What Celebrities Are Saying About Donald Trump In 2024

There are celebrities who are unabashed supporters of Donald Trump, and there are stars who threatened to leave the United States if Trump retained the presidency in 2020. The latter got some relief when America said "You're fired!" to "The Apprentice" alum. However, Trump had a hard time accepting that he was no longer the country's most powerful executive. So, ahead of the 2024 presidential election, many of Trump's biggest Hollywood haters have found themselves voicing their vexation with the man whose inability to keep his lips zipped cost him over $80 million. But Trump still has a few famous touters, too.

The year 2023 ended with one final celeb dig at Trump and his supporters, courtesy of Green Day. On "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve," lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong tweaked the lyrics of the band's 2004 song "American Idiot" to make it about the man who thinks that water destroys magnets. "I'm not part of the MAGA agenda," Armstrong sang.

Two months later, Charles Barkley shared his own message for a certain faction of the MAGA crowd on his CNN show "King Charles." Reacting to a clip of Trump bragging about Black supporters wearing shirts with his mugshot on them, Barkley said, "If I see a Black person walking around with a Trump mugshot, I'm gonna punch him in the face." The NBA great is just one of many celebs who have shared their thoughts about the "MAGA agenda" and the man behind it in 2024.

Why Kristen Stewart called Donald Trump 'a little baby'

There was a time when Donald Trump would regularly rant about the stars on X, formerly known as Twitter. Sometimes, what he had to say would barely be a blip on the media's radar, such as when he tweeted that Lady Gaga owed him a chunk of her wealth in 2012. But when he inserted himself into one of the biggest entertainment news stories of that same year, Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal, his pithy pontificating earned him a headline from The Hollywood Reporter.

After Stewart got caught having an affair with director Rupert Sanders, Trump had some advice for her boyfriend at the time. "Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again," he tweeted. In her 2024 Rolling Stone interview, Stewart expressed incredulity over Trump's decision to fire off multiple tweets about her love life but said, "Of course he had to weigh in on my tarring and feathering. ... He's such a little baby."

At least some good came of Trump's fixation on Robsten's ruination. Stewart said that Trump's tweets came up in the "Saturday Night Live" writers' room when she hosted the show in 2017, and this inspired her to call him out for his bizarre obsession during her opening monologue. She also came out, telling the then-president, "I'm like so gay, dude." She delivered another message to Trump during her Rolling Stone interview: "F*** you, b***h!

Fat Joe's golden sneaker acquisition wasn't a presidential endorsement

Donald Trump's sneaker line was brutally roasted on X, where there were suggestions that the shoes were part of a money-laundering scheme or a desperate cash grab to help Trump pay a small fraction of his accumulating legal costs. There were also jokes aplenty about the golden sneakers' quality, with one user predicting that they'll swiftly fall to pieces if worn. But rapper Fat Joe believed the Never Surrender High-Tops were a valuable addition to his sneaker collection.

During an Instagram Live, the "Lean Back" hitmaker revealed that he had procured a pair of the Trump-branded shoes but assured his fans that he doesn't support the former president. "I dislike Trump, I'm not voting for him — not now, not never," he said. "But I'm a sneaker collector into the art, so I had to find these." He added that he didn't purchase his pair, which Trump was selling for $399 online before they sold out. He explained that an unidentified party gave them to him because he's such a huge sneakerhead.

The comments section of Fat Joe's Instagram video was flooded with reactions from fans expressing their disappointment and dismay. Some commenters warned him that the gifted shoes were likely a publicity stunt meant to benefit Trump. "Direct or indirect support of a man that hates us and has mocked our humanity for years is unforgivable," one critic wrote. "It hurts coming from one of rap's biggest icons."

Why Snoop Dogg is a Trump supporter now

It wasn't how Donald Trump's policies might impact Americans if he gets a do-over as president that the Doggfather considered when he flipped the script and became a Trump supporter. In a 2024 interview with The Times, Snoop Dogg explained why he had a change of heart about Trump. "He has done only great things for me," he said. "He pardoned Michael Harris." One of Trump's final acts as president was to grant clemency to the Death Row Records co-founder who played an instrumental role in Snoop's career. In response, Snoop did more than just drop his former beef with Trump like it was piping hot; he also kissed the ring. "I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump," he added.

This lovefest followed years of Snoop criticizing Trump. Explaining why he aims a toy gun at a Trump stand-in sporting clown makeup in his 2017 music video for "Lavender (Nightfall Remix)," the rapper told Billboard, "Nobody's dealing with the real issue with this f**king clown as president."

During a 2018 appearance on DJ Suss One's SiriusXM show, Snoop said of Trump supporters, "If you like that n***a, you're motherf**king racist. F**k you and f**k him." Snoop also explained that he only participated in Trump's Comedy Central roast because he was paid to do so. Forget the art of the deal — Trump has mastered the art of the transactional relationship when it comes to Snoop.

