What Celebs Have Said About Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift's Relationship

"Nothing in this world is certain except death and taxes," goes the old saying. Perhaps this should now be updated to include "and Taylor Swift being romantically linked to another celebrity." Now, to be fair, Swift may be known for writing about her high-profile romances (but what musician doesn't?), but we can essentially count on one hand the number of times she publicly spoke about her long-term and extremely private romance with actor Joe Alwyn, which lasted six years until their early 2023 breakup. All that said, just a few months after her super brief dalliance with The 1975's frontman Matty Healy came to an end that June, news emerged that the "Anti-Hero" hitmaker was dating the Kansas City Chiefs' eight-time Pro Bowler Travis Kelce in late September.

And just like Swift's previous relationships with the likes of Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, Alwyn, and so on, the media has pored over every facet of their fledgling romance. As a result, every celebrity under the sun appears to have given their two pennies' worth about the hot button issue of the day, whether they've been asked about it or not.

So what is the general consensus about the relationship being nicknamed in certain circles as Traylor or Swelce? Here's a look at 14 famous faces who are either fully on board the latest Taylor Swift love train, totally indifferent, or hoping that the Grammy winner will soon experience another breakup for musical inspiration.

Rob Gronkowski believes Travis Kelce 'deserves any lady'

Rob Gronkowski knows all about the trials and tribulations of being a footballer in a celebrity relationship: the former New England Patriots tight end first went public with his romance with model Camille Kostek in 2015. So it's perhaps little surprise that the NFL veteran gave Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce his full blessing.

Speaking to ET in October 2023, Gronkowski seemed particularly pleased for his fellow sportsman's multi-faceted success. "I love Travis, we've been friends for a couple of years now," he began. "... You know, it's wonderful, he deserves it all. He's had seven 1,000-yard seasons in a row. Wide receivers barely have seven 1,000-yard seasons in a row. He deserves every commercial, and he's a good-looking man, so he deserves any lady that he wants to get."

As well as complimenting Kelce's appearance and talents on the football field, Gronkowski also gave a shout-out to the Kansas City Chiefs star's hidden talent: "And he can move. Like I said, I had a dance-off with him, and his hips can groove, so it's great to see him doing his thing on and off the field. He deserves it all."

Kelly Clarkson wishes the focus would return to football

Kelly Clarkson has covered Taylor Swift the deep cut "Clean" on her daytime talk show and once called the superstar a "genius" for re-recording her first six albums (in fact, the original "American Idol" winner's suggested she may have given her the idea after tweeting about it shortly after Scooter Braun acquired Swift's master recordings in 2019). But that didn't stop Swifties from accusing Clarkson of throwing some shade in the direction of their own idol and her NFL star beau.

While chatting to "Saturday Night Live" star Bowen Yang during an episode of her eponymous show, the "Since U Been Gone" singer commented on how even football coverage had become preoccupied with Swift and Travis Kelce's budding relationship. "It's not hilarious how it is literally taking over the NFL for people that like watching sports now," Clarkson said. "... It's like you're watching 'Housewives' while you're watching [football]. They're just talking about gossip things, and you're like, 'So what about the play?'"

To be fair, even Kelce expressed on his "New Heights" podcast that the NFL was "overdoing it a little bit" with its Traylor coverage. But after getting some flak for her remarks, Clarkson took to Instagram to clarify that she had no beef with Swift nor Kelce: "I did not bash anyone's romance. I am pro romance. Yay romance. Did y'all even watch what I actually said on my show? I just said I want to watch football when I tune in to watch football. Seems an appropriate request."

Erin Andrews wants to officiate their wedding?

Few celebrities appear to be more invested Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's increasingly high-profile romance than Erin Andrews. In fact, the sportscaster has expressed her belief that she was instrumental in getting the pair together in the first place.

While appearing on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Andrews explained that she and co-host Charissa Thompson had publicly encouraged Swift to meet the already clearly smitten Kelce during an episode of their podcast "Calm Down." Referring to the NFL star's prior recap of the singer's "Eras Tour" on his own "New Heights" podcast that July, Andrews said, "Travis was very open about not getting to meet her. And so we were just being really candid because we love him. We're good friends of his. And we just were like, 'Taylor, date this guy.'"

