Reba McEntire's Flawless 2024 Super Bowl Look Proves Ditching Narvel Blackstock Was A Good Move

Reba McEntire is out here living her best life. The Queen of Country just pulled up to Super Bowl LVIII to sing the national anthem right before kickoff, and fans can't help but notice that she's got a different aura. According to McEntire stans, the star has never looked better, as she appears to be relishing in that post-divorce glow-up. It's probably all thanks to ditching her ex, Narvel Blackstock.

While it's been a hot minute since McEntire and Blackstock called it quits, the singer had a tough time moving on. It was clearly not an amicable split, with McEntire dishing that it was not her choice. "Well, the divorce was not my idea. I didn't want it in any shape, form, or fashion," she revealed in a 2016 interview with CMT. "I have a long list and so many questions for God. Why did this happen? And how did you allow that?" She also alluded to how Blackstock wronged her, although she kept the specifics off the record. "I can never forget some of what he did. But going on with life is what's really important," she added.

And go on with her life is what she did, indeed! From finding a new beau, steering the wheel in her career, embarking on a world tour, and releasing new records, McEntire has since bounced back. And now she's come full circle belting out the national anthem at a major sports event, the very tune that catapulted her to stardom.

Fans still think Reba is the GOAT

Reba McEntire dominated the Allegiant Stadium field clad in a dazzling Ralph Lauren blazer encrusted with thousands of Swarovski crystals. In true Reba fashion, she paired it with suede bootcut pants with intricate floral detailing. Her performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" was nothing short of spectacular, captivating the audience with her powerful delivery. Per USA Today Sports, it only took her a total of 95 seconds to belt out the national anthem, a far cry from the typical 100+ second performances often seen.

Fans couldn't help but gush over her performance, of course, taking to X, formerly Twitter, to share their support. "Oh why she's ended the girls like that WE STAN," one fan tweeted. "When we talk about the GOAT we talk about @reba," another noted. "You can just tell the Reba is enjoying this moment and not stressed about how it lives up or if she'll make a mistake. This is a pro," one fan wrote.

And honestly, McEntire had come prepared, even revealing that her boyfriend Rex Linn helped her practice in the months leading to the Super Bowl. "I prepare by being prepared. I've been singing the national anthem in the shower, when we get in the car," she said at the Apple Music press conference (via ET). "Rex, my boyfriend, is a huge football fan, played all sports when he was going to school. And so he'll say, 'OK, sing it one more time.' I said, 'I think I know the words real good right now so I'm all right." We love to see it!