Here's How Much The Cast Of Friends Is Worth Today

Friends solidified its place among '90s sitcom royalty long before its 10-year run came to an end in 2004. With production company Warner Bros. still generating an astounding $1 billion a year from the series alone, per USA Today, it seems only right that the actors who portrayed the Central Perk gang — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer — have continued to clap-clap-clap-clap their way to the bank.

The beloved group of six famously negotiated to make $1 million per episode each during the show's final seasons. But how have they fared financially since they stopped making that coveted Friends money? Well, it's actually kept on rolling in thanks to syndication rights — at least for the main cast. According to Marketplace, this talented sextet makes an astounding $20 million per year — each — from TV royalties alone, and this number reportedly only increased when the show found its new home on Netflix in the mid-2010s. But they haven't just been feeding their bank accounts these insane TV residuals. From box office smashes to endorsement deals, we've got the scoop on how much the cast of Friends is worth today. 

David Schwimmer (Ross Geller)

Best known as paleontologist Ross Geller, David Schwimmer delivered an Emmy-nominated performance as a character audiences either loved or hated. While increasingly making bank throughout the show's run (and after) gave him the financial stability to pursue various on-screen and behind-the-scenes endeavors, the actor-director struggled with his overnight fame, telling The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter podcast that balancing work with his celebrity was so "tricky" that it "took years ... to adjust to." To further complicate things, Schwimmer has often found himself typecast. Calling his Friends success a "paradox," he told the Los Angeles Times in 2016, "I don't really have a strategy. Maybe if I did I'd be a much bigger film actor or star."

These difficulties led Schwimmer to noticeably spend his post-Friends career largely out of the spotlight — but that doesn't mean he was on a break (we had to). While the Madagascar voice actor still continued to find work (and add to his savings) in Tinseltown and on the Great White Way, 2016 saw his highly-anticipated return to the small screen. Following his critically-acclaimed turn as Robert Kardashian on American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson, he landed a recurring role as Debra Messing's on-screen love interest Noah on Will & Grace two years later. With his on-screen prospects looking up as of this writing, Schwimmer's multi-talents have led him to obtain a reported net worth of $85 million.

Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green)

While the Friends gang have all gone on to find varying degrees of success in showbiz, Jennifer Aniston undeniably became the show's biggest breakout star after leaving the role of Rachel Green behind — which we honestly should've seen coming considering there was a literal haircut named after her alter ego. After nabbing an Emmy Award for outstanding lead actress in a comedy series in 2002, the TV star refocused her career on the big screen in a slew of box office smash hits like Bruce AlmightyWe're the Millers, and Marley and Me

But she didn't just act. According to Elle, business mogul Aniston has not only run her own Echo Films production company since 2008, but has also landed several lucrative endorsement deals with the likes of SmartWater, Emirate Airline, and Aveeno. She even co-owned the hair-care company Living Proof until 2016. Oh, and as of this writing, Variety reports that she'll top her Friends salary with a whopping $1.1 million per episode to star in the Apple TV+ dramedy, The Morning Show. (No wonder she can afford this jaw-droppingly gorgeous Bel Air, Calif. mansion). Aniston, who reportedly used to clean toilets for pocket cash in high school, was one of the world's highest-paid actresses in 2018. Due to her multifaceted artistic and financial efforts, she's unsurprisingly maintained the biggest net worth of her former co-stars at a reported $240 million.

Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing)

Before leaving the role of funnyman Chandler Bing behind in 2004, Matthew Perry had unfortunately already begun struggling both personally and professionally. According to People, he went through multiple rehab stints due to his longtime battle with prescription pills and alcohol addiction. Throughout his journey toward sobriety, the TV star continued to work, albeit to varying success. In addition to appearing in various box office flops like The Whole Ten Yards and 17 Again (via Box Office Mojo), Perry starred in a number of short-lived TV series like Mr. Sunshine and The Odd Couple. However, he's devoted much of his time to executive producing and writing in more recent years, according to The New York Times

That said, it doesn't look like Perry's itching to make that Friends money again, as he's openly spoken out against the idea of doing a reboot. "I have this nightmare that we do Friends again and nobody cares," he told Vanity Fair in 2017, adding, "So if anybody asks me, I'm gonna say no. The thing is: we ended on such a high. We can't beat it. Why would we go and do it again?" Could he BE making a better point? Besides, with a reported net worth of $80 million, we'd say Perry's continued to do pretty well for himself.

Courteney Cox (Monica Geller)

Courteney Cox — a.k.a. Friends' own high-strung chef Monica Geller — initially struggled to maintain her television superstar momentum in the mid-2000s. After having to pass the iconic role of Teri Hatcher's Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives "for personal reasons" (via Rolling Stone), the actress appeared in the critical flop Zoom. To add insult to injury, Cox's next small screen endeavor, the 2007 series Dirt, failed to survive the writers' strike after suffering from dwindling ratings and lukewarm critical reception.

