Taylor Kinney Vs. Jesse Spencer: Fans' Favorite Chicago Fire Hunk Isn't Surprising

"Chicago Fire" revolves around firefighters and their complicated love lives, so it's not surprising that the cast is full of eye candy. However, Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer definitely get more love than all of their co-stars — and fans' favorite "Chicago Fire" hunk isn't all that surprising.

If you weren't aware, Kinney stars in "Chicago Fire" as Kelly Severide — a kind-hearted fire captain whose adventurous romantic past defined his character until he married Stella Kidd in Season 10. Kinney briefly left "Chicago Fire" but has since returned. Spencer — who departed the show after Season 10 — played Matthew Casey, a fire captain at two different firehouses. Unlike Severide, Casey's romantic arc started tragically after his fiancée, Hallie Thomas, died from fire-related injuries. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be the last time tragedy infiltrated his personal life.

Regardless of the characters' layered storylines, fans have fallen madly in love with the men portraying the complicated characters. In 2019, Kinney and Spencer gathered on YouTube to read some of their fans' most scandalous tweets. Although the entire video is hilarious, Spencer read off a particularly blush-worthy comment about Kinney's character. "Severide is a man of integrity; I'd trust him with my back," said one fan before Kinney jumped into the convo, proclaiming, "What about your heart?" Falling into character, Kinney added, "'Cause I'll rip it out!" Although it's clear that both actors are uber popular, we polled Nicki Swift's readers to finally figure out which "Chicago Fire" hunk reigns supreme. 

Taylor Kinney is the fan fave Chicago Fire hunk

Nicki Swift's readers aren't shy about picking sides in the Taylor Kinney vs. Jesse Spencer hunk-off. Of the nearly 200 fans polled on Facebook, a vast majority were all about Taylor Kinney's smoldering portrayal of Kelly Severide. Talk about a clear win for Team Severide!

"Of course my favorite is Taylor Kinney," replied one fan. Another wrote, "Severide by far." And though several fans cited both Kinney and Spencer as their favorite, even those responses skewed toward Kinney's favor. "Love them both. But I love my Severide," said another fan. "I love them both, but if I had to pick I would pick Taylor," commented another user. Sorry, Spencer, but Kinney's favor is unmistakable.

Naturally, People included Kinney (and his "Chicago Fire" co-star Joe Minoso) in its 2022 Sexiest Men Alive round-up. During an interview with the publication, Minoso — who plays Joe Cruz — shared a hilariously fitting tidbit about how Kinney affects their crew. "All of the people on ["Chicago P.D."], when they say Taylor's character's name, they have to say it with a sexy voice," said Minoso. The actor then put on his best sultry voice. "Like everyone says, 'Severide.' Everyone slows down for a quick beat ... 'Is Severide on set?' That's how it is." Kinney agreed. "You know why, 'cause we're sexy," Kinney added. However, Minoso wasn't convinced. "They don't slow down and get all quiet for Cruz."