Signs Kate Middleton's Shady Uncle Knows As Much About Her Recovery As We Do (Nothing)

This article contains mentions of abuse.

Kate Middleton's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, just weighed in on the royal's whereabouts. To be honest, though, we could have just asked a random Brit their take on the Princess of Wales' whereabouts, because Goldsmith knows nothing about her recovery.

Goldsmith is related to Kate through her mother, Carole Middleton, as he is her only brother. He has had a controversial past that includes being charged 5,000 pounds for assaulting his wife when he was reportedly drunk, per BBC News. Because of his sketchy past, many have labeled him as the "black sheep" of the Middleton family, but this hasn't stopped him from speaking on the royals.

Kate has been the subject of many headlines in the past couple of months, having seemingly disappeared from the public eye after a "planned abdominal surgery." Kensington Palace revealed it would be months before the royal would return to public-facing duties, but as more time passes many are convinced that something more serious is going on. Wild theories about her whereabouts have been thrown around, and even Prince William has had to dodge them. These rumors only grew after she was spotted for the first time in March 2024, but the photo was so grainy that some think it could have been a body double. Anyone close to Kate has been asked about her wellbeing and where she has been, including Goldsmith, who had a bit of a sketchy response to those asking about the Princess of Wales.

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Gary Goldsmith says Kate Middleton is getting the best care

Gary Goldsmith can't escape the questions about Kate Middleton, not even on "Big Brother." Goldsmith has been a "Big Brother" contestant this season, and with Kate's disappearance from the public eye being major news, even fellow contestants are curious about the royal's recovery. So much so that they asked Goldsmith if he knew anything about how Kate's recovery was going and if something more serious was going on.

When asked about Kate, Goldsmith responded (via Page Six), "So, because she doesn't want to talk about it ... the last thing I'm going to do is..." Goldsmith's response was suspicious as he was unwilling to share anything about the Princess of Wales' recovery, and said he was refusing to talk about her because of a "code of etiquette." He said, "If it's announced, I'll give you an opinion." When fellow contestants expressed worry and hoped that Kate was doing well, Goldsmith assured them she was "getting the best care in the world" before saying she would eventually return to the public eye.

Goldsmith's responses were a bit shady and didn't seem to answer any specific detail about Kate. Back in January, when Kate was admitted for her "planned abdominal surgery," it was said that those closest to the royal family didn't even know what was going on, per People. So, does Goldsmith truly know something about Kate's recovery, or is it all for show?