Whether Swift heard this romantic advice or not, Andrews admitted that she wanted to be heavily involved in all things Traylor from now on. "Of course, we're getting all the credit now. ... We hope to officiate the wedding," she quipped, before adding, "We hope to be there when he proposes, all the things."

Olivia Wilde wishes more attention was paid to climate change

Olivia Wilde knows just as well as Taylor Swift what it's like to have every aspect of your love life scrutinized by the press. The actor-director famously became a tabloid favorite herself in early 2021 when she started dating singer-songwriter Harry Styles (who happens to be an amicable Swift ex) months after separating from ex-fiancé Jason Sudeikis. The alleged drama stemming from Holivia's coupling unfortunately ended up overshadowing Wilde's sophomore directorial effort "Don't Worry Darling" (which happened to co-star Styles) the following year. So some Swifties were surprised when Wilde weighed in on the "Blank Space" hitmaker's romantic business.

Following the news that Swift was dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Wilde took to her Instagram Stories to share a screenshotted post from X, formerly Twitter, by Dutch actor Katja Herbers, which read, "I wish Taylor Swift was in love with a climate scientist." Now, Herbers' quippy tweet had already gone viral, but considering the layered connections between Swift and Wilde, gossipmongers were left slightly baffled at the meaning behind Wilde's repost. Was she throwing some rather cryptic and seemingly hypocritical shade at an ex's ex, or perhaps blasting Swift over her carbon footprint? After all, in 2022, Swift topped a list no environmentally friendly singer wanted to make: "Celebs with the Worst Private Jet Co2 Emissions."

While some understood Wilde's intentions, she addressed the backlash when clarifying to a paparazzo (via Page Six), "I meant no harm. It's obviously a comment on how much attention gets paid to stupid things."

Morgan Freeman has no thoughts on the matter

You wouldn't expect Morgan Freeman, the Academy Award-winning octogenarian, to give two hoots about the latest celebrity romance to get all the tabloids in a tizz. And you'd be right. When asked for his opinion about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's burgeoning relationship on "CBS Mornings" in October 2023, the "Million Dollar Baby" star essentially shrugged his shoulders.

To be fair, interviewer Gayle King did try to at least link Traylor to something Freeman did care about, albeit slightly tenuously. "You're a big Kansas City Chiefs fan, is that true?" she asked. And after the actor answered in the affirmative, she added, "So how are you feeling about Taylor and Travis? Is it keeping you up at night? Are you in favor?" Kelce is, of course, a two-time Super Bowl winner with the NFL franchise — but Freeman's interest in the man doesn't extend to his love life. After some more coaxing from co-hosts Vladimir Duthiers and Nate Burleson, the Hollywood veteran simply said with a slight laugh, "I don't ... think about them ... at all." 

Freeman then opened up a little more, but only to further clarify that it's just the matters on the field that he cared about. "Yeah, are you winning? Great, OK. Now, it's great to watch [Patrick Mahomes] run. He's got a rifle for an arm, so that's all good. So that's what I'm interested in."

Gayle King doesn't think it's 'a publicity stunt'

It appears as though Gayle King is pretty invested in the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. A few days prior to asking the clearly unbothered Morgan Freeman about the pair in a slightly awkward interview moment, the morning television host couldn't wait to offer her own thoughts on the matter during a chat with ET.

As something of a hopeless romantic, King was less skeptical about the pair than most: "I'm here for it! People say, 'Oh, it's a publicity stunt!' I don't think that. I think they're two young people who are attracted to each other and I think they're trying to figure it out, whether it goes somewhere [or] doesn't go somewhere." And while sources cited by Life & Style were already making claims about talk of marriage and kids between Swift and Kelce mere weeks after the two went public, King also expressed that she doesn't care whether the pair had any intention of making it down the aisle in the future.  

"I say have fun and enjoy it for as long as it lasts, and if it turns into something big, I think that would be terrific," King said. "I love the two of them together, I think it's a lot of fun to watch."

