Why Sydney Sweeney Is So Secretive About Her Relationship With Jonathan Davino

If you didn't know Sydney Sweeney is engaged to Jonathan Davino, well, you're not the only one. The "Euphoria" star has been famously tight-lipped about her relationship with Davino, and people only really figured out that they were serious when People announced their engagement in 2022. Previously, fans learned of their romance due to paparazzi pics from a 2020 vacay, according to Just Jared. In setting the record straight about her fiancé, Sweeney told Glamour UK that Davino "is a business guy. He's from Chicago." She also alluded to the fact that the pair had been watching false narratives unfold about their relationship for "six years," so they've been together for at least that long.

Sweeney's choice to keep her private life private isn't unusual in Hollywood. Some celebrities love to plaster PDA all over their socials, while others prefer not to speak about their significant other in interviews. But because Sweeney doesn't often talk about Davino, confusion arose in 2023 about whether or not they were still together.

The catalyst was Glen Powell, Sweeney's co-star in the romcom "Anyone But You." Due to their chemistry in the film — coupled with Powell's then-recent split from his girlfriend Gigi Paris — people were quick to assume Powell and Sweeney were a couple. According to Sweeney, this was not only untrue, but damaging. Even so, it wasn't enough to get her to open up about the status of her relationship with Davino.

Sydney Sweeney is a private person

So, why is Sydney Sweeney so secretive about her love life in the first place? The short answer is that she prefers it that way. "Everyone is always so curious about who I'm with and what's that like, but I think it's important to have something for me. I'm very open [otherwise]. I talk about so much and sometimes it gets me in trouble, but I do try to keep something for me," she told Glamour UK in a December 2023 cover story. Additionally, Sweeney has seen the media play a role in pulling people apart if they disclose too many details about their private lives. She's determined that this won't be the case for her and Jonathan Davino. "I've been in a steady relationship for a really long time, which is not normal in this industry and not normal for my age," the "Euphoria" actor added. Ergo, she wants to do her best to preserve it!

Sweeney has been acting professionally since she was 12. A method actor, she likes to detail her characters in "character journals," but only as a way of keeping her personal and professional spheres private. "I wanted to make sure that none of my own memories, my own personal life, was in the character," she told Variety. "I think that's what makes me feel the most human, is being able to have stuff that's personal to myself." Y'all, it's no wonder she does not want to talk publicly about Davino.

What happened with Sydney Sweeney, Jonathan Davino, and Glen Powell?

As detailed above, the fact that Sydney Sweeney doesn't talk about her personal life had people speculating she and co-star Glen Powell were an item. In October 2023, Sweeney told Variety that she and Powell purposely embraced the gossip. "It's a rom-com. That's what people want!" she said. Sweeney also admitted that her insistence on privacy may have sparked the rumors. "I've never really shared that much [about my relationship], so the press loves to create drama in stories," she told Glamour UK.

But for Powell, who had recently broken up with his girlfriend, the rumors were damaging. "When all that stuff happened, you know, publicly, it felt disorienting and unfair," Powell told Men's Health in 2023. "But what I'm realizing is that's just a part of this gig now." When pressed, Sweeney also noted that the whole thing "was really hard on Glen."

But for those wondering whether or not there was any truth to the gossip, that would be a "no." In fact, Sweeney told Glamour UK that Jonathan Davino was actually involved in the romcom behind the scenes. "We produced ["Anyone But You"] together," she explained. "Jonathan is my producing partner, so he helped put the whole thing together." As for what the future holds for the couple, Sweeney is dreaming about marriage and kids, but not anytime soon. "I'd be crazy if I had a kid or got married before I'm 30," she added.