Lisa Rinna And Harry Hamlin Live Outrageously Lavish Lives

Lisa Rinna isn't on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" anymore, but her lifestyle is still well suited for the 90210 zip code. The former actor-turned-reality star still lives the same uber-luxurious life she's enjoyed for several decades. But of course, she doesn't enjoy it alone, as Lisa shares her lavish existence with her husband, actor Harry Hamlin. The longtime couple lives in a super expensive mansion that's worth $4.9 million. Unfortunately, the couple took out a $4.3 million mortgage on their 20-year-plus property in recent years, which means they don't have much equity in their beloved space, according to The Sun

Given that both Rinna and Hamlin are reportedly worth about $10,000,000 each, according to Celebrity Net Worth, it's unclear what prompted the entertainers into such an agreement. The home, which sits in a cozy slice of Los Angeles, has had some famous dwellers — including Quincy Jones and Bonnie Raitt — over the years. As The Sun noted, the spouses' home has also appeared on numerous "RHOBH" episodes, making it extra iconic.

Of course, this mansion isn't the only proof that Rinna and Hamlin enjoy nice things. Here's everything you should know about Rinna and Hamlin's opulent lives.

Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin love to travel

Lisa Rinna has multiple streams of income, but it's safe to assume that a large portion of her net worth came from her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" salary, which Radar Online estimated to be at least $450,000 in 2015. This means that she took home at least $3.6 million during her eight years on the show. Therefore, the couple has had quite a bit of money to play around with. In July 2023, Rinna and her family spent her 60th birthday at a new celeb resort in Mexico, according to People. And though it's unclear how much Rinna and Hamlin shelled out for the vacation, you should know that the venue was nice enough to attract the attention of Taraji P. Henson and Eva Longoria. So yeah, super expensive! 

Rinna has also been known to be quite the jetsetter. In 2021, Rinna spoke with Forbes and revealed that Paris and Tahiti were among her favorite travel destinations. She has also been known to have fancy (and expensive) tastes in hotels. "Well, I would say The Peninsula in Paris is right up there — I also love The Carlyle in New York — The Dorchester in London," shared Rinna about her favorite hotspots. The reality star also revealed that her "best trip ever" was Tahiti. "It's pretty fabulous," she said. We don't doubt it for a second!

How much has Lisa Rinna spent on plastic surgery?

Despite the lofty income Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have brought in over the years, they do have their expenses — many of which seem to revolve around Lisa Rinna's beauty regimen. According to The Sun, who cited the opinion of Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Ekrem Keskin, Rinna has spent at least $21,000, a near fortune to some, on plastic surgery to change her look over the years. However, Rinna has also shelled out cash for other expensive skin treatments as well. According to New Beauty, Rinna once took to Instagram to share her love of EmFace, a skin-toning procedure that could cost up to $6,000 for those who haven't secured a sponsorship.

According to Page Six, Rinna's everyday beauty routine costs her around $2,000. The outlet arrived at this sum after Rinna volunteered her long list of beauty staples to her Instagram audience. Some of her priciest skincare products included a $300 hyaluronic serum, a $250 calming serum, and a $215 face cream. Fortunately, many of these products likely last way longer than a month, so she's probably not shelling out two grand every 30 days. Still, a high-end skincare routine is definitely one surefire sign of an extravagant lifestyle.