5 Signs Amy Robach And T.J. Holmes' Romance Is Getting Serious

Since the explosive news that Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes were involved in a love affair, they have been broadcasting their relationship in big ways. When their romance became public knowledge, many doubted whether the couple would stick together, but they have, and their relationship is getting pretty serious.

Back in November 2022, the television world was rocked after the Daily Mail published photos of Robach and Holmes getting cozy in New York City. The "GMA3" co-hosts' love affair was a complete shock as they were both said to be married. However, the two have denied that there was any cheating involved and claimed they had been separated from their spouses for a while. Still, many weren't convinced and it became a big television news scandal. It got so bad that the two co-hosts were taken off the air in December 2022, per People. By January 2023, Holmes and Robach were officially given the boot from ABC and "GMA3." While the drama and loss of a job could put stress on any couple, it seemed to do the opposite for Robach and Holmes.

After being let go from ABC, the couple took time to focus on themselves. From taking vacations to running marathons with one another, they were attached at the hip, per People. Now that it's been nearly a year since the jaw-dropping scandal, the two continue to be madly in love, and it's getting even more serious than you probably may think.

T.J. Holmes took Amy Robach to his hometown

T.J. Holmes showed another side of himself to Amy Robach when he decided to take her to his hometown. You may think that T.J. Holmes was born and raised in New York City because of his gig on "GMA 3," but that's not the case. The anchor was born in West Memphis, Arkansas, and is proud of where he is from. Arkansas is a huge part of Holmes' story, and of course, he wanted to share that with Robach.

In October 2023, the former co-hosts took a major step in their relationship after Holmes brought Robach to his hometown for a round of sporting events at his alma mater, the University of Arkansas. Robach was the one to first tease the hometown visit after posting a photo of two chairs reserved for the former co-hosts. She captioned the image, "Hog for a night. Dawg for life. #truelove." Not only did Robach visit his hometown, but she went as far as to drop the L-word.

The couple has been relatively private about sharing their relationship on social media since the big scandal, but it seems the hometown visit was an exception. Holmes posted a carousel of photos hugging and holding hands with Robach. Although his caption was all about the game, the photos said it all and showed that the couple's love continues to skyrocket.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes went Instagram official

In this day and age, it seems like a relationship isn't official until it hits Instagram. When a couple becomes Instagram official, that's when you know their romance is getting pretty serious.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes tried to lay low after the scandal surrounding their love affair broke. But in January 2023, a source told Us Weekly that they wanted to be public about their relationship. They shared, "It's not a fling and they are seriously in love. And they will be fully open about their relationship now." Although the former co-hosts were ready to showcase their love to the public, they still refrained from sharing too much until August when they began soft-launching their relationship on social media.

For the first time, Robach and Holmes shared the same photo to the social media platform, seemingly going Instagram official and confirming their romance was still strong. However, the post wasn't of their faces but rather showed their shoes and legs after training for the New York City Marathon. Both Robach and Holmes captioned their photo with the same hashtag of the New York City Marathon with an emoji of a guy running alongside an emoji of a girl running. Although it was a soft launch to their relationship on the social media platform, it has inspired the couple to share more online.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes have big future plans

Are wedding bells ringing for Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes? A source from Us Weekly seems to think that is the next step in their relationship. In August 2023, the source shared, "They're in a good place. They're moving on from all the negative around the affair and looking toward the future together." Well, that future seems to involve a diamond ring on Robach's finger. They continued, "Now the plan is they do want to move in together and get engaged." It looks like Holmes may be getting down on one knee soon.

A wedding isn't something new to Robach and Holmes. In fact, the former co-hosts were both married not once but twice. According to Hollywood Life, Holmes was married to journalist Amy Ferson until 2007, and three years after his split, he tied the knot to Marilee Fiebig. It was during his marriage to Fiebig that the news of his affair with Robach broke. A month after the scandal hit headlines, Holmes and Fiebig filed for divorce, per People.

As for Robach, she first married Tim McIntosh in 1996 but called it quits in 2009, per Newsweek. Just a year later, she tied the knot with actor Andrew Shue and was married until they split in 2022. Although Robach and Holmes have had unsuccessful marriages in the past, it looks like they are hoping the third time is the charm, as they reportedly see an engagement in their future.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes are making big business moves

Get ready for the return of Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes because they are making their comeback. They won't be a part of your usual morning routine of tuning into the news, but they are gearing up to launch their podcast. In a joint Instagram post, the couple announced their latest business venture that they will be taking on together. They wrote, "How's this for instagram official? #silentnomore 'Amy & T.J.' December 5th. Listen on the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard. @amyandtjpodcast." Robach and Holmes' podcast is making quite a statement with the launch date, premiering their podcast exactly a year after they were removed from the air on "GMA3" – further proving that the couple plans on sticking together in everything they do moving forward.

The former co-hosts are also making some big promises in their upcoming podcast and are planning to reveal some juicy details about their love affair that rocked the nation. A source told ET, "Amy and T.J. are ready to tell their side of the story once and for all. Both look forward to clearing the air, and hope to continue telling thoughtful stories they hope listeners will appreciate. They're ready for this next step professionally and look forward to their podcast debut." Fans of the former co-anchors will surely be checking out the podcast as the couple explores all current events and pop culture news.

Amy Robach is trying to mend a relationship with T.J. Holmes' ex-wife

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes' affair was shocking, especially because both were married at the time, at least that's what viewers thought. A source revealed to People that Robach and Holmes were separated from their spouses. But that's not what sources close to Holmes' ex-wife, Marilee Fiebig, are saying. An insider close to the attorney revealed to Us Weekly, "She did not know he was having an affair." Although the timeline of the affair is a little fuzzy, Robach is hoping to mend the tension with Fiebig because she wants to be able to co-parent. 

Holmes and his ex-wife, Fiebig, share one child, Sabine, per People. As Robach is becoming a big part of Holmes' life, and ultimately Sabine's, she's hoping to mend the bridge with the "GMA3" host's ex-wife, Fiebig. However, a source told Us Weekly that the two haven't spoken since the news of the affair broke. Still, Robach wants to try to have a relationship with the attorney. The source shared, "Amy wants to find a solution so she and Marilee can be at peace with each other. She knows she will have to coparent with T.J. and Marilee, so she wants to be able to coparent in a healthy way and to coparent in their new normal." This shows that Robach sees Holmes being a big part of her future if she's willing to put in so much effort with his ex-wife.