Why Candace Cameron Bure's Daughter Moved Away From Hollywood

It's long seemed as though Natasha Bure was following in her famous mama Candace Cameron Bure's footsteps as an actor making her way in Hollywood. However, in August 2023, she shared some big news via her YouTube channel. She's making a cross-country move, from California to Texas. 

Like Candace, Natasha has featured in a number of Hallmark and Great American Family films and TV shows over the years. Her first major role was in the 2017 "Switched for Christmas," playing her mother's character's daughter. Since then, she's gone on to work in several more productions — many of which haven't even included Candace. All signs seemed to point, then, to Natasha carving out a name for herself outside of her mom's legacy. 

In light of all that, her announcement that she would be moving away from Tinseltown came as a surprise to many. However, not one to keep fans guessing as to why she decided to make the move, she's been very open about her reasons behind the decision. As she shared in that first announcement, it had everything to do with her need to keep challenging herself. It also came with the promise to document the experience, and all the highs and the lows that came with it. 

Natasha Bure moved to expand her circle

In her initial video, Natasha Bure shared that one of the major motivations for moving across the country was her desire to get out of her bubble and meet new people. Having lived in one place all her life, she already had a ton of loved ones in California (including family friend Olivia Jade), but as she hit her mid-20s, it felt like a good time to expose herself to more. That's not to say doing so in a whole new state has been easy, though. 

In a follow-up YouTube video, post-move, Natasha explained that she'd had some trouble finding a new Texan squad. "I don't really have that close, intimate community yet ... I know that I'll find that, and I'm not worried about it, but it's just been a little lonely," she admitted. In the same breath, she added that she had been invited out with people several times, and had done things like going out for coffee. Baby steps!

In the meantime, she shared that she was doing everything she could to keep busy while seeing more of her new home. And, a few days later, she took to YouTube again to share that she'd gone out with a girl she knew from California and that it had been great to find someone with whom she connected. Once again, though, it was a baby step, and she laughed that she still hadn't made any new, super-close friends. 

You'll still be seeing Natasha Bure on screen

Natasha Bure may have moved away from Hollywood, but that's not to say she's leaving showbiz. Far from it, as in another YouTube video update, she explained that part of the reason she moved was because her job gave her so much flexibility. "A lot of my work is either from the comfort of my home, or I'm shooting on location in a different state or a different country, so it doesn't really matter where I'm based," she pointed out. 

Sure enough, as she alluded to in the same video, she's stayed booked and busy, regardless of her location. Explaining that her days were filled with filming and editing YouTube content and self-tape auditions, as well as spending time in recording studios, it's safe to say the actor has every intention of sticking around on our screens for the foreseeable future. 

At the time of writing, Bure hasn't made any announcements about new projects. However, in another YouTube video, she shared behind-the-scenes footage of a campaign shot for influencer Dani Austin. She's also featured in yet another Christmas film for Great American Family's 2023 lineup called "A Christmas for the Ages." Bure doesn't live in Hollywood anymore, but all signs point to her growing her footprint, anyway.