Weird Things About Selena Gomez And Benny Blanco's Relationship

Selena Gomez can't get enough of her new beau, Benny Blanco. The couple's relationship is slowly taking off, but people can't help pointing out the weird things about their romance.

Gomez and Blanco have known one another for years. The pair, alongside fellow musicians Tainy and J Balvin, released a track titled "I Can't Get Enough" in 2019. Although they ran in the same circle, it wouldn't be until years later that they sparked a romance. In December 2023, the "Love You Like a Love Song" singer finally confirmed her relationship with the music producer in a series of Instagram comments. 

In the comments of a photo of the two, Gomez said, "He [Blanco] is my absolute everything in my heart." Although the public was only just finding out about the romance, the relationship wasn't new. The "Only Murders in the Building" star revealed in a separate posting that the two had been dating for six months, per People.

Since confirming their relationship with the public, Gomez and Blanco have not been shy about sharing their love. In January 2024, the couple cuddled up at a Los Angeles Lakers game, per Billboard. From the way they were holding hands and laughing uncontrollably, it's clear the pair couldn't get enough of one another. But while they may be head over heels with each other, the relationship has gotten mixed reactions from fans, and they can't help but point out weird things about Gomez and Blanco's romance.

Benny Blanco is good friends with Justin Bieber

Typically, ex-boyfriends and current boyfriends don't mix, but that's not the case in Benny Blanco and Selena Gomez's relationship. For years (and even to this day), Gomez has been tied to her on-and-off ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. The former couple dated from 2010 up until 2018, and have a whirlwind history with one another. Even so, Gomez's beau, Blanco, is good friends with Bieber.

Blanco and Bieber's friendship started just a year before the "Baby" singer started dating Gomez, per Variety. Talking about his friendship with the Canadian popstar, Blanco shared with Variety in 2021, "We've been working since 2009. I have seen this kid in every state ... We grow and learn in the best and worst times. He's a good dude with a good heart." Blanco and Bieber have collaborated on several hit tracks, including the 2010 song "Eenie Meenie" and the 2021 track "Lonely."

Many even believe that Blanco threw shade at Gomez while working with Bieber. When speaking with Zach Sang about their "Lonely" collaboration, Blanco shared, "Justin is not one of those cookie-cutter pop artists. You know, they're like, 'This is my new single, and here's my makeup line,' but Justin's like, 'Yo, I have a pimple and I have anxiety.'" Many thought he was being shady to Gomez, who had just launched her Rare Beauty line. Between his friendship with Bieber and the possible shade, many find it weird that Blanco is now dating Gomez.

Selena Gomez had a strange way of announcing her relationship with Blanco

Selena Gomez is notorious for speaking her mind on social media, whether people like it or not. And she was not a fan of the hate that followed her announcement that she and Blanco were dating.

After confirming the couple's romance, Gomez went on an online rant defending her relationship from trolls. She reportedly addressed the speculated shade that Blanco threw in his interview with Zach Sang, per Buzzfeed News. Replying to a comment about the music producer's shady statement, Gomez wrote back, "Lol yeah and he's still better than anyone I've ever been with. Facts." It seems a bit odd the "Only Murders in the Building" star would not only defend but date someone who talked bad about her.

Fans found the whole public announcement of her relationship weird, especially because she would not stop replying to online users. Gomez had her reasoning, revealing why she came to her boyfriend's defense after fans thought she was trolling them, per Buzzfeed News. She shared, "Never trolling ... I just stand up for what I believe in I have no shame in doing that. I love my fans more than anything in the world." Gomez stood by her relationship, posting a photo of a ring with the letter "B" in honor of Benny Blanco before officially signing off, per People. The whole debacle after coming clean about their relationship was a bit strange to fans, but clearly, Gomez didn't care.

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco's relationship doesn't seem to line up

It's hard to keep up with Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco's relationship timeline because it doesn't seem to add up. When Gomez announced her romance with the music producer on social media in December 2023, she revealed in one of her many comments they had been dating for a while, per The New York Post. She wrote, "It's been 6 months bb..." This means that their relationship started around June 2023, but this doesn't make sense to fans because Gomez was vocalizing that she was single in the months she was supposed to be with Blanco.

In July 2023, Gomez posted a TikTok of herself with a "Why Am I Single?" filter designed to randomly assign a reason for her solo relationship status ("Bad Taste," declared the filter). This wasn't the last time she addressed the fact that she allegedly didn't have a boyfriend. Months later, in September 2023, Gomez posted another video of her talking over a viral sound that seemed to confirm she was single. She mouthed, "Guess who has a boyfriend? Not me b**** y'all be safe out there." 

To many, it appeared that Gomez didn't have a man in her life, but it all might have been a promo for the track "Single Soon," which was released in August 2023. Still, it all seems a bit weird that she appeared to be single when in reality she was with Blanco.