The Force is strong with Mark Hamill's Trump tweets

"Star Wars" icon Mark Hamill can't use The Force to defeat Donald Trump, but the former president might have a hard time holding his own against the actor in a war of words; Hamill is just as proficient at tweeting Trump takedowns as he is at wielding a lightsaber. In February 2024, Hamill weighed in when Trump picked an old hobby back up: tweeting about pop stars. But Trump used his X dupe, Truth Social, to broadcast just how nervous he was about the prospect of Taylor Swift endorsing Joe Biden for president. After Trump fired off a post suggesting that the singer owed him loyalty, Hamill quote-tweeted Swift's 2020 Biden endorsement with the words, "This tweet has aged remarkably well. Especially the 'We will vote you out in November' part."

Some Hamill fans probably read another February 2024 tweet in his beloved "Joker" voice. In response to the news that Trump had been ordered to cough up over $350 million in his fraud case, Hamill referenced a campaign promise that Trump didn't keep. "Maybe he can get Mexico to pay for it," he quipped. And when Trump finished last out of all 45 U.S. presidents in the 2024 Presidential Greatness Project Expert Survey, Hamill brought the results to his followers' attention. He also delivered a blow to Trump's new shoe biz, writing, "In all fairness, this survey was conducted BEFORE he released those gold sneakers."

Johnny Marr banned MAGA rallies from using his music

Many musicians have slammed Donald Trump for using their songs at his political events without consent, including the Rolling Stones and Neil Young. The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr joined the chorus of angry artists in 2024 when he learned that Trump had played one of his band's songs, "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want," during at least one campaign rally. Marr didn't politely beg Trump to let him get what he wanted but instead, let him know that he would be taking action to keep The Smiths' music off of his event playlists. In response to a video of the 1984 song being played at a South Dakota rally, Marr tweeted, "Ahh ... right ... OK. I never in a million years would've thought this could come to pass. Consider this s*** shut right down right now."

As of this writing, Marr's former bandmate Morrissey hasn't shared his thoughts about the song's usage. He seems to share Trump's anti-immigrant views but used to refer to the former president as "Donald Thump" on his fan site, True To You. "Thump's only achievement so far is in making Sarah Palin seem intelligent," he wrote in 2016.

Rob Reiner's warning about Donald Trump

Filmmaker Rob Reiner sounded the alarm about the far-reaching effects of a second Donald Trump presidency in an interview with The Guardian. The "All in the Family" star expressed concern that inviting Trump back to the White House wouldn't just be bad for America but could have a devastating impact on democracy worldwide. "Do we want to turn [the country] over to somebody like Donald Trump who has said that he wants to destroy the constitution, go after his political enemies, and turn America into an autocracy?" he said.

Reiner was possibly referencing a Truth Social post in which Trump called for the termination of parts of the Constitution. What Trump hoped to accomplish by taking a Sharpie to words he didn't like was the nullification of the 2020 election results. During a 2023 New Hampshire rally, Trump compared citizens he considers political foes to "vermin," vowing to hunt them down. And regarding Reiner's claim that Trump will rule as an autocrat, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee did tell Sean Hannity that he'll spend the first day of his presidency behaving like a dictator.

Reiner often uses X to argue that keeping Joe Biden in office is the right move. "I refuse to believe Americans would rather have a lying lunatic rapist whose brain has turned to mush and will destroy our Democracy than a decent man who's spent his life fighting to make things better for US," he tweeted in March 2024.

Barbra Streisand deemed Trump's message for Taylor Swift dictatorial

In February 2024, Donald Trump took to Truth Social to plead his case before someone who holds a great deal of political power: Taylor Swift. He tried to argue that Joe Biden doesn't deserve her endorsement because he wasn't the POTUS who passed the Music Modernization Act. That was Trump, who posted, "[Swift can't] be disloyal to the man who made her so much money." Barbra Streisand was astounded by Trump's brazen claim that Swift owes him. "This is what a dictator is like. He's really flipped his lid now," she tweeted

Streisand is one of Trump's most outspoken critics, and she frequently uses X to blast his behavior. She's called him out for being a Vladimir Putin sycophant and bragging about the economy being better when he was president, which simply is not factual.

Streisand also had plenty to say about E. Jean Carroll's 2024 defamation trial. "Trump and his lawyer treat the law and courtroom decorum with the same contempt he treats election results," she wrote on X. This was likely in response to reports about Trump laughing and talking during the proceedings. At one point, Judge Lewis Kaplan even threatened to kick him out of the courtroom, per ABC News. Streisand celebrated when Carroll was awarded a hefty sum. "She managed to accomplish the near impossible and shut Donald Trump up," the "Funny Girl" star quipped. "And it cost Trump $88 million to do so (so far)."

