Katy Perry's Reason For Leaving American Idol Is Oddly Cryptic

After seven long seasons of fulfilling aspiring singers' dreams on "American Idol," Katy Perry is finally retiring from her judge's seat, sending the rumor mill into overdrive. The "Teenage Dream" crooner dished her imminent departure in an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" but let's just say she left more questions than answers. Is she eyeing a different TV gig? Will she focus on parenting her dear Daisy? Or, after years of not making any music, is she finally treating fans to fresh tunes?

Perry announced the shocking news on the show by prefacing that she's going to be headlining a music festival in Brazil. "Well, you know, this fall, this September, I'm going to be doing this huge music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio. It's really exciting. It's a big deal for people all over the world, especially my Brazilian fans," she told Kimmel. "I think this will probably be my last season for 'Idol.'" She even mentioned that her fellow judges, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, are still in the dark about her exit. "Well, they'll find out tonight!" she said.

To be clear, it's not like Perry has grown tired of her judging duties. It looks like she's simply looking to explore more projects, although she's keeping the details under wraps. KP6, perhaps? "I love 'Idol' so much. It's connected me with the heart of America," she said before hinting that she may or may not make a big musical comeback. "But I need to feel that pulse to my own beat," she added with a wink.

Katy might be gearing up for a new era

Buckle year seatbelts, Katycats, Katy Perry has dropped all the hints to suggest that she's looking to reclaim her throne on the music charts. In her "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" interview, the soon-to-be "American Idol" alum dished that not only has she been spending time in the studio, but she's also looking forward to seeing more of the world... So, a tour, maybe?

"It's going to be a very very exciting year!" she said. "I love the show so much but I want to go and see the world and maybe bring new music." If that doesn't scream "new album," we don't know what does."Let's just say I'm creating space for my new wingspan." Her fans, of course, took the hint, with many taking to X, formerly Twitter, to share their excitement. "new album, new era, new world tour... katycats can't stop winning," one tweeted, with another saying, "katy perry leaving american idol and saying new music is coming... mother is going back to her popstar roots yall"

Now we have enough evidence to assume that new Katy Perry music is in our midst. After all, as early as 2022, Perry has been dropping breadcrumbs left and right. "I'm always writing, I have been," she shared in a "Good Morning America" appearance. "I think what's really important to me is to be celebrating the world that I've got to build with all of these wonderful songs and to be responsible for [Daisy]. I will be back, but let me get this right." Perhaps that time is now!