Bethenny Frankel claims Taylor Swift has gone 'full football wife'

You can always rely on "The Real Housewives of New York City" alum Bethenny Frankel to say it exactly as she sees it. The reality TV regular certainly didn't hold back when expressing her thoughts on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's budding romance on TikTok in September 2023, that's for sure, a day after the Grammy winner was first seen cheering her man on as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium.

Frankel began her relationship smackdown, conducted while she was carrying out her everyday skincare routine, by insisting that although she wasn't exactly the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer's biggest fan, she enjoyed her music — even attending an "Eras Tour" concert — and had "tremendous respect for how hard she works." But it's unlikely that Swift would have felt respected by what came next. 

"I did notice that at the game she was really, really over-the-top as a fan and chumming with the mom, and it felt like the Chia Pet of relationships," Frankel said, referring to both Traylor and the terracotta animal figurines whose fur is provided by fast-growing chia. "Like, 'Just add water,' like they were together for 10 years, like she's a full football wife." The former Bravo star later advised, "It's important to find people that you like spending time with ... but you got to maintain your own identity, you don't want to absorb your whole life in someone else's."

Hilarie Burton Morgan is 'painfully invested' in Traylor

Gayle King isn't the only celebrity with more than a passing interest in the romance known as Traylor. Hilarie Burton Morgan, best known for playing Peyton Sawyer on teen drama "One Tree Hill," admitted on X, formerly Twitter, that she was "painfully invested" in Taylor Swift's high-profile relationship, while quote-tweeting a clip of the "Lavender Haze" singer cheering after Travis Kelce scored a touchdown in late September 2023.

Burton Morgan was particularly enamored with how Kelce had made his beau a part of his professional life as well as his personal one. Referring to the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end asked Swift to attend one of his NFL games, the actor wrote in another tweet, "Pro tip ... you deserve someone who invites you to work with them." Burton Morgan, who's been married to "The Walking Dead" star Jeffrey Dean Morgan since 2019, went on to explain, "It shows: 1. They think you're so awesome & they want everyone from buddies to the boss to meet you. 2. They work hard & they're GOOD, & they want you to see that." Burton Morgan then revealed that she herself once made the effort to travel to her future husband's film set 14 years prior — and these days, they're still a happily wed couple.

Jessie James Decker thinks this romance 'makes sense'

Jessie James Decker can undoubtedly relate to Taylor Swift's romantic situation with Travis Kelce more than most. The Italian-born American country singer also began her career in Nashville before finding love with an NFL star — in her case, former Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker. And she was more than happy to welcome the "I Knew You Were Trouble" singer into this exclusive WAG club.

"I love it," James Decker said while referencing the tabloid world's latest favorite celebrity romance on "TalkShopLive." "It totally makes sense. She should have dated an athlete a long time ago," she continued, adding with a laugh, "'Cause it worked for me! I love it." 

The "I'm Gonna Love You" singer, who actually shared her two cents with the tight end on his "Catching Kelce" romantic prospects years prior, also offered some advice to those no doubt even more invested in Traylor than the couple themselves: the army of Swifties. The "Eric & Jessie: Game On" star explained that it shouldn't be a concern if their hero can't always watch her beau on the field every single time: "You can't make it to every game. I didn't go to every game. There were some times where it was too late, or in a different city, so I stayed at home in my jammies and screamed from my couch."

Patrick Mahomes 'felt a little bit of pressure' over Traylor

Most of us would probably feel slightly daunted being in the presence of the superstar that is Taylor Swift — and Patrick Mahomes, it turns out, is no exception. Indeed, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback joked to "NFL on FOX" that he "felt a little bit of pressure" after learning that the "Fearless" hitmaker would be in attendance to watch his teammate, Travis Kelce, play against the Chicago Bears in late September 2023.

"I knew I had to get [the ball] to Trav," Mahomes added. "... He does his own thing and just makes up a route, and I throw it to him. I think he wanted to get in the end zone as much as all the Swifties wanted him to." And soon enough, the NFL QB at least knew that the whole Traylor thing was real. Admitting that he wasn't sure whether Kelce was joking when he first calmly and briefly revealed the news about his burgeoning relationship to his teammates, Mahomes told journalists that he was looking forward to being introduced to Swift in person. "I guess if she ends up being with Travis, then I'll probably meet her at some point," he said during a post-game press conference. "Seems like a good person, so hopefully I can meet her one day."

