Dodi Fayed's Rumored Ex-Fiancée Kelly Fisher Lives A Normal Life Now

It's rumored that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is one of the royals who loves "The Crown." However, he'll likely find Season 6 too painful to watch. Part one aired on November 16, and it features heavily on Diana, Princess of Wales' last days and the circumstances surrounding her death in 1997. Not surprisingly, Diana's partner at the time, Dodi Fayed, also looms large, along with his ex-fiancée Kelly Fisher.

Diana and Dodi weren't together long, but rumors abounded that he had purchased an engagement ring for her just hours before their fatal car crash — speculation that was fueled by Dodi's father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, according to Julie Miller, Vanity Fair's Hollywood correspondent and contributor to the podcast "Still Watching." The purported engagement is featured in the first installment of "The Crown," where Dodi is seen proposing to Diana with a custom-made ring inscribed with "Dis-moi Oui," which translates to "tell me yes."

However, Miller insists that's different from how things played out in real life. She points out that the ring only cost $11,000, so there's no way it was intended for an engagement. "Dodi had given Kelly Fisher this $200,000 beautiful diamond," Miller said, explaining that Dodi's dad was so obsessed with being accepted into royal circles that he would have ensured his son splashed out big time on an engagement ring for Diana. Meanwhile, Dodi's ex-fiancée has gone from the lap of luxury with yachts, private planes, and $200,000 sparklers to living an everyday life now.

Farewell Dodi

After her engagement to Dodi Fayed ended, Kelly Fisher went from Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece, jet planes, islands, and tigers on a gold leash to South Carolina soccer mom. According to Esquire, the former model's life is far removed from her days with Dodi. She goes by her married name of Kelly Movshina, works in real estate, and lives in Aitken with her pilot husband, Mikhail Movshina, with whom she shares a daughter.

But it wasn't always that way. When she was with Dodi, turning right on a plane didn't result in having to travel economy. Instead, it meant reclining in a luxurious leather seat while her every whim was catered to by the Fayed family's fleet of private plane staff. If you believe Kelly and "The Crown," that all came to a screeching halt after Dodi met Diana, Princess of Wales.

Kelly was happily engaged to Dodi, or so she thought. Her fiancé's father wasn't so pleased with their union; Mohamed Al-Fayed had much higher aspirations for his son. He had his eye on the glittering royal prize — Diana. So, he arranged a day out on his mega yacht, and just like that, Diana and Dodi were a couple. However, nobody bothered to inform Kelly, who still believed she was engaged to Dodi. Still, her public humiliation wasn't over yet. When Mohamed took the stand during the inquest into Diana's death, he branded Kelly a "hooker" and "gold digger," Vanity Fair reports.

Courtroom battle

Kelly Fisher was blissfully unaware that her fiancé, Dodi Fayed, had replaced her with Diana, Princess of Wales. Esquire recounts that a year before paparazzi pics surfaced of Diana and Dodi engaging in a mega yacht PDA, Fisher was flashing a $200,000 diamond and sapphire engagement ring. Fisher claimed that following the release of the photos, Dodi unceremoniously dumped her — by phone.

However, Fisher refused to bow out silently. Instead, she lawyered up, hiring Hollywood pitbull Gloria Allred, and filed a lawsuit against the Fayeds. Per the Los Angeles Times, Fisher claimed she and Dodi had planned to marry in Malibu on August 9, 1997, two days after he dumped her. Her lawsuit alleged that Dodi's family objected to his future wife's modeling career, so the couple made a "contractual agreement" that she would leave the US and relocate to Paris to be with Dodi full-time. "Fayed told her his family was embarrassed that his fiancee worked," the lawsuit reads. Fisher claimed that Dodi had promised her $500,000 in lieu of lost earnings, and there was $440,000 still outstanding. Dodi, for his part, admitted that he knew Fisher but insisted they had never been engaged or come to any agreement.

Ultimately, Fisher dropped the lawsuit after Dodi and Diana's fatal crash. "Out of respect for the tragedy and tremendous loss the Fayed family has suffered, she has authorized me as her attorney, to dismiss her lawsuit against Mr Fayed," Allred told reporters.