We Finally Know Why Dave Portnoy And Silvana Mojica Called It Quits

For those following the relationship, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy's breakup with model Silvana Mojica felt like it came out of left field. One minute, the pair were living together and preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving with their parents in town — the next, Mojica was announcing the split on TikTok. In November, she posted an emotional video featuring a set of romantic cards which she'd purchased for her then-boyfriend. "Imagine you buy these for someone and then get broken up with," she captioned the video.

Portnoy and Mojica met in Miami in 2021 and were together for over two years before the split. Of their meet-cute, Mojica wrote on Instagram, "When Dave first asked me to hang out I told him yeah but [sorry] I'm busy for the next month and he said Silvana ... I'm busy but nobody is that busy ... lmao here we are." Cute, right? As documented throughout the years on social media, their relationship appeared to be a sweet one, and the exes still hold a lot of love for each other. In late November, Portnoy cleared the air on an episode of his "BFFs podcast," telling fans that there had been no cheating or anything ugly to end their romance. Rather, they simply appeared to be going in different directions in life. Portnoy chalked it up to "probably a me-issue" and added that the future of their relationship had been weighing on his mind for a while.

Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica wanted different things out of life

Speaking on his "BFFs podcast," Dave Portnoy struck a mature note as he walked fans through the end of his relationship with Silvana Mojica. Addressing cheating rumors and comments that he was cruel for breaking up with his girlfriend right before Thanksgiving, Dave said, "I got back on a Sunday from traveling, [Mojica and I] broke up that Sunday night, and it wasn't expected. We got into a conversation that was kinda organic, and one thing led to another." The Barstool founder went on to say he and Mojica wanted different things out of life. "I guess you get to a point where you think maybe there's a difference in what somebody wants and what the other person wants, and without going into too much detail, I just didn't think I could give Silvana ... what she deserves," he shared.

Though Dave didn't address it explicitly, many fans probably assumed that Mojica — who is 28 years old, compared to Dave at 46 — was hoping to get married. Dave was previously married to Renee Portnoy and has played the field a bit since their divorce. In 2021, the media mogul told a reporter that he would consider remarrying — at the right time. "I'm old as s**t [but] I wouldn't be dating somebody if I didn't think there was a chance," he said. Dave and Mojica took their shot, but it seems it just wasn't in the cards for the couple.

Is Dave Portnoy dating again already?

Silvana Mojica might be posting broken-hearted TikToks, but people suspect that Dave Portnoy is already putting himself back out in the dating game. Shortly after his breakup, Page Six reported that he'd been linked to "Vanderpump Rules" star Rachel "Raquel" Leviss, who happened to be visiting Cary, Illinois at the same time he was. Yet, Portnoy was horrified to hear the rumors. "I can confirm I've never met that trash bag in my life and it's wildly insulting to even be mentioned in the same sentence as her," the media president tweeted, responding to a request for comment from a reporter. He then explained that he'd only been in the area to review a pizza company; meanwhile, Leviss was apparently in Illinois visiting friends.

Leviss has been under fire since March when news of her affair with "Vanderpump Rules" castmate Tom Sandoval made headlines. Sandoval was in a nine-year relationship with Leviss' best friend, Ariana Madix — and judging by his reaction, Portnoy wanted nothing to do with the controversial reality star. "It's kinda wild when I just had a breakup which is hard enough to go through without hearing I f***ed that lady [Leviss]," he said, per Page Six. 

Leviss has struggled to cope with the public criticism and told Us Weekly that she's in no rush to date anyone new. Portnoy seems to be in the same boat. His breakup with Mojica may have been in both party's best interest, but still, breakups are painful.