Post Malone's Slimmed-Down Appearance At The 2024 Super Bowl Has Everyone Concerned

Post Malone's appearance at the Super Bowl has sparked concern among his fans. Malone was one of several performers at the 2024 matchup. Before Usher took the main stage during halftime, Malone, Andra Day, and Reba McEntire got the crowd warmed up with their renditions of "America the Beautiful," "Lift Every Voice and Sing," and "The Star Spangled Banner," respectively. Malone did a great job with "America the Beautiful," taking the song in an acoustic route — a creative decision that paid off. After the performance, NFL fans swarmed the NFL's post on X (formerly known as Twitter) of the performance with positive comments for Malone. "Ngl, that was actually better than I expected! A solid 7/10," tweeted one fan.

Social media fans also shared a ton of opinions about Malone's appearance, which has him looking much thinner than they're used to. Unfortunately, much of the commentary was kind of harsh and not at all positive or uplifting. "Post Malone looks like if ozempic did meth," tweeted one user. "I love @PostMalone but Lil man hit that nail on the head," tweeted a second user. There were also several more fans implying negatively that Malone's weight loss was due to medication. "Somebody's gotta take Post Malone's Ozempic that dude looks nuts now," wrote yet another fan. 

However, not everyone was hating on Malone's thinner figure. "I'm here for the Ozempic @PostMalone sheesh!!! Best I've seen him look," tweeted another fan.

Post Malone has already spoken about his weight loss

Post Malone has fielded questions about his weight loss from concerned fans before. In April 2023, Malone got candid on Instagram as he spoke directly to his fanbase about his thinner appearance. "Hello everybody, I hope you're having a great night," wrote Malone. "I wanted to say that I'm not doing drugs ... I've had a lot of people ask me about my weight loss and I'd suppose, performance on stage. I'm having a lot of fun performing, and have never felt healthier." 

Malone credited parenthood with motivating him to adopt a healthier lifestyle. "I guess dad life kicked in and I decided to kick soda, and start eating better so I can be around for a long time for this little angel. Next up is smokes and brews, but I like to consider myself a patient man," he continued.

Malone also got specific about his diet during an interview with Howard Stern in October of 2023. "On tour, I stopped eating a lot of fried stuff [and] pizza," Malone revealed during the interview (via Just Jared). "I was like, 'You know what? I'm going to eat grilled chicken, I'm going to eat carrots, and I'm going to have a little bit of white rice with ... hot sauce." Malone continued, "I was like ... 'Hot sauce has no calories in it? This s*** is sick.'" Malone's diet swaps initially helped him to lose 20 pounds, which motivated him to keep going. "And we just kept f****** rocking and rolling," added the star.