The Scream star thankfully found her footing after launching Coquette Productions in 2004. The production company, which she shares with ex-husband David Arquette, went on to produce the actress' next big claim to fame: Cougar Town. However, like her on-screen husband Matthew Perry, Cox has gone on record to say that a Friends reunion is indeed a no-go. "We're not doing it!" she told Yahoo'd Myself in 2015. "It's just not going to happen." Still, this multi-talent clearly isn't hurting for her old NBC salary. While wearing multiple hats as actress, director, and producer, Cox has been able to maintain her on-screen presence while reportedly accumulating an impressive net worth of $120 million. Way to go, Mon.

Matt LeBlanc (Joey Tribbiani)

Just before landing the role of the lovable yet womanizing aspiring actor Joey Tribbiani on Friends, Matt LeBlanc was broke. "I had, I think, I was down to $11," he revealed during an appearance on Conan in 2019. "Now that's holding out too long. Because even if I said at that point, 'All right, I'm going to go get, like, a waiter job,' by the time that $11 ran out, it would have been before the first paycheck on that job. I would have starved." Unlike his former co-stars, the actor understandably held onto his most popular character long after the show wrapped.

LeBlanc went on to star on his own spin-off series, Joey, in 2004. The ill-fated sitcom was cancelled after two seasons due to low ratings, but as the TV star told The Guardian in 2012, "I made a f**king s**tload of money, so call it a failure all you want." While LeBlanc's on-screen career appeared to be in trouble, he turned things around after a five-year hiatus by playing a version of himself for six seasons on Episodes. The successful gig earned him a Golden Globe in 2012, and the actor's follow-up turn on CBS' Man with a Plan was renewed for a third season in 2018 (via Deadline). So, how you doin', Matt LeBlanc? Well, we'd say our guy is doing just fine financially these days, with a reported net worth of $80 million.

Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay)

During her Friends days, Lisa Kudrow played double duty. In addition to her Emmy-winning portrayal of the ever-eccentric Phoebe Buffay, the actress took on the recurring role of twin sister Ursula on NBC's contemporary Mad About You. While we're not sure what that meant for her bank account, it did make for a multitude of memorable crossover episodes. Oh, and she also starred in the cult comedy Romy and Michele's High School Reunion in 1997 — no big deal.

"It gave me financial stability," Kudrow said of her early successes to The Guardian in 2015. "I don't have to do something because I need the money." Naturally, the actress went on to expand her horizons by writing, producing, and starring in HBO's The Comeback and the webseries-turned-Showtime hit Web Therapy. She also guest-starred on shows like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Grace and Frankie, and appeared in films like Analyze This and Neighbors. With dozens of on-screen credits to her name, Kudrow has since reportedly accumulated a net worth of $70 million. You keep doing you, Pheebs.

James Michael Tyler (Gunther)

Also known as "the Seventh Friend," James Michael Tyler — a.k.a. Gunther, the lovelorn manager of Central Perk — is the only supporting actor to have appeared in over 100 episodes of Friends. Similarly to the main cast, the actor did pretty well for himself in showbiz while continuing to guest-star on shows like Just Shoot Me!, Scrubs, and former co-star Matt LeBlanc's Episodes. However, even he's aware that his namesake will forever be synonymous with his most popular character, as the actor's own Instagram bio simply reads, "Yep; Gunther from Friends."

While it's unclear whether Tyler's 2014 divorce made a dent in his bank account, he reportedly has a net worth of $500,000, as of this writing. However, his financial prospects are likely move on up in the future. According to Metro, Tyler's six-year hiatus from acting officially came to an end in April 2019, when it was announced that he'd star in a drama short called The Gesture and The Word.

Maggie Wheeler (Janice)

Between her signature nasally voice and infamous "Oh. My. GAWD." catchphrase, actress Maggie Wheeler's Janice immediately became a fan-favorite recurring character back in season one of Friends. As the on-and-off girlfriend of Matthew Perry's Chandler, Janice went on to appear in every season of the long-running series (via Wheeler's IMDb page). While it unfortunately never came into fruition, the world was nearly gifted with a Janice-focused spin-off series, according to Digital Spy. (Can you believe?!)

With over 70 other acting credits to her name, Wheeler continued to work steadily in Tinseltown over the last three decades. While her notable appearances have included Linda on Everybody Loves Raymond and camp counselor Marva Kulp, Jr. in Lindsay Lohan's The Parent Trap, navigating a career in showbiz wasn't exactly easy. "Being a professional actress is akin to being a professional gambler," Wheeler admitted to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in 2016. "I love my acting work, but I don't have any control over how often I work. I've been on a roller coaster as an actress throughout my whole career." 

Naturally, this multi-talent turned to other work to make additional cash, including prolific voice-acting gigs and a surprising turn as a community choir conductor. Due to her multifaceted career, Wheeler has reportedly amassed a net worth of $2 million.

