Who Are Jacob Rothschild's Four Kids?

When Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild passed away in late February 2024, he was survived by his four children, daughters Hannah, Beth, and Emily Rothschild, and son, Nathaniel Rothschild. Some of those names may ring a bell, and not just because of the famous last name. Hannah and Nathaniel, in particular, are fairly high-profile in their own right. However, it would be remiss not to point out that you may also know at least one of these Rothschild siblings due to publicly played-out family tensions. 

In the wake of Lord Rothschild's passing, his children issued a press statement. While it spoke to his professional and charitable pursuits, it also ended by mentioning his relationships with his loved ones, describing him as a "much-loved friend, father, and grandfather" (via Time). The other official statement released came from the charity Jacob chaired, the Rothschild Foundation, which revealed that Hannah would be his successor as both chair and patron of the foundation.

That wouldn't necessarily hint at any tensions with his other children. After all, Hannah has had a long career in the arts, and one of the core components of the Rothschild Foundation is funding the arts. However, it is a little eyebrow-raising that while there is also a record of Beth and Emily being involved in the foundation, Nathaniel's name is notably missing. Perhaps that's because, at one point, Nathaniel pulled a stunt at another Rothschild wedding (we're talking Nicky Hilton and Kyle Richards vibes). Here's what we know about the four Rothschild siblings.

Jacob and Nathaniel had a very strained relationship

While Nathaniel Rothschild is the youngest of Jacob Rothschild's four children, he's certainly garnered significant press attention over the years — and no, it's not just because of his professional endeavors.

Aside from being part of Oxford's notorious Bullingdon Club (the same controversial club of which politician Boris Johnson was a member), back in the '90s, he decided to elope with his then-girlfriend, "Ladies of London" alum Annabelle Neilson. While that might not have been a major issue for some (as Neilson told Daily Mail, they'd been together for years at that point), the New York Post has reported that Jacob was far from thrilled. The couple ultimately split, but it seems that didn't restore relations between the father and son. As per Daily Mail, in 2016, when Nathan remarried, neither of his parents made the guest list. Yikes.

The personal tensions may have also played a role in the reason why Nathaniel hasn't been involved in any of his father's companies over the years. However, his sister, Hannah Rothschild has also hinted that Nathaniel wanted to be independent. Speaking to Alain Elkann Interviews, she explained, "My brother Nat is very much doing his own thing; he lives in America and has his own businesses, so he's not involved here with our family businesses." Fair enough, though not inviting your own parents to your wedding is rather shady. 

Hannah Rothschild is a filmmaker and author

Living a life that's somewhat less dramatic, Hannah Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild's eldest daughter, has devoted her life to the arts. In addition to being a filmmaker, she's also the author of several books, including "The Baroness: The Search for Nica, the Rebellious Rothschild," which was a biography of her aunt, Pannonica Rothschild. Hannah went on to adapt the book into a documentary called "The Jazz Baroness." In light of all that, it's not exactly surprising that she was chosen to succeed her father as the patron of the Rothschild Foundation.

Thanks to her career, Hannah has given many interviews over the years. While she tends to focus on her work, she has spoken about her family and its legacy, too. Speaking to Alain Elkann, she pointed out that growing up, she often felt she'd never compare to her highly accomplished relatives. "Everywhere I looked I saw excellence, and I didn't feel I was good, let alone excellent," she explained. Even so, Hannah also noted that it was precisely because of being an heiress to a giant fortune that she felt it imperative to put herself out there, even if it meant failure. 

As for family drama, in a 2023 Vogue interview, the novelist joked that her books about the aristocratic, yet poor Trelawney family shouldn't be viewed as insider info. "Let's put it this way: My family still has a roof over its head and we are — generally! — on speaking terms," she quipped. 

Jacob Rothschild's other daughters are very low-key

While Nathaniel and Hannah Rothschild are both public figures, it seems their sisters Beth and Emily Rothschild aren't quite as keen to do their thing on the world's stage. In her conversation with Alain Elkann, without naming names, Hannah revealed that one of her sisters was passionate about gardening, while the other was dedicated to carting her daughters around to their competitive equestrian events. 

Other than that, Beth and Emily live fairly under the radar. That said, both of them have been involved in the Rothschild Foundation over the years. Gov.uk notes that Emily previously served as a director of the Butrint Foundation, which falls under the Rothschild Foundation. She also serves as a director for the Rothschild Foundation and is listed on the website as The Hon. Emmy Freeman-Attwood, which is her married name. 

As for Beth, Gov.uk shows that she's been a director on and off at the foundation over the years. Granted, her name isn't listed on the Rothschild Foundation website, so perhaps that means she's resigned again more recently. We guess at the end of the day, being born a millionaire means not needing to stay fixed in a position!