Brittany & Patrick Mahomes' SKIMS Campaign Has Fans Saying The Same Thing

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes are the stars of Kim Kardashian's SKIMS holiday campaign — but fans think this deal could drive a wedge between Brittany and her new best friend, Taylor Swift. The festive promotion features Brittany, Patrick, and their two children, daughter Sterling and son Bronze, posed in red checkered pajamas, landed on social media on November 9. The adorable campaign kicked off SKIMS' annual holiday shop, which features a total of 15 family-themed loungewear looks. "Discover over 15 limited-edition collections the whole family will have on their lists," read the accompanying Instagram post. In case their smiling faces didn't clue you in, Brittany and Patrick had a blast partnering with Kardashian's brand. "We loved shooting for SKIMS as a family and had the best time on set," Brittany shared with People.

Unfortunately, Swifties aren't allowing the Mahomes to bask in their new partnership. You see, Brittany and Swift recently forged an enviable friendship after Swift started dating Patrick's Kansas City Chiefs teammate, Travis Kelce. Unfortunately, Kardashian and Swift were once involved in a mega feud that centered on Kardashian's ex-husband, Kanye West, secretly recorded phone calls, and snake emojis. As Teen Vogue noted, Swift's feud with Kardashian was the direct cause of Swift's entire "Reputation" era. To sum it all up, Swift and Kardashian were once (and possibly still are) mortal enemies. 

Now that Brittany has aligned herself with Kardashian, fans are clamoring to figure out what this means for her friendship with Swift.

Fans are spiraling over the news

Since Brittany and Patrick Mahomes' SKIMS campaign came out, Taylor Swift fans have shared some strong takes on the couple's proximity to Kim Kardashian. For example, one fan revealed they're ready to back Swift at a moment's notice. "BRITTANY MAHOMES IN A SKIMS AD ???? SWIFTIES LETS RIDE," tweeted the super loyal fan. "The way I did a double take. What timeline are we living in?" tweeted another fan alongside a photo of Brittany and Patrick's SKIMS ad. Of course, not all of the fans are preparing for the worst. "This photoshoot was done long before [Brittany] and Taylor were friends and even if it wasn't Taylor is a grown adult woman I'm sure she wouldn't care that one of her friends did a photoshoot for a well known celeb and brand y'all need to chill out," they wrote

Interestingly, some fans seem to think Kardashian's decision to enlist Brittany and Patrick is her way of cozying up to Swift. "Kim is really doing everything she can to get close to Taylor Swift lately huh," tweeted another fan. They also posted a screenshot of Harper's Bazaar's pic revealing Kardashian's SKIMS' collaboration with Swarovski. whose latest collection features a piece of jewelry called "The Taylor Swift Necklace" as its centerpiece They wrote, "That's just so insane to me that Kim is clout chasing off Taylor after everything her and Kanye put her what??!" 

Only Kardashian knows her motives, but she did compliment Swift's artistry in January 2023, per Perez Hilton, so perhaps it's possible.