Travis Kelce's Shocking 2024 Super Bowl Meltdown On Andy Reid Has Taylor Swift Fans Worried

Travis Kelce may have to take a page out of his girlfriend Taylor Swift's book when it comes to calming down. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was seen throwing a fit at the team's coach, Andy Reid, in the second quarter of the Super Bowl LVIII, seemingly in a bid to keep himself in the game. Kelce appears to have been swept up in the heat of the moment, considering that it's a high-stakes match, but Swift's fans did not appreciate the shocking outburst. Is this the start of bad blood between Kelce and the Swifties?

The tension flared up when Kelce witnessed his teammate Isiah Pacheco lose control of the ball. Not wanting to be sidelined any longer, an agitated Kelce approached the 65-year-old coach and reportedly demanded to be put back on the field. In the one-sided screaming match, his teammate Jerick McKinnon had to step in, pulling Kelce away from the coach. "After the fumble, he [Kelce] comes over to Andy, he goes, 'Keep me in!' What happened is, on the fumble, he was not in the game ... I think Kelce knows he's like, 'Just keep me in there!'" a sports broadcaster noted (via Page Six).

Unsurprisingly, Swifties can't let go of the fact that the NFL star dating their idol exhibited less-than-stellar behavior. His frustrated fit just screamed "red flag," with some even suggesting that Swift should reconsider their relationship post-game.

Swifties think Travis' behavior poses a red flag

Swifties and the sports world alike wasted no time criticizing Travis Kelce's behavior on social media. If there's one thing we know about the Taylor Swift fanbase, it's that they don't come to play, so many didn't hold back in critiquing Kelce's conduct, deeming it entirely inappropriate.

And critique they did, with comments ranging from calls for disciplinary action to outright disappointment. "I would have benched him immediately for that crap. Totally unprofessional," one fan wrote. "I hope he catches all kinds of s*** for that. Yes, what a loser!" said another. And then came the relationship advice, with some fans calling for Swift to rethink her association with the athlete. "And just like that I'm suddenly less excited about Travis Kelce. You don't get to ape up someone all aggressive like just because you're frustrated. Taylor, my darling, my dove, my lamb, this is a big red flag," another fan tweeted.

Later in the game, though, it appears that Kelce had a moment of clarity and realized his mistake. He reportedly made a beeline for Andy Reid for a make-up hug. "Travis Kelce just walked up and hugged Andy Reid. Reid patted him on the back," sports journalist Mike Jones wrote on X.

It's not the first time Kelce has had an outburst during a game

Travis Kelce may be known as one of the best tight ends in NFL history, but it looks like he has a problem with keeping it cool. In December 2023, fans also witnessed him throw a fit after the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Las Vegas Raiders. He was recorded hurling his helmet on the sidelines, an action that led many to question his maturity. "You really expect me to believe she's [Taylor Swift] attracted to and dating this overgrown toddler who would lose in a spelling bee to a second grader," one fan tweeted. Another quipped, "Such a crybaby ass team lmfao learn how to deal with some adversity jfc."

At the time, however, Coach Andy Reid came to his defense, saying that the tight end was just under immense pressure. "He went back in and did a nice job," Reid said post-game (via USA Today). "Things happen, emotional game. Trav's emotional, and sometimes my red hair gets to me a little bit, but it all works out." Kelce went on to acknowledge his behavior as well, expressing regret over his actions. "I didn't go back out there and play good," he said in an episode of his own "New Heights" podcast. "He wanted to see the fire in me and I reacted in a bad way. He wanted to get the best out of me and right now I'm just not playing my best football." He added, "We handed that team a win on Christmas ... That was embarrassing."