Are Jason Kelce And His Wife Kylie As Happy As They Seem? Our Experts Respond

Although Travis Kelce has captured the hearts of football fans for his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift, he isn't the only attention-grabbing Kelce in the NFL. Travis' older brother Jason Kelce signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011, and despite teasing a looming retirement after serving as co-captain for five years, kept going in the wake of the Eagles' February 2023 Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

A year later, Jason was high on emotion when his team was eliminated from the playoffs by a 32-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Amid retirement rumors which he addressed on the "New Heights" podcast, Jason wowed football fans when he went topless while celebrating a touchdown by Travis at a Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills game.

Off the field, his relationship with his wife, Kylie McDevitt is also in the spotlight. Jason and McDevitt met on Tinder and tied the knot in 2018. Three kids later, the pair are a fan favorite, going by their millions of social media followers. Are they as adorable as they seem, or is there more than meets the eye? With the help of Nicole Moore, Body Language Expert & Celebrity Love Advisor, Nicki Swift unpacks what Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt's mannerisms tell us about their relationship.

The couple is at ease with each other

According to Body Language Expert & Celebrity Love Advisor Nicole Moore, Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt are not nervous at all when around each other. In a September 2023 interview with "Today," the pair sat shoulder to shoulder. "Their body language displays that the couple is very relaxed in each other's presence," Nicole Moore told Nicki Swift. She observed that Jason wrapped his arm around McDevitt and rested it on a bench with an effortless gentle touch. It signified that he held her in high regard.

"His body language here indicates that he thinks of Kylie as an integral part of his life and he wants to include her in everything," Nicole Moore noted. The same ease showed itself when McDevitt removed something that was stuck between Jason's eyebrows during an appearance on the "New Heights" podcast, hosted by Jason and Travis Kelce.

As far as valuing McDevitt goes, Jason gushed over his wife in a November 2023 episode of the "New Heights" podcast. "I know that it's kind of a joke that I'm kind of up for Sexiest Man of the Year but look at that woman...Sexiest Woman of the Year right there," he said of a picture of McDevitt, who was modeling Princess Diana-inspired Philadelphia Eagles jackets that she'd autographed.

Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt operate as a close unit

As Jason Kelce did most of the talking in the couple's joint interview with "Today," Kylie McDevitt sat and listened. Per Body Language Expert & Celebrity Love Advisor Nicole Moore, the pair's poise pointed toward a mutual partnership. "While Jason makes it clear via his body language during this clip that he sees his wife as a teammate, Kylie makes it clear that she's totally ok letting her husband shine," Nicole Moore remarked.McDevitt's long-lasting smile throughout the interview indicated that she was offering her support.

The duo took to the red carpet at the premiere of Kelce's self-titled documentary, where they couldn't get their hands off each other. At the sight of their pose with embraced arms, Nicole Moore said, "The fact that Jason has his hands and fingers completely interlocked around Kylie's waist shows that not only does he feel extremely comfortable with her, but he considers her all his. Their body language here is another example of the couple operating as a tight-knit unit."

Kelce and McDevitt's collaborative spirit was evident when they made an Instagram pizza ad in December 2023. In the video clip, the couple was seated side by side. McDevitt gazed attentively when Kelce was speaking, and he, on the other hand, threw occasional glances at her. They each nodded whenever the other said something they agreed with.

The lovebirds are goofy with each other

Jason Kelce has an obvious silly side that has been brought out several times in the past. At a 2022 Philadelphia Eagles training camp, Kelce showed up with a bubble wrap over his helmet. When he was asked why, he said, "Just having fun. They say the Guardian Caps add 20% protection, figure the bubble wrap gave me another 2 or 3. Just adding some more protective layers." Still in the spirit of keeping things light-hearted, Kelce dressed up as King Triton from "Little Mermaid" for a Halloween episode of the "New Heights" podcast.

