Travis Kelce Makes Bold Move To Prove He's Over Ex Kayla Nicole

Now that we don't talk, Travis Kelce is making a bold move over his ex, Kayla Nicole, that proves he's all in on Taylor Swift.

Beginning in 2017, the former couple dated on and off for years, per Sportskeeda. Kelce and Nicole eventually called it quits in 2022, and rumors began to circulate that the reason behind their breakup was because the Kansas City Chiefs star made her pay for half of everything they did. However, Kelce denied the outrageous gossip on the "Pivot Podcast," saying, "How crazy is that? Don't buy into that s***!" After the breakup, Nicole might have thought that would be the last time she would have to hear or see Kelce again, but the tight end got into a relationship with one of the biggest stars on the planet.

The Traylor frenzy took over the world after the Chiefs star admitted he made a friendship bracelet with his number for Taylor Swift during the "New Heights" podcast in July 2023. After that, all eyes were on Kelce and Swift, who seemed to confirm the romance after she attended one of his football games, per Billboard. Everywhere you look, it's all about the new couple. Even Nicole has been dragged into the narrative, as many Swifties have flooded her social media hoping to know a bit more about Kelce's past love life. But now, it looks like Kelce is leaving that relationship behind for good, because he just made a move proving his attention is fully on Swift.

Travis Kelce unfollowed Kayla Nicole

Travis Kelce has hit the unfollow button on his ex Kayla Nicole. Since things are heating up with his new love, Kelce, having already unfollowed Nicole on Instagram, took the opportunity to unfollow the influencer on X (formerly known as Twitter) as well, per Page Six. Conveniently, the unfollowing came just after Nicole made a flirty comment about another football star.

On November 27, 2023, Nicole commented on how good-looking Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts looked after the NBA tweeted a video of him sitting courtside for basketball a game. She simply tweeted, "Fly eagles, fly," which is a chant the football team's fans take part in, but it was clear Nicole was using the phrase to express a certain attraction. The influencer followed it up with another tweet, saying, "Y'all have eyes too," with a laughing emoji. 

But if you think that Nicole and Hurts would spark a romance from this interaction, well, you'd be wrong — the Eagles star is taken, per Page Six. But it seems quite convenient that after her observations about the quarterback, Kelce decided to unfollow her. And he's not the only one, as Nicole has also done her share of unfollowing.

Nicole and Brittany Mahomes used to be good pals before Kelce started seeing Swift. But once Brittany started hanging around the "Karma" singer, Nicole quickly pressed the unfollow button on Brittany and her husband, Patrick Mahomes, per People.

Kayla Nicole has been vocal on Instagram

It's probably a good thing Travis Kelce doesn't follow Kayla Nicole on Instagram, because she's been pretty vocal about how she's been handling all the attention coming from her ex's relationship with Taylor Swift. Amidst the height of all the chaos from the new relationship, Nicole posted a touching video on social media in October 2023 after facing backlash from some of Swift's fans. "Dear Black girl, they may call you a traitor for falling in love," she said. "You'll hope the ones closest will protect you, but you will quickly find out that people don't protect what they don't value."

In the video, Nicole addressed the criticism she faced online after the Traylor news. "They'll say you deserve the backlash and embarrassment. Because of your Blackness, you should have known better," she continued, "They'll even try to tie your value to your net worth. But Black girl, please remember your value lies elsewhere." Although this was one of the first times the influencer seemingly addressed the attention she has received since Kelce sparked a romance with the "All Too Well" singer, it wouldn't be the last.

In November 2023, Nicole took to social media again to talk about how she "tunes out the noise" during an Instagram Q&A, per Page Six. "The 'noise' never comes from anyone who has more," she shared. "More love. More joy. More peace." Nicole explained that she doesn't have to "entertain" the hate she receives, and when the criticism becomes a lot, she reflects on whether this will matter in the future, and to her, the answer is always no. All in all, it looks like Nicole is just trying to move on with her life.