Inappropriate Outfits Lara Trump Has Been Caught Wearing

The world waits with bated breath to discover Donald Trump's 2024 VP pick. Many names have been bandied around, from Tucker Carlson to Mike Pompeo. Still, a dark horse is waiting on the sidelines: Lara Trump. And Lara has definitely been standing out from the crowd of late with all the inappropriate outfits she's been parading around in. Although, in fairness, inappropriateness has never been a disqualifier for entry into the Trump inner sanctum; Roger Stone, anyone?

Let's face it, Eric Trump has never been Donald's favorite child. Still, in recent times, Eric's wife Lara has muscled her way into her father-in-law's affections. And as cynical as it is, the word on the D.C. street is that Donald will be as inclusive as possible and pick a Black person or a woman as running mate. Two particular frontrunners would fit the bill: everybody's favorite confirmed bachelor, Tim Scott; and Lara.

Lara has never held office and has no governing experience, so she'd be perfect. "Just imagine the hysteria — Trump, Trump — two Trumps running together," she said on "The Right View with Lara Trump" (via Independent). "Oh, my God, the liberal heads across the country would simultaneously explode all at once. People would go bananas." Still, if she does land the poisoned chalice, Lara may want to take a lesson from Melania Trump, who rarely puts a style foot wrong, apart from when she really doesn't care, do you? Melania could definitely help tackle the inappropriate outfits Lara has been caught wearing.

Her name was Lara, she was a showgirl

Lara Trump channeled her inner Barry Manilow "Copacabana" (Spotify it, kids) for the 2023 New Year's Eve Mar-a-Largo bash. It's hard to outdo the sequins and glitz that proliferate at a Florida soiree, but somehow, Lara managed it. She was decked out in full showgirl regalia, with a white gown that was slit to the waist, both from the top and the bottom, and trimmed at the wrists with white feathers. To save her graces, Lara wore a see-through glitter body stocking and black pantyhose.

The flesh-flaunting frock was designed by "Project Runway" winner Oscar Garcia-Lopez. After Lara's look was slammed on Instagram for being "obnoxious" and "degrading," the Cuban-born couture designer vehemently defended his creation. He told TMZ he'd worked diligently with Lara to ensure a gown "aligned with the empowering message [she] wanted to portray ... while staying true to Lara's confident personal style." Garcia-Lopez claimed the dress was both classy and "sensual."

As for the haters? Well, they're just jealous, he insisted. "It's important to recognize that public figures often face differing opinions, especially if your last name is 'Trump,' and each individual responds to such situations in their own way," Garcia-Lopez sniffed. "In Lara's case, this does not faze her in the least." And it clearly didn't. Lara was ready to merengue and do the cha-cha. "2024," she captioned a pic of her posing seductively next to Eric Trump, with an angel wing emoji included for good measure.

Never too soon for a fun girls' day out

The NRA believes it's never too soon after a horrific mass shooting to flaunt their Second Amendment rights. Per Newsweek, the gun advocacy group was out in force on May 1, 1999, just days after the Columbine school shooting that left 13 dead. Fast forward three decades, and they were on stage again, this time in Texas, three days after the Robb Elementary School shooting that killed 21.

The New York Times notes that at least nine mass shootings took place across the U.S. in the first two months of 2023, resulting in 53 deaths. Still, that didn't stop Lara Trump and her buddies from proudly flaunting their firearms during a girls' day out. Well, it's an alternative to a spa trip, anyway. "Sundays are for the girls," she captioned a photo of the five, brandishing a .22 caliber rifle, AR platform rifle, shotgun, precision rifle, and a semi-automatic pistol.

Some may say it was a hugely inappropriate and insensitive pic, given it was posted just hours after a mass shooting that left one dead and ten injured, per Fox 13. "SHAMEFUL....tell the mothers who just lost their child from another mass shooting in Tennessee why you think this is ok?" wrote a distressed mom. "They will never be able to say goodnight to their babies because an assault rifle killed them. Wake up mothers and care about life, especially the lives of children. I weep for you and your behavior."

Lara's pageant material

Lara Trump does actually have a plausible excuse, other than bad taste, for the blue ruched top corset and flowing see-through princess-style lace number she wore in March 2023. At first glance, it looked like Lara was celebrating a (very late in life) sweet 16 or perhaps on her way to cover up some toilet rolls in her nanna's restroom. She was, in fact, partaking in a fashion show for the charity Big Dog Rescue. "Somebody @bigdogranchrescue let me pretend to be a model again today," Lara captioned a video of her strutting her stuff on the catwalk, channeling her inner Blue Steel.

Clearly, it was for a good cause. Still, Lara wasn't without her critics. "Ok settle down you aren't a model," wrote one detractor in the Instagram comments. "We'll let you pretend to be a model again; just stop pretending your father-in-law didn't try to commit a coup against our democracy," opined a politically motivated hater.

Then there was the fact the Big Dog Ranch Rescue threw an astounding $1.9 million at her father-in-law, Donald Trump's properties in addition to a further $225,000 on Mar-a-Largo, per Huffington Post. Given Donald is the first POTUS in 100 years to not have a pet dog in the White House and his sons' love for slaughtering animals on the planes of Africa, it's highly questionable that charity donations can be viewed as aiding the welfare of animals.

Here's one that Eric killed earlier—probably

There are some advantages to having Eric Trump as a husband. Given his well-documented love of gunning down just about any living animal that breathes, he provides a constant supply of clothing for his style-conscious wife, Lara Trump. Case in point: the green peacock feathered frock Lara proudly posed in at Mar-a-Largo on February 2.

Another significant advantage of Eric's contribution to Lara's look is that the gaudy dress helped her stand out from the even gaudier interior that comprises Mar-a-Largo. Sadly, though, for Eric's latest slaughter offering at least, the green peacock is listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list as an endangered species. There is also a petition demanding the end of the sale of peacock feathers. Still, that can't satiate Eric and his brother Donald Trump Jr.'s bloodlust.

TMZ ran a series of pictures of the bros showing off their hunting trophies during a Zimbabwe safari massacre in 2012. Donald Jr. was photographed holding a hacked-off elephant's tail. He and Eric were also seen posing with a dead crocodile hanging from a tree, grinning behind the majestic horns of a gunned-down waterbuck, holding up a dead leopard, and sitting on other dead animals' heads with guns in hand. There's no word on whether Eric was the one who plucked the perished peacock. Still, he clearly gave it the ubiquitous Trump family thumbs-up as he stood proudly by his wife's side, grinning.

Lara rocks a see-through Guilfoyle hand-me-down

The Trump family isn't known for its support of environmental causes. In fact, Donald Trump has branded the looming climate crisis a Chinese hoax. "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive," he posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, in November 2016. "Denial never was a river in Egypt, but it may one day be a real bad flood," myth debunker Snopes noted.

Still, it's heartening to see that Lara Trump is doing her bit to help stem the demand for new clothing, thereby reducing the energy output required to create them in Bangladesh sweat factories. Lara borrowed one of her sister-in-law Kimberly Guilfoyle's classic trademark old see-through net curtains that she slung over a lace bra and undies to ring in the new year at Mar-a-Largo in January 2023. "We see you, '23; let's go." She captioned a pic showing off the transparent paneled lace frock and lots of toned side leg.

Many fans gushed over the seeming Guilfoyle hand-me-down. "Looking hot, mama," one wrote. "You look Fabulous," raved another. There were, of course, the inevitable haters, though. "Just gutter garbage," a detractor sniped. "If this Trump marriage thing doesn't work out, you could give drag queens makeup lessons," another spitefully groused.