Ivanka's Testimony Over Donald's Fraud Case Is Turning Heads

Ivanka Trump has taken the stand in Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump's civil fraud trial, which is currently ongoing in New York. Although Judge Arthur Engoron, who's presiding over the case, has already found the Trump trio liable for fraud, according to CNN, the trial is a means of determining how much money the former president, his sons, and any relevant business partners will owe the state. Ivanka, who previously served as a top-ranking executive within Trump Sr.'s businesses, delivered her testimony on November 8. A few days earlier, her brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, sat under oath and denied conducting financial business on their father's behalf, despite their roles in the companies.

The Trump men's testimony has already been picked apart and analyzed from every angle. Now it's Ivanka's turn. 

For example, Ivanka Trump seemed quite uncomfortable as she arrived at the Manhattan court house on Wednesday. And it's probably not just because public onlookers hurled insults at her and her family as she walked through the crowd. Ivanka never wanted to take the stand in the first place. According to Forbes, Ivanka attempted to fight a subpoena to appear in court. Ivanka also cited her lack of childcare as an excuse to avoid testifying, according to the New Republic. However, the judge didn't let her off that easily, which is why Ivanka has also gone under oath. Here are the most important, head-turning lines of testimony that Ivanka gave while she was on the witness stand.

Ivanka Trump didn't 'recall' very much

Ivanka Trump took a page from Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump's courtroom playbook when she took the witness stand on Wednesday. Ivanka repeatedly denied creating or contributing to any of her father, Donald Trump's inflated financial documents during the interrogation, according to the New York Post. Ivanka also reportedly said "I don't recall" to a string of the state's inquiries about her involvement in securing various bank loans with Deutsche Bank for Donald Sr.'s companies. "I'm not involved. I didn't know anything about it," Ivanka replied after being interrogated about Donald Sr.'s "statements of financial conditions." Despite Ivanka's assertions, several of her in-depth emails discussing her father's financial deals were presented as evidence in court.

Ivanka also fielded additional questions about an inflated evaluation of her New York penthouse, which she leased from her father. According to CNN, Ivanka claimed she didn't know why the $8.5 million property was listed at over $20 million on Donald Sr.'s financial statements. "As I had told you a year-and-a-half ago, I wasn't involved in his statement of financial condition, so I can't say what it took into account or didn't take into account," said Ivanka. She also cited Donald Sr.'s accountants as the parties who would be privy to that information. "I don't specifically know what was prepared on his behalf for him as a person separate and distinct from the organization and the properties that I was working on, so no I don't know how they did that and who prepared that and the mechanisms like that," she continued. 

Ivanka Trump's testimony draws opposing opinions

Ivanka Trump's testimony has sparked conversation on and off of social media. Key figures within the trial have also commented on Ivanka's involvement. Before Ivanka took the witness stand, New York Attorney General Letitia James gave a press conference and revealed how she felt Ivanka would approach her testimony. "Ivanka Trump secured, negotiated loans to obtain favorable terms, based on fraudulent statements of financial condition," said James (via Fox News). "And she will attempt today to distance herself from the company. But unfortunately, the facts will reveal that she was very much involved ... Mrs. Trump will do all that she can to try to separate herself from this corporation, but she is inextricably tied to the Trump Organization and to these properties that she helped secure financing for."

After Ivanka took the stand, Donald Sr.'s attorney, Alina Habba, appeared on Fox & Friends First and shared her thoughts on Ivanka's testimony. Habba first confirmed that Ivanka was frustrated about having to testify. "She's been dismissed from this action, and many people don't realize that because the judge proceeds as if she hasn't, as if there is no statute of limitations" (via Fox News). Ultimately, Habba commended Ivanka for her courtroom demeanor. "She came in, though, she was great. She really was epic on the stand," continued Habba. "Just stoic, answered the questions directly. Very factual. The facts are good for us, so it was an uneventful day ... there were no fireworks."