What Miley Cyrus' Look-Alike Half-Sister Brandi Really Does For A Living

Music runs deep in the Cyrus family. And while they may be half-sisters, musicianship and looks run fierce between Miley and Brandi Cyrus. These two look-a-like beauties live harmonious lives, even if they are in slightly different genres. A few years older than Miley, Brandi also joined the seeming family collaboration that was "Hannah Montana" with her sister and step-dad Billy Ray Cyrus as a fictitious musician. Brandi was an extra in a few episodes of the hit Disney series and showed up in the film as well after playing a band member in an episode of "Zoey 101." Even Miley has opened up in the past about how similar her family members are in some aspects, which we imagine connects to their bond of music. 

"I have a very intimate and close relationship with my family," the singer told British Vogue. "But like all families, we're also complex, but we embrace the fact that each of us are so different from one another. Me and my siblings, we're a lot alike, but we also have big differences." Through the years, that support has pulled through. Upon reflecting on her first Grammy Award on Instagram, Miley even thanked Brandi for her support (and mom Tish Cyrus and godmother Dolly Parton, of course). 

Brandi may have played musicians on TV, but like her sister and stepdad, she has also taken to the stage in real life. Her multifaceted career makes so much sense for a member of the big-time Cyrus family.  

Brandi Cyrus is a DJ

Brandi Cyrus' love of music seems to know no bounds, a fact of which she is well aware. "Music quite literally runs through my veins and fuels me every single day," she wrote on her website Style Native. For a time, Brandi was part of a pop duo known as Frank + Derol, though she has since ventured out on her own as a DJ. She has spun at festivals and clubs all over the world. Though her website touring dates haven't been updated since 2021, Brandi hasn't stopped touring. In fact, she's even a 2024 Wynn Nightlife Resident with several performances on the books for 2024, per her Instagram.

In speaking to The House magazine, Brandi said she enjoys the remixing elements of her work when she is DJing. "Now that I'm DJing and playing these bigger clubs where house music is expected, I started to really dive into it and figure out what house and electronic music I enjoy," Cyrus told the outlet. "When I play these remixes in the club, there is a vibe for sure. It's fun to mix electronic music with the hip-hop stuff that I love because there is a way to do both." That's a fascinating combo, particularly since she comes from such a country music-adjacent household.

She keeps very busy with other gigs

As if Brandi Cyrus wasn't busy enough creating mixes and spinning parties, she has a few other irons in the fire as well. She has a weekly podcast with her mom, Tish Cyrus, called "Sorry We're Stoned." As the name implies, the mother-daughter duo gets high and talks candidly with one another about life. The podcast is their second collaborative project together since their short-lived interior design competition series "Cyrus vs. Cyrus Design and Conquer."

In addition to those gigs, Brandi also balances her professional life as an equestrian. When she gets breaks in her musical schedule, Brandi spends a lot of time with her horses. "For me, it's super important to be in the saddle as much as possible," Brandi told The House. "I like to ride at least four days a week when I'm home." Although not a major part of her online life, Brandi does share snaps of her horses from time to time. Her horses mean so much to her that she even dedicated a sweet tribute to them on Instagram the day after Thanksgiving in 2023.

"This place and my animals are my sanctuary," Brandi captioned two photos of her with her horses. "It's where I feel like the most authentic version of myself. I love to travel, I love my job, and I love all of the adventures so much... but nothing beats coming home. So thankful."