OJ Simpson Is Spotted In Las Vegas & His Appearance Is Stunning

Former football star O.J. Simpson has turned up in a new video looking unwell, and people are drawing conclusions about his health. 

Splash News obtained the video of Simpson — who is currently 76 years old — looking rather different as he ran errands. Wearing gray athleisure as he walked slowly and carefully toward an unknown building, the former football legend also seemed to be out of breath. His posture and overall appearance suggested a departure from the star athlete the world once remembered "The Juice" as.

This comes just a month after the 28th anniversary of Simpson's historic trial for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson Brown, and Ron Goldman. Despite Simpson's shocking acquittal, he's never been able to evade the public's judgment about his perceived involvement in the murders that's lingered over the past 28 years. Of course, Simpson's post-trial decisions — including contributing to a book titled "If I Did It" — definitely contributed to his declining fame and reputation. Simpson eventually served a nine-year prison bid for crimes unrelated to his ex-wife's death, per ABC. However, he's been out of prison since 2017. 

Regardless of the fact that many still believe Simpson is guilty, he's recently experienced a bit of a career resurgence after joining the "It Is What It Is Podcast," hosted by Cam'Ron and Mase, as a football analyst. Unfortunately for Simpson, his recent appearance out and about has raised eyebrows about his wellbeing.

O.J. Simpson looks concerning in new video

The new, concerning video was released not long after The Sun published a report featuring different photos of Simpson looking unwell in October. At the time, Simpson was dressed in all black as he walked around in Las Vegas. The former star, who was carrying around a large black messenger bag, again looked hunched over as he walked. In one shot, Simpson seemed annoyed at the fact that he'd been captured on camera.

With recent social media attention back on Simpson, this new sighting has sparked conversation about his health and appearance online. However, given his infamous history, some of the reaction has been unsympathetic. One user on X, formerly known as Twitter, tweeted side-by-side photos of Simpson's current figure against his younger self. "This here is NFL legend OJ Simpson," they captioned the post. "Time is not kind to him." The sports commentator hasn't addressed the paparazzi footage of himself outright yet, but we have a strong idea of what Simpson has dealt with over the years.

Is O.J. Simpson suffering from any health issues?

Whether or not a new illness has contributed to O.J. Simpson's troubling appearance is unknown at this time. However, the former football pro has a long history of health issues. According to the Daily Mail, which also analyzed the video footage, Simpson has suffered from knee issues since the 1970s. Simpson's knee problems sprung up because of his football career. The outlet also reported that although Simpson underwent surgery to correct the issues, he's still dealt with pain over the years.

Simpson also reportedly suffers from heart issues. In July 2023, Radar Online reported that Simpson had emergency heart surgery. One of O.J.'s close friends reportedly told the outlet that Simpson said, "My heart is giving out." Another source added, "O.J.'s got it in his head that he's going to die from a massive heart attack." 

In October, Simpson confirmed the heart surgery during the "It Is What It Is" podcast. However, he threw listeners for a loop as he recounted the scary procedure. Apparently, Simpson woke up in the middle of the surgery and heard the medical staff playing the Wu-Tang Crew, leading him to wonder if he'd passed away and gone to hell. "You know, I guess some people when they do surgeries they play Bach or they play Chopin or something," said Simpson (via Complex). " But I'm hearing the Wu-Tang crew [and I'm like] 'Oh, I know they ain't playing this up here. Am I down here?'"