween costume to Instagram and it was uncannily similar to the original, and it wasn't just noticed by fans. One special comment from Electra showed that she approved of the recreated look. The actor wrote, "like looking in a mirror bbggg." Electra's scene was iconic in the film, and it's clear she's loving that it's being honored by Bieber. And Electra wasn't the only one to show her stamp of approval of the costume.

Besides the "Scary Movie" actor, fans also shared their love of Bieber's one-of-a-kind look. One user wrote, "I'm sorry everyone she WON Halloween this year." To many, the model brings it every Halloween. A user wrote, "SHE ALWAYS SERVES ON HALLOWEEN!!!!" Not everyone was a fan, though, with one person commenting, "Sooooo boring." But overall, people seem to think Bieber's costumes just get better and better.

In fact, the Rhode creator even revealed that she already has plans for next year's Halloween. She shared, "I start thinking about Halloween the second it turns October 1st, which maybe is a little late. If I see stuff before then I'm like, 'Ooh that would maybe be cute for Halloween.' I save it in the folder — like I already know what I want to be next year." While she teased next year's costume, people are still obsessing over her 2023 look as Electra in "Scary Movie."