Travis Kelce Is Losing Fans' Favor Fast After These Stunts

Now that the excitement of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's NFL season takeover has died down, the honeymoon period might be over for some Traylor fans. In fact, the tide was already turning against Kelce while the tight end was busy helping the Kansas City Chiefs secure their Super Bowl LVIII victory.

Swift and Kelce's romance was so captivating at first because it came out of left field. He caught footballs; she penned poetry. He won Super Bowls; she collected Grammys. The couple caused consternation among some football fans (and some members of the political right), but many social media users couldn't get enough of them. A viral thread on X, formerly known as Twitter, breaks down how their romance was seemingly preordained by Swift in the lyrics of her songs. One example relevant to the Super Bowl is the "Willow" line, "As if you were a mythical thing, like you were a trophy or a champion ring." And how can you not help but be happy for Swift when you see that video (via Taylor Swift Updates on X) of her gushing over Kelce serenading her with her song "You Belong With Me" at a Super Bowl afterparty? In it, she tells a group of friends, "That was the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me." 

But nobody is perfect. Kelce does have a shady side, and in some Swifties' eyes, he has rapidly racked up a few more strikes against him.

His angry outburst at Andy Reid shocked fans

Some Super Bowl viewers were stunned when Travis Kelce had a temper tantrum on the sidelines during the game. He screamed in the face of Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid and shoved him. But afterward, Reid seemed ready to put the incident behind them, telling ESPN that Travis wasn't verbally attacking him but begging to be put in the game. He also brushed off Travis pushing him, which made him stumble and step back. According to Reid, the shove looked worse than it actually was. "He caught me off balance. I wasn't watching," he explained.

Still, Swifties found it upsetting to see a different side of the sweet friendship-bracelet-maker with whom they had become so enamored. "I speak for most of the fanbase when I say Taylor needs to leave this man, he's assaulting a man for no reason!!!!" one fan tweeted. "Am I the only one that thinks Travis has anger management issues? I hope Taylor is watching carefully," another wrote. On Reddit, a Travis critic expressed concern about how the optics of the outburst would possibly reflect poorly on Swift, writing, "That clip was very damning for both him and Taylor. Not good PR at all!"

Travis also got a scolding from his older brother, Jason Kelce, on their "New Heights" podcast. "You crossed the line," he told Travis, and Travis agreed.

Some Swifties were appalled by Travis Kelce's Super Bowl celebrations

Travis Kelce just kept rubbing people the wrong way on Super Bowl Sunday, even once he got off the field. Some Kansas City Chiefs fans found it funny when Kelce got sloshed during the team's Super Bowl victory rally and attempted to sing the Garth Brooks song "Friends in Low Places." But when you're a devoted fan of the biggest pop star in the world, you might judge a crooner a little more harshly. In short, many Swifties did not find his drunken antics amusing. 

One Redditor observed that he looked as if he was barely able to stand as he swayed and slurred his way through the country tune. He was also relying on his phone to help him with the lyrics. "What a knuckle-dragging trash bag. What is Taylor doing with him?" another critic wrote. "If Taylor is smart she'll keep her clean reputation and run away from this doomed relationship before she gets hurt," a third chimed in.

Kelce's selfie after parade shooting struck a sour note

Travis Kelce's off-key post-Super Bowl performance took place before multiple shooters opened fire at the Kansas City Chiefs' victory parade on February 14, killing one person and injuring over 20 others. Kelce later took to X to express his heartbreak over the tragedy, but he didn't stop partying afterward — something that definitely struck many fans as an exercise in poor taste.

Per The Daily Mail, he was photographed outside the Granfalloon Restaurant and Bar with a beer in his hand just a few hours after the shooting. He also flashed a huge grin while posing for selfies with two cops. "Not a good look for Travis Kelce," one X user wrote in response to the Mail's story. Others begged Kelce to call for gun law reform. "Use the platform your girlfriend and you both have and make change Travis," another X post read. "Otherwise keep your thoughts and prayers to yourself."