Why Tiffany Trump's New Look Has Everyone Talking

Tiffany Trump's new look has sparked a conversation about her possible future in politics. On March 5, Tiffany, the second youngest of Donald Trump's five children, supported her father's presidential campaign by appearing with his supporters at Mar-A-Lago during Super Tuesday. In case you're behind on your political news, Donald Trump is close to securing the Republican nomination for president, making him President Joe Biden's most formidable opponent. During a speech at his Mar-A-Lago resort, the one-term president trashed Biden's first term in office, calling him, among other things, "the worst president in the history of our country."

Reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiancé of Tiffany's brother, Donald Trump Jr., posted an Instagram carousel of the big night and featured a photo of Tiffany in rare form. Tiffany has been known to embrace trendier, millennial-influenced fashion, but opted for a much more classic, understated neutral-colored ensemble. Contrasting Guilfoyle's blue dress, adorned with a sparkly rectangular patch, Tiffany wore a black dress that, while simple, made a loud statement in the eyes of some. While Tiffany could've simply been trying to change up her look, some people believe that she could be refining her image for a political future.

Here's why that may be possible.

Could Tiffany be preparing to fill Ivanka's shoes?

This campaign cycle will look a lot different for Donald Trump, and it's not just because the presidential hopeful is facing around half a billion dollars in legal debt, accrued through various civil and criminal judgments. During Donald Trump's 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns, his eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, supported his political efforts and, following his win in 2016, went to work with him in the White House. At her highest level, Ivanka actually attended the 2017 G20 Summit with Donald, and temporarily filled in for him while he had to leave the room. However, Ivanka has since transitioned back into normal life and seemingly given up politics amid Donald's increasingly concerning legal woes.

Tiffany Trump, on the other hand, seems to have made an effort to fill in for Ivanka in some ways. In the past, it was Tiffany, who spent much of Donald's presidential term completing her law degree at Georgetown, who opted to live a life out of the spotlight, away from politics. However, Tiffany has made several efforts to be present during Donald's political rallies and events this time around, while Ivanka, like Melania Trump, was a no-show. According to Page Six, this is intentional on Tiffany's part. "If you look at Tiffany's history, she has never really been involved in the political stuff," revealed a source. "Tiffany is trying to be the supportive daughter. This could be her way to get closer to her father."

Tiffany has supported Donald Trump's campaign before

Tiffany Trump played a relatively minor role in Donald Trump's presidential campaigns in the past, but she wasn't completely removed from the process. For example, Tiffany had her first rodeo in the political arena in 2016 when she spoke on her father's behalf at the Republican National Convention. Tiffany spent five minutes playing the role of an adoring daughter, as she exalted her father onto a pedestal and touted his presidential qualities. "He draws out the talent and drive in people so that they can achieve their full potential," said Tiffany. "That's a great quality to have in a father. And better yet, in the President of the United States."

Although Tiffany has made no formal announcements to follow in her big sister's footsteps by officially joining Trump's campaign, she's already had a brush with the grittier side of politics. In 2020, Tiffany mirrored her father's social media habits by lashing out at Joe Biden on X, formerly known as Twitter. "Please stop lying Joe. You may think we are too ignorant to see through the lies — but God knows the truth," she tweeted, reportedly in response to Biden's assertion that Donald had encouraged violence during one of his rallies.