Paris Hilton's Parenting Confession Has Fans Saying The Same Thing

Paris Hilton made a parenting confession that has her fans up in arms. The previously childless socialite became a mother-of-two less than a year after welcoming her firstborn. Hilton's first baby, Phoenix, was born in January 2023, per People. Meanwhile, Hilton's second baby — a girl named London — was born in November 2023, per AP News. Unsurprisingly, Hilton has grown to love watching her babies, born via surrogates, bond. "They are best friends, they love each other so much and I can tell he's so excited to be a big brother," Hilton revealed during an interview with Access Hollywood. Hilton also explained that she believes Phoenix will be a great big brother to London.

Unfortunately, Hilton's parenting journey has already been sullied by hateful social media trolls who decided to make fun of her son's appearance. Now, Hilton is fielding even more online criticism, but it's not because of how her precious babies look. Instead, fans are reacting to Hilton's "Paris In Love" confession, as she revealed she didn't personally change baby Phoenix's diaper for an entire month. Of course, not changing your baby's diaper doesn't present the most favorable optics, but knowing the context makes it a bit less odd. Still, social media is not letting Ms. Hilton slide on this one.

Social media slams Paris Hilton for hands-off parenting

Paris Hilton revealed during an episode of "Paris In Love" that she had not yet changed son Phoenix's diaper, even though he was at least a month old when said episode was filmed. "Should I learn how to change his diaper?" Paris asked her sister, Nicky Hilton, in the clip. Paris also claimed she'd vowed not to change diapers on her birthday but would do "anything for Phoenix." Nicky then graciously stepped in and walked her older sister through a diaper-changing tutorial. If Paris was an average mom without an army of support staff, her admission may have been a greater cause for concern. But social media is still not impressed with Paris' unwillingness to change Phoenix herself.

"Not mad at the surrogacy aspect, or even the nanny...but never having changed your son's diaper even once, after one whole month, is...yikes," tweeted one viewer. "That means the nanny is with him 24hrs a day. Hope he gets alotta love." A second fan wrote, "Changing a diaper is not that difficult. This is shameful behavior from a parent." Meanwhile, a third fan accused Paris of being selfish. "Borderline embarrassing! Although I love Paris, she has to come off of herself just a little. She is all about SELF! lol," they tweeted.