Jason Kelce Reveals The One Thing That Changed His Life Forever (No, It's Not Football)

Jason Kelce has officially retired from the NFL after much speculation. As part of the announcement, he made a heart-wrenching speech that revealed what exactly changed his life, and you might be shocked it wasn't football. Of course, while he may not have considered football as the thing that changed his life forever, there's no doubt that the sport has had a huge impact on Jason's life, and it was evident in his speech. 

"Stepping on the field was the most alive and free I had ever felt," Kelce shared (via ESPN). "There was a visceral feeling with football, unlike any sport. The hairs on my arms would stand up. I could hit somebody, run around like a crazed lunatic, and then get told, 'Good job.' I love football." If his words didn't convince you of his love for the game, a look back at his career sure would.

Drafted in 2011, Kelce played for the Philadelphia Eagles for 13 seasons, per the team's website. In that time, he went on to win a Super Bowl title and become an NFL Pro Bowl player an incredible seven times over. Jason was a force to be reckoned with, but he could not have done it without the support of his family, who were in attendance for his special announcement. Jason's parents, Ed and Donna Kelce; his brother, Travis Kelce; and his wife, Kylie Kelce watched as the football star announced his retirement. All of them hold a special place in Jason's heart, but it's Kylie who he says changed his life forever.

Jason Kelce says Kylie Kelce changed his life forever

There were a lot of points touched on in Jason Kelce's retirement announcement, from the very beginning of his career to now. But one of the most heartwarming parts of his speech was when he talked about his relationship with his wife, Kylie Kelce.

During his speech, Jason took the time to honor his loving wife. "I won't forget the Eagles Christmas party in 2014 and heading out afterwards with a bunch of my teammates to Buffalo Billiards where my life would change forever," he said (via People). "That night, I'd meet my future wife." Jason got teary-eyed as he recalled the night that he met Kylie. "I still remember the moment she walked through the door. The first instance is burned in my retina. It was like she glided through the opening, an aura around her."

From the moment he spoke to her, the Philadelphia star knew "right away" that she was the one for him. Jason even credited Kylie for taking part in the best years of his career. The story of their first meeting had its ups and downs, as Kylie once revealed on the "New Heights" podcast that the football star got super drunk after matching on Tinder. However, in his retirement speech, Jason chose to remember the more sentimental moments of their first date, as Kylie had become the one thing that truly changed his life forever.

Jason Kelce's tribute to Kylie Kelce was filled with emotions

Not only did Jason Kelce touch on his first impression of his wife, Kylie Kelce, in his retirement speech, but he also spoke about how she changed his life. He told reporters, "She's brought the best out of me through love, devotion, support, honesty, intelligence, and of course a swift kick in the ass from time to time."

Kylie has been there for Jason in more ways than one can imagine, but the greatest things she gave to the Philadelphia Eagles star were their kids. During the five years of their marriage, the couple have welcomed three daughters into their lives — Wyatt, Elliote, and Bennett. Of course, Jason couldn't give his speech without mentioning their part in all of it. "[Kylie] has also given me three beautiful girls and a life that increasingly brings me more fulfillment off the field than it does on," he said. Jason's dedication toward Kylie in his speech moved many to tears, and the mom of three made sure to be there for him as he wrapped up his announcement.

Kylie, along with Ed, Donna, and Travis Kelce, all embraced Jason following his speech, and Kylie made sure to give him a big kiss before exiting the press conference. Kylie has yet to speak publicly about Jason's retirement, but surely, she has to be just as emotional as the NFL star.