A Look At Home Town Star Ben Napier's Weight Loss Transformation

HGTV star Ben Napier embarked upon a major fitness and weight loss journey — and he did so for two reasons, in particular.

Ince its debut in 2016, TV viewers have been enamored with the hit home improvement series "Home Town." In the series, Ben and his wife, Erin Napier, renovate quaint homes in the small town of Laurel, Mississippi. The hit show has since spawned eight additional seasons and two spinoffs, "Home Town Takeover" and "Home Town: Ben's Workshop." When discussing their show's success, Ben told HGTV, "Our expectations are always kept in check. We still feel like the network could call us tomorrow and say, 'It's just not working out.'" Erin added, "I did feel a lot of people would find this show relatable, but I did not realize for how long."

While fans have fallen in love with the Napiers' home improvement expertise, they have also garnered attention for their personal lives, specifically Ben's incredible weight loss journey. In 2019, the beloved talent first embarked on his body transformation, telling Country Living at the time that he lost 55 pounds. "Over the course of season 3, I dropped about 35 pounds, so you'll see it happening," he explained. Ben also attributed his health journey to his first child, Helen, stating that he wanted to be around to see her grow up. Fortunately, Ben has shown no signs of slowing down his health transformation, and he has two meaningful reasons to stay on track. 

Ben Napier pushed himself to get healthy for two reasons

Ben Napier's weight loss transformation resulted in him losing 95 pounds total. While the HGTV star's journey was initially inspired by his daughter Helen, a shoulder injury and the fitting of his clothes kept him on track. In March 2023, Erin Napier revealed that Ben had work done on his rotator cuff, bone spur, and cartilage in an Instagram post. "We're all trying to be healthier and trying to live longer," he told Entertainment Tonight in November 2023. "I started just [because I knew] I needed to take some weight off. And then we did an interview, and my shirt wouldn't stay buttoned and I was like 'Oh, that's a bad look.'" However, when a doctor suggested he go on blood pressure medication, Ben decided to crank his weight loss journey up to the next level.

"I was like, 'I'm too young,' At the time, I wasn't even 40. So I said, 'Let me see if we can drop it by losing weight." In the same interview, Erin gushed about her husband's hard work and even offered insight into the diet plan he adopted to help him achieve his transformation. "I like only eat 'girl dinner,' which is basically crackers for two meals a day. I just crave crackers and maybe a little cheese... Ben just basically adopted eating the way I was eating," she explained. "He has one big meal. He eats a good, healthy, big lunch."

Erin Napier can't get enough of Ben's physique

Since Ben Napier started his weight loss journey, Erin Napier has used her social media platform to spotlight his hard work with heartwarming (and cheeky) posts. In July 2023, the reality TV star uploaded an Instagram video of her husband looking slim in a nice dress shirt and slacks alongside the caption, "[Ben Napier] got hardcore about his health and fitness last winter ahead of his big shoulder surgery that was in March so he could sleep better on his back and lower his BP. mission accomplished." The post was an immediate hit with fans, including Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, who commented, "Dayum!" next to multiple fire emojis. Another fan praised Ben for getting fit for his children, writing, "This dad needs to be around for his girls great work!"

A few months later, Erin took to Instagram again to celebrate Ben's 40th birthday by sharing two photos of him, including one of him shirtless. "You've worked hard this year to rehab your shoulder and transformed yourself in the process," she wrote. "The girls and I are so thankful for you. Here's to 50 more birthdays together. I love you!" While Erin has thoroughly been enjoying Ben's transformation, she has also had to defend her husband from online trolls. In an August 2023 post, the HGTV star warned her followers that fake online profiles were using her man's weight loss to sell keto pills. "It is fake, and you can help us by reporting," she wrote.