Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Coordinated 2024 Super Bowl Outfits Are The Definition Of Corny

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are finally a full-fledged couple, as they've resorted to rocking corny matching outfits. NFL's favorite couple embraced the energy behind Swift's 2022 hit, "Bejeweled," by donning all-black fits that definitely added a bit of shimmer to the sea of red and gold that's taken over Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Swift, for her part, made her grand entrance wearing a super cute two-piece look, made up of black jeans with jewel-encrusted cutouts and a black half-shirt. She also honored Travis' jersey number with a #87 necklace. Naturally, the look was quite pricey, as Swift's pants cost $695 alone, per People.

Kelce also sparkled in an all-black two-piece look. And if we're taking score, he may have even one-upped Swift in the shimmer department. Kelce's look consisted of a loose-fitting jacket and pants embedded with more glitter and sequins than one person could really ever need. According to People, Kelce looked to the fashion brand Amiri for his look. 

And while the price of Kelce's suit is unknown at this time, a simple pair of patchwork jeans from the brand runs for almost three grand. But that's still not nearly as expensive as the $1 million Kelce is shelling out for a suite at the Super Bowl, per TMZ. Just saying!

What social media thinks of Taylor and Travis' looks

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Super Bowl fashion looks have certainly gotten social media talking. It didn't take long at all for the couple's looks to circulate inside and outside of their fan bases, who have shared some spirited takes about the whole matter. For starters, many approve of the couple's looks. "Shut up, they definitely coordinated the fits," tweeted a Swiftie, who generated more approving replies from fans. "They were in the hotel room with their outfits laid out on the bed. 'this looks good together, right?'" tweeted another fan with a very vivid imagination.

Of course, Swift and Kelce always attract a hater or two (or three), meaning there were definitely some serious dunks on their looks — especially Kelce's. For example, the comments under the Kansas City Chiefs' verified Twitter account are not kind. "All that money bruh is making and he shows up in a pair of Hefty bags with a purse," tweeted one fan. "Needs to give Taylor her outfit back," wrote another fan. There were also countless attacks on Kelce's masculinity, which honestly don't deserve acknowledgement. However, the fan implying that Swift wears the pants in relationship is definitely hilarious. "Well we know who runs the show," tweeted one fan. 

Travis and Taylor also have matching jewelry

If you think coordinating outfits are ridiculous, wait till you see Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift's matching jewelry! Back in January, the "Cruel Summer" singer made headlines after sporting a sparkly diamond bracelet, with TNT written on it. As revealed by Simone Kendle, CEO of Wove Made, the company behind the bracelet, Kelce came up with the TNT — presumably a homage to his and Taylor's initials — and asked for it to be engraved into a friendship-inspired bracelet for the singer. "Since this was for him, we were all hands on deck," Kendle told People of the piece of jewelry.

Kelce however did not stop at getting Swift the bracelet as he reportedly also requested for a matching one. While Kelce has yet to publicly sport his bracelet, Kendle revealed it is similar to the singer's and only a tad larger to fit the NFL star's wrist. Though neither Swift nor Kelce have confirmed the meaning of TNT, fans believe it to be a sweet nod to the pair's romance. "TNT, dynamite. Their relationship is dynamite. It's just so cute,"  pro golfer Michelle Wie West who collaborated with Wove on a Taylor Swift friendship-inspired bracelet said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I hope that [Swift] thinks it's nice, and sparkly, and pretty, and [that] TNT [is] sentimental and cute and funny."