Taylor Swift & Brittany Mahomes' Reaction To Chiefs Loss Proves Their Bond Is Deeper Than We Thought

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes' bond seems stronger than ever following the Kansas City Chiefs' highly-anticipated Christmas-day faceoff against the Los Angeles Raiders. Unfortunately, The Chiefs lost 20-14 (per ESPN), which means that Swift and Brittany had to watch their other halves, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, be defeated on the merriest day of the year. However, Swift and Brittany's reaction to the loss proves their bond is much deeper than once thought. After the defeat, cameras caught Swift rubbing Brittany's shoulders as she mouthed an inaudible phrase. Meanwhile, Brittany clasped her hands over her face as she looked down towards the field in shock.

Swift and Brittany were obviously upset over the Chiefs' loss, but their inclination to lean on each other is more evidence that the famous WAGS are pretty close buds. But honestly, the gal pals seemed pretty tight the week before Christmas, too. According to People, Swift lifted Brittany off the ground after the Chiefs scored a touchdown against the New England Patriots, who ultimately lost the game. Brittany, of course, wore a huge smile and looked super delighted about the whole thing. Of course, being friends with Swift would bring that kind of reaction out of anyone! Fortunately, Brittany isn't the only member of the Mahomes family who adores Swift.

Brittany's husband Patrick Mahomes also adores Taylor Swift

Brittany's husband, Patrick Mahomes, has also welcomed Swift into the Chiefs' inner circle. During an interview with "CBS This Morning," Patrick revealed his reaction to Swift's relationship with his teammate Travis Kelce. "At first, I feel like everybody stayed away and just let [Kelce] do what he was doing," Mahomes shared about their early relationship (via New York Post). "But then he started bringing Taylor around and you realized how cool a person she was. For us [teammates] there were a couple of jokes in the beginning, but now it's just she's part of Chiefs Kingdom now, she's part of the team." Patrick also revealed that he's enjoyed getting to know Swift through both Kelce and Brittany's points of view.

Unfortunately, even Patrick's co-sign hasn't stopped haters from trolling Swift's proximity to Kelce, the NFL, and Brittany as well. In late December 2023, Brittany took to her Instagram stories, seemingly calling out the increase in negativity. "Recently there has been ALOT more rude a** people on here, waaaay more then normal .... " Brittany posted online (via New York Post). "I'm not sure where yall came from, but you should probably go back to where you came from .... Please," the mom of two added.