Kate Middleton's Rep Just Made Things Weirder With Icy Response To Public Concern

If anything, the relentless flow of conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton's disappearance has proven that Elon Musk's Twitter takeover and rebranding as X hasn't killed the app yet. Wild speculation and hilarious memes have proliferated rapidly there, so it's hard not to think that this might be what forced Kate's rep to finally say something about her condition.

There was a brief briefing about Kate on February 27 when Kensington Palace told AP that "a personal matter" would prevent Prince William from participating in a memorial honoring King Constantine of Greece, who is his late godfather. The palace added that Kate was doing "well." Everyone was seemingly supposed to put two and two together and conclude that William's decision to pull out of the event was unrelated to Kate, but of course, this didn't happen. One of the less imaginative theories that was floated on X is that William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, are getting a divorce and are negotiating Kate's exit from the royal family.

In a February 29 statement to Page Six, Kate's rep didn't even bother switching adjectives when describing the princess' current condition. They reiterated that she is "doing well" and added, "Kensington Palace made it clear in January the timelines of the princess' recovery and we'd only be providing significant updates." This icy response might offend some royalists who are genuinely concerned about Kate, but they can take comfort in knowing that her name recently left William's lips.

Why Prince William's name drop was so significant

Fans of the royal family got some additional assurance that all is well with William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, when Prince William visited London's Western Marble Arch Synagogue on February 29. His presence there served as confirmation that the "personal matter" he had to deal with wasn't something too dire — if Kate had experienced a medical emergency related to her surgery, for example, it seems unlikely that he'd resume making public appearances so soon.

According to People, William also said, "Antisemitism has no place in our society ... Both Catherine and I are extremely concerned about the rise of antisemitism." When he released a statement about Gaza's humanitarian crisis a week earlier, he used the singular "I." This sparked speculation that the rumors of marital trouble were true, but William just slyly shut them down. By casually dropping his wife's name, he also conveyed that everything is fine and it's just business as usual for him and his family.

Instead of having her rep essentially respond to the rumors about her whereabouts with an annoyed eye-roll, a smarter move for Kate might have been to release a video of her admiring cards from concerned fans like King Charles III did. As it stands, it looks like we'll be seeing more gleeful speculation on X that she's run away with Pete Davidson or that there's a "Freaky Friday" situation going on with her and King Charles III.