NFL Stars' Wives Who Admit To Getting Cosmetic Procedures

Athletes are famous, but their wives can be just as famous. Outside of her marriage to David Beckham, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has also made a name for herself as a fashion designer. Similarly, actor Gabrielle Union, who has been married to Dwayne Wade since 2014, is one of Hollywood's biggest stars, with multiple awards and accolades. But while a lot of these WAGs are beloved by fans, a few others have been constantly criticized over the lengths they go to improve their appearance.

Back in 2015, the DailyMail reported that supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who was married to NFL star Tom Brady at the time, had gotten an eye lift and boob job. Though she neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, Bündchen eventually revealed in her 2018 memoir "Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life" that she did, in fact, undergo breast augmentation — the result of which she ended up hating. "When I woke up, I was like, 'What have I done?' I felt like I was living in a body I didn't recognize. For the first year, I wore [baggy] clothes because I felt uncomfortable," she recounted.

But while Bündchen's 2022 divorce from Brady means she is no longer an NFL WAG, many others have also admitted to tweaking their looks through the years.

Brittany Mahomes

Arguably one of the most controversial NFL WAGs of recent times, Brittany Mahomes has, over the years, made headlines for many different reasons. For instance, Brittany, who has been married to Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes since 2022, made headlines in January 2022 after sharing a video of herself spraying champagne on fans in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium. Among the many backlashes she has faced over time, Brittany has particularly faced heavy criticism over her body. Critics have constantly accused the fitness trainer of altering her appearance through cosmetic surgery.

Back in 2021, fans accused Brittany of getting breast implants following the birth of her daughter, Sterling Skye Mahomes. "Looking like someone got a boob job," one user commented under a June 2021 post showing the fitness trainer in a bikini. Responding to the allegations, Brittany shared a different photo, taking a jab at critics in her caption. "Haters will say they are fake, but breastfeeding moms will understand," she captioned.

But while Brittany denied getting a boob job, the fitness trainer admitted in 2023 that she had a non-surgical cosmetic procedure done. During a Q&A on Instagram, a fan asked Brittany to name her favorite cosmetic procedure, to which she replied: "Filler in my lips," according to The Kansas City Star. Now that she has admitted to getting fillers, will fans back off Brittany's back? Only time will tell!

Sydney Hightower

After her eviction from season 24 of "The Bachelor" in 2020, Sydney Hightower struck up a romantic relationship with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner. Barely one year later, the pair got engaged in May 2021. The following year, Hightower and Warner tied the knot in an intimate Californian ceremony, surrounded by some of their closest loved ones. "It's been a long time coming and lots of planning," Hightower told E! News of their nuptials. "I'm super excited. You think, 'Oh, we still have such a long time.' But now that it's actually here, we're just so ready to see our family and just be married already."

Though she has remained largely uncontroversial, Hightower has remained candid about some of the cosmetic procedures she has gotten done. In February 2021, Skin Refine Medspa, a beauty and wellness studio in Sunnyvale, shared pictures of the reality star getting lip fillers. "We have Sydney Hightower @sydneynicolehigh from #thebachelor with a full lip correction! She had old filler that didn't sit right that augmented her lips. SWIPE and look at where her old filler was injected or migrated to! She came to @skinrefinemedspa for help, and we definitely delivered!" the Facebook post read.

Carrie Prejean

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean is no stranger to making headlines. A few months into her reign in 2009, Prejean — who married former NFL star Kyle Boller in 2010 — was stripped of her title after an alleged breach of contract. "This was a decision based solely on contract violations, including Ms. Prejean's unwillingness to make appearances on behalf of the Miss California USA organization. It has become abundantly clear that Carrie is unwilling to fulfill her obligations under our contract and work together," Keith Lewis, co-executive director of the Miss California USA pageant, said, according to the Los Angeles Times. Outside of her controversial reign, however,  Prejean is also known for her breast implants, which caused quite a stir back in the day.

After she was stripped of her title, the beauty queen sparked controversy after the organization revealed it had sponsored Prejean to get implants. "We assisted when Carrie came to us and voiced the interest in having the procedure done. We want to put her in the best possible confidence in order to present herself in the best possible light on a national stage," Lewis admitted during an interview, per HuffPost.

In a twist of events, the organization filed a lawsuit against Prejean, requesting to be refunded the $5,200 it paid for the surgery. "She attempts to cast herself as a virtuous young woman and the victim in a supposed conspiracy against her," the organization wrote in the filing obtained by the Boston Herald.

Jessica Simpson

Outside her successful career as a singer, Jessica Simpson is also a popular football WAG. In July 2014, Simpson tied the knot with former San Francisco 49ers tight end Eric Johnson. But while the "Where You Are" singer keeps her personal life private, she has remained open about some of the beauty procedures she has gotten in the past. In her 2020 memoir, "Open Book," Simpson revealed she underwent two tummy tucks following the birth of her two kids with Johnson. "The surgery wasn't for weight loss. I weighed 107 pounds when I planned the surgery. I wanted to get rid of the stretch marks and loose skin left sagging from my back-to-back pregnancies," she wrote in the book.

Explaining that she went ahead with the procedure against the doctor's advice, Simpson recounted having post-surgery complications following her second tummy tuck. "It did not go well. I got an infection — colitis — and was vomiting so much I thought I was going to bust my sutures." And despite the successful surgeries, Simpson admits that the procedure did very little to boost her self-confidence. "I can tell you that plastic surgery does not cure what's inside. Really, it's about how you feel emotionally, and I was still just as hard on myself once those stitches were out," she wrote.

Kelly Stafford

College sweethearts Kelly Safford and Matthew Safford tied the knot in 2015. "Well, it's official. I am #fullystaffed4415So grateful for our friends and family for making it the best weekend of our lives," Kelly shared on her Instagram at the time. Since then, the couple has continued to wax stronger, supporting each other through many of life's milestones. While Matthew has continued to enjoy a successful NFL career, Kelly has gone on to make a name for herself in media as the co-host of a podcast called "The Morning After."

During an episode of her podcast, Kelly opened up about getting breast implants a few years back at the age of 19 while noting that she regretted having the procedure. "I saved up a ton of money, I did some stuff in high school, I worked in high school, birthday money, all that stuff. ... I went and got a boob job, and Matthew was totally against this. He was like, 'Do not do it, please don't do it,' and I was like, 'Listen, love you, but I wanted this for a long time, and this is about me, not about you.' Went and got it — y'all, it was the worst boob job you have ever seen," she detailed on the show.

As Kelly recalled, the procedure didn't go as planned and ended up looking like "two balloons on [her] chest." Even worse, the Detriot local media began speculating that Matthew had encouraged and paid for Kelly to get the surgery.