Paul Rudd (Mike Hannigan)

After getting his big break in the 1995 classic Clueless, Paul Rudd was already a rising star in his own right when he joined the cast of Friends as Mike Hannigan. He played Lisa Kudrow's on-screen love interest/third husband toward the end of the series, and the actor-writer-producer went on to have a massive career on-and-off screen, including roles in Wet Hot American Summer, Anchorman, and Knocked Up. He even reunited with old pal Jennifer Aniston in 2012's Wanderlust. Despite his continued success in showbiz, Rudd admitted that fans still ask, "How's Phoebe?" during an appearance on Good Morning America in 2018.

On top of never appearing to age and his undeniable talents, Rudd can perhaps owe the longevity of his career to knowing the meaning of a hard-earned buck. He once revealed on CBS' Sunday Morning that one of his first jobs was that of a ham glazer, which ... is exactly what it sounds like. "[It] taught me that I don't want to glaze hams for a living," the actor said. Explaining that the gig allowed him to save up enough money for acting school in Los Angeles, Rudd added, "I figured early on [acting] was what I wanted to do for a job. And I certainly hoped it would work out." We'd say it has. Rudd began cashing those Marvel paychecks as the MCU's very own Ant-Man in 2015 — and reportedly has a net worth of $30 million to boot.

Cole Sprouse (Ben Geller)

Cole Sprouse was first known as Ben Geller on Friends, the adorable son of Ross Geller and ex-wife Carol — and yes, just like pretty much everyone else, the young actor admittedly had a major crush on co-star Jennifer Aniston. During this time, Sprouse also teamed up with twin brother Dylan to share a number of roles, including Julian "Frankenstein" McGrath in Adam Sandler's Big Daddy. However, the duo later hit the big time on the Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. According to TV Guide, the tween stars made a pretty penny on the show, reportedly earning $20,000 each per episode during the series' 87-episode run. Millionaires by the age of 16? Not too shabby.

Both bros later took a break from Hollywood to attend New York University, where Cole Sprouse studied archaeology and graduated with honors in 2015 (via E! News). This particular Sprouse twin eventually made his way back into the spotlight two years later as Jughead on the CW teen drama Riverdale. Variety reported that he's since been banking $40,000 per episode. With a reported net worth of $8 million, we're guessing the only other former child star to be as frugal with their earnings as Sprouse would probably be Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe.

Tom Selleck (Dr. Richard Burke)

As synonymous with Magnum, P.I. as he is with his facial hair, Tom Selleck was already a TV icon in his own right a decade before landing Friends in 1996. The legendary actor played Dr. Richard Burke, the much older love interest of Courteney Cox's Monica, in a memorable ten-episode story arc that surprisingly almost didn't happen. 

While speaking with the The A.V. Club in 2015, Selleck revealed that he'd been advised against taking the gig. "They said, 'It's a TV show! You can't guest on someone else's TV show. They'll say you're crawling back to television!'" he explained. However, Selleck genuinely liked the sitcom, had built his career on "taking risks," and, of course, ultimately said yes. "All of those actors were a joy to work with," he continued. "And I would've done 30 [episodes] if they'd asked me." 

The showbiz veteran proved that he hadn't lost his undeniable chemistry with Cox in 2018, when the two shared an impromptu reunion at a New York City bar. Beyond Friends, Selleck went on to appear on the CBS procedural drama series Blue Bloods and has enjoyed starring and producing roles within the Jesse Stone TV movie franchise. With over 80 on-screen credits to his name, he has reportedly accumulated an impressive net worth of $45 million to boot.

Jane Sibbett (Carol Willick)

Jane Sibbett is best known for playing Carol Willick on Friends — a.k.a. the first ex-wife of David Schwimmer's Ross. On her website, the actress noted that this "groundbreaking role" was "one sweet half of the historic, first lesbian TV wedding" to Jessica Hecht's Susan Bunch. However, as Sibbett revealed to Metro at Comedy Central's FriendsFest in 2017, she nearly missed out on the opportunity.

Pregnant at the time of her original audition to be a part of the Central Perk gang, Sibbett was later cast after another actress didn't work out. "I got a phone call the day that I came home from the hospital from delivering my son after a 24-hour labor, and [they] said, 'Can you come to work tomorrow?' And I was like, 'I'm kinda sore, I don't think I can make it,'" she explained, but added that tuning into the pilot changed everything. "I saw David Schwimmer, I saw the most amazing, longest take ever and I went, 'Okay, I have to work with this man.' He was so brilliant, and the script was amazing."

In addition to her notable turns in Herman's Head and It Takes Two, Sibbett referred to herself as "an American actress, writer, director, producer, mother, photographer, dancer, teacher ... and so much more" on her website. Overall, this multi-faceted career has earned Sibbett a reported net worth of $2 million.