Video Of Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Passionate Public Kiss Sparks Fierce Joe Alwyn Debate

The surprise kiss between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce during her "Eras" Tour sent fans into hysterics. The adorable couple's impromptu kiss — which we'll detail in a bit — also sparked a fierce comparison between Kelce's reaction to being on tour and that of Swift's ex-boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn. But first, let's talk about all the viral goodies served up by Swift and Kelce. Over the weekend, Kelce temporarily hung up his jersey and accompanied Swift to Argentina for the international leg of her "Eras" tour. This came months after Swift attended several of Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs games and blessed the NFL with some of her star power. Some fans are even convinced that Swift has become Kelce's good luck charm.

During a recent show, Swift swapped out an Alwyn-coded lyric in "Karma." Instead of singing the original lyric about "the guy on the screen" — referencing Alwyn's acting career — Swift sang, "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me." Fans naturally went wild with applause, but Kelce reacted best when he started blushing and smiling. Of course, the best part of the weekend came when Swift bolted backstage to plant a romance-movie-worthy smooch on Kelce. Seriously, all that was missing from the moment was thunder shower and some moody music. To top things off, Kelce also happily joined fans chanting for Swift from the audience. 

Kelce's enthusiastic response has also garnered some intense criticism for Alwyn.

(Some) Swifites are coming for Joe Alwyn

After Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's lip-lock broke the internet (along with their cutesy back-and-forths), Swifties were all abuzz, serving up some seriously spicy commentary — and they had an especially scorching take on Alwyn's past support of Swift. 

One fan dug up a photo of Alwyn during a sighting at Swift's "Reputation" tour, and he didn't exactly look thrilled to be there. "Meanwhile joe alwyn forced to be at the 'reputation tour,'" read the tweet, which has since racked up over 18,000 likes and nearly 3,000 retweets. To be fair, the actor did look like he'd rather be anywhere else at the moment, but it's impossible to know why. Still, fans implied he wasn't happy for Swift's success. A second viral post strongly implied that Kelce was more confident in his relationship with Swift. "Joe Alwyn stiff as a board at rep tour during songs about him meanwhile Travis Kelce is front and center shaking a** to a song about Harry Styles," tweeted the fan account.

That said, some fans stepped up and defended Alwyn by noting his private nature, which he's repeatedly referenced in previous interviews. "Well, to be fair, Joe has always been the private type, not like Travis who's super outgoing," the user wrote. "It's not really a fair comparison since they're totally different in that regard." Several others also went to bat for Alwyn. Some users also argued that the screenshot didn't show Alwyn's full range of emotions. "The picture above is just 1/10000000000000000 of his pics during Taylor's concert," tweeted another fan. "Stop dragging Joe's precious name."