Kelce's mischievous demeanor also extends to his marriage. When he and Kylie McDevitt discussed their first date on the "New Heights" podcast, McDevitt wasn't buying Kelce's claim that he was smitten with her on the first day. "I definitely fell asleep [and] got a little bit too inebriated, but I was sober enough to know it was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my was love at first sight," Kelce explained.McDevitt responded by rolling her eyes and shaking her head in disagreement.

At that point, Body Language Expert & Celebrity Love Advisor Nicole Moore noted: "Her face was playful with a slight smile underneath it all. She grinned right after she was done rolling her eyes, indicating that she doesn't take her husband too seriously and she laughs at his quirks rather than judging him."

They respect one another

Kylie McDevitt has confidence in Jason Kelce's ability to make the right choice for his career, which is a sign of underlying respect. "I think that whatever he does, he's going to be successful in," McDevitt said in a January 2024 conversation with "Good Morning America" while addressing his prospects post-retirement. As it turns out, the respect between Jason and McDevitt is mutual.

 In February 2023, the duo welcomed their third child, Bennett Llewellyn Kelce, whose birth McDevitt announced on Instagram. McDevitt had previously documented how unhelpful Jason was in the period leading up to her delivery: in one clip, he was sound asleep while a fan he'd brought with him was on, and in another, the one-time Super Bowl winner was meticulously scrutinizing a bagel. His lack of effort didn't take away from recognizing McDevitt's exceptional delivery, as he shared on the "New Heights" podcast. "I went to the hospital, and I offered my words of encouragement," Jason said. "I held her hand for the few amount of pushes she would need because she's a freaking unbelievable champ." 

His motion, according to Body Language Expert & Celebrity Love Advisor Nicole Moore, showed pride and deep adoration."As Jason is talking about how impressive his wife was, he puffs up his chest slightly and moves closer to the microphone to tell the story," Nicole Moore pointed out. "It's clear that Jason admires his wife's strength and sees her as a very valuable partner." Jason additionally folded his fists to indicate McDevitt's toughness.

Kylie McDevitt embraces Jason Kelce's one big flaw

It's not all sunshine and rainbows in Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt's household. Kelce can be quite boisterous, a habit that McDevitt discussed on the "New Heights" podcast. "He will walk through the house in his flip-flops [while] putting his heels through the steps. He'll walk into his closet and snuff his nose. He's just noisy," McDevitt detailed.

From Body Language Expert & Celebrity Love Advisor Nicole Moore's perspective, McDevitt wasn't entirely vexed by Kelce's actions."She's smiling and laughing as she describes his flow," Nicole Moore observed." If she were truly angry about the noise, her eyes would squint or her jaw might square as the face is prone to do when real anger is there, but her face remains soft, open, and happy the entire time." McDevitt's facial expressions, she said, showed a level of understanding that can only come from genuine love.

With the same breath, when McDevitt was blindsided by information that Kelce had bought a Rolex watch during an appearance on the "New Heights" podcast, she appeared to be briefly puzzled at first and then proceeded to smile. This, however, doesn't mean she never gets worked up. On a snippet of Kelce's documentary shared to her Instagram handle, a visibly irate McDevitt complained about game tickets and cursed in front of their children.

Jason Kelce cares about Kylie McDevitt's feelings

Between Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt, the former is least affectionate. McDevitt narrated Kelce's unromantic proposal on the "New Heights" podcast. Per her account, the football center asked her to marry him right after he'd told a white lie about taking a number two at her parents' house.

Despite his lack of display of careful thought at the time, Kelce is interested in McDevitts's feelings about equally serious family matters. When McDevitt was discussing Kelce's retirement and tight NFL schedule on the "New Heights" podcast, Body Language Expert & Celebrity Love Advisor Nicole Moore noticed that he first smiled and then cast his eyes downward and inward. Kelce kept gazing downward as McDevitt was talking.

"His body language here via casting his eyes downward and inward indicates that he may potentially feel at fault for the crazy schedule and feel bad about any inconvenience it causes Kylie," Nicole Moore told Nicki Swift."Jason's body language here shows that he truly cares about his wife's feelings and he may even carry a burden when he feels that his career has caused pain or inconvenience to his wife."