Rob Lowe believes they're 'good for the NFL'

Kelly Clarkson might not particularly appreciate how the NFL's coverage was being dominated by the love lives of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce early on in the 2023 season, but there's a certain Brat Pack alum who believed that Traylor would actually be an asset to the game of football.

In an interview with "Extra," former "Parks and Recreation" star Rob Lowe refuted claims that Swift and Kelce's high-profile romance would have a detrimental effect on the sport, particularly for the new army of fans it may generate: "I think it is good for the NFL. I know for a fact all kinds of Swifties who couldn't tell the Kansas City Chiefs from the Kansas City Royals, and now they're watching."

This wasn't the first time that Lowe, who described the happy couple as "great people," had commented on the matter. Having no doubt heard the rumors that Swift would be attending the Kansas City Chiefs' game against the Denver Broncos, the actor sported a "Where's Taylor?" hat inside the former's Arrowhead Stadium.

Is Reba McEntire really 'devastated' by the Traylor news?

"Oh, my gosh, I am so mad at her," Reba McEntire told "TODAY" in what seemed like an uncharacteristic outburst when the subject of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift rose its head. Of course, the redhead wasn't really enraged by her fellow country-pop sensation. She was simply having a bit of fun about the news that her celebrity crush was now loved-up with someone else.

"Now I can't have a crush anymore because he's dating her," McEntire quipped, before adding that she was left "so devastated" over the so-called "boyfriend that cheated on" her. The "One Promise Too Late" singer was, of course, already partnered up herself, having been with boyfriend Rex Linn since they worked together again on "Young Sheldon" in 2020.

Luckily, Linn didn't seem too cut up about his girlfriend's NFL pin-up. In fact, McEntire would regularly comment on how fanciable Kelce was when the pair watched Kansas City Chiefs games together. She added, "When he and Taylor started dating, Rex said, 'Your boyfriend's got another girlfriend.' I said, 'Rub it in.'"

Mark Cuban's offer to play matchmaker for Taylor Swift

It seems as though "Shark Tank" star Mark Cuban may really have money and networking on the brain at all times — even when it comes to celebrity romances. Indeed, when asked about the relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, the billionaire lightheartedly tried to publicly persuade the latter to pursue another athlete instead — and preferably someone from the NBA team that he owned.

Addressing the "Bad Blood" singer directly on ESPN's "First Take," Cuban said, "Taylor — if you're listening, sorry, Travis — break up with him. I've got a bunch of good-looking single guys that play for the Dallas Mavericks. I gotchu! I gotchu!" It was a comment which left co-hosts Molly Qerim laughing and Stephen A. Smith muttering, "Oh my Lord," while simultaneously rolling his eyes. 

Of course, the entrepreneur had tongue firmly in cheek at the time, something the man he was trying to get Swift to break up with recognized. In reference to the brief contract that enables a free agent athlete to exhibit their talents for a particular team, Kelce responded on X, formerly Twitter, "@mcuban Just sign me to a ten day!" alongside a face with sunglasses emoji.

Sherri Shepherd hopes they will inspire new breakup songs

Taylor Swift has written tracks reported to be about John Mayer ("Dear John"), Taylor Lautner ("Back to December"), Jake Gyllenhaal ("All Too Well"), Harry Styles ("Style" and the more recently released vault tracks off of "1989 (Taylor's Version)," like "Now That We Don't Talk"), and Joe Alwyn ("London Boy" and "Lover"), just to name a handful. And comedian Sherri Shepherd expressed her hope that we'd get some juicy breakup anthems out of Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce.

When asked about Traylor during an appearance on Bravo's flagship talk show "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen," Shepherd said, "I'm, like, now into football. I want the jerseys, because now I can't wait to see what song she'll do if they break up."

While Shepherd seemed fully invested in the future of Swift and Kelce's romance — and the former's discography — her fellow guest couldn't have been less enthused. Answering the same question, "Insecure" star Issa Rae told Cohen, "Absolutely not. Never cared about anything less."