Why George Lopez came out against Donald Trump

George Lopez has often used comedy to criticize Donald Trump's policies. His 2020 Netflix special, "We'll Do It For Half," included a bit about the ex-president taking his sweet time building that promised border wall. The title of the special was inspired by a Trump joke that earned Lopez an interrogation by the Secret Service. In a since-deleted Instagram post, Lopez mentioned a report about an Iranian lawmaker offering a $3 million reward for Trump's assassination. The comedian then wrote, "We'll do it for half." He later told People, "When the Secret Service came to my house, I said, 'You took it as a threat. I took it as an estimate.'"

Lopez eventually realized the situation was no laughing matter, but he didn't stop lambasting Trump. During a 2024 CNN interview, he explained that seeing Trump vilify undocumented immigrants inspired him to keep piping up about the ex-president's xenophobia. "This country benefits from their work every day," Lopez said of the targets of Trump's ire. He shared that he dislikes how Trump uses migrants as a scapegoat for America's ills, adding that he's amazed at how acceptable Trump's racially charged rhetoric has become. Said Lopez, "I don't think of him much as a president and I think less of him as a man." And of the possibility of another Trump presidency? "It's beneath what America has stood for," he said.

Jon Voight likened Donald Trump to Jesus

In his 2024 Guardian interview, Rob Reiner noted that Donald Trump benefits from Christian nationalism even though he's likely never read a word of the Bible (aside from a bit of "Two Corinthians"). It raised a few eyebrows when Trump refused to share some of his favorite scripture during a 2015 Bloomberg interview, explaining, "It's very personal." Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, also told The Atlantic that Trump considers evangelical Christian leaders nothing but "hustlers." But Jon Voight doesn't just try to convince Christian voters that Trump is on their side in a bizarre 2024 campaign ad where he likens the presidential hopeful to their Lord and Savior (via X). "Believe that the man that can help this nation, the one man that was ridiculed, destroyed as Jesus, Trump, can come back and save the American dream for all," Voight begs potential voters.

The ad is heavy on Biblical rhetoric, and some of Voight's lines almost seem AI-generated because they don't quite make sense. One example: "He shall finalize the holy ghost." He also poses the question: "Can we save our nation from the dark cloud that has been put upon our life's dreams?" According to the "Midnight Cowboy" star, Trump can. Some critics of the ad on X joked about Voight being the GOP's answer to Taylor Swift, and it was also suggested that the actor's words were downright blasphemous. One reaction read, "Mouths full of scripture and hearts full of hate."

Billy Baldwin's family history lesson for Donald Trump Jr.

Billy Baldwin made a prediction about Donald Trump two weeks into 2024. "Trump will lose the election. Trump will go to prison. Trump will die broke," he tweeted. That same month, Baldwin responded to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr. boasting that no one on Jeffrey Epstein's flight list had endorsed his dad. Bringing up the sex trafficker was a questionable move since it's known that Donald used to pal around with him. In 2002, he even told New York Magazine that Epstein was a "terrific guy." But while Baldwin did mention that Donald's name appears in Epstein's flight logs multiple times, this isn't the Trump history that he focused on in his response to Donald Jr.'s tweet. Instead, Baldwin reminded Donald Jr. that his dad cheated on his mom, Ivana Trump, with Marla Maples.

According to Baldwin, he witnessed Maples taking several calls from Donald during her affair with him. In a previous tweet, Baldwin had explained that he and Maples were in the same acting class and would run lines together at her place. He also suggested that Donald's frequent phone calls were because he was "insecure." In other words, he didn't like the idea of Baldwin and Maples being alone together. "You were only about 10 years old at this time so perhaps you were not yet aware of what a disgusting pig and thief your father was," read Baldwin's 2024 message to Donald Jr.

What made Bud Light great again for Kid Rock

After Bud Light partnered with social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney for an Instagram campaign in 2023, some conservatives lost their minds. Their only issue seemed to be that Mulvaney was transgender, and she said that she was ruthlessly bullied by angry transphobes. In a TikTok video, she also blasted Bud Light for not having her back.

But Bud Light's silence did nothing to stifle the rage. Donald Trump supporter Kid Rock was so upset that he filmed a video of himself shooting at a bunch of boxes of the offending beer while wearing a MAGA hat. When he appeared on "The Joe Rogan Experience" in 2024, Kid Rock recounted how he stopped worrying and learned to love the Bud again. He told Rogan that he had noticed Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Ball Whitworth standing behind him when he was chatting with Trump at UFC 295. Kid Rock then lowered his voice and alerted Trump to Whitworth's presence. "Trump's like, 'You want to go talk to him?' Which in my mind, Trump said, 'You want to go f*** with him?' And I'm like, 'Yes, absolutely.'" But in the moment Kid Rock was no "American Bada**." Rather than giving the CEO a piece of his mind, the guys started gabbing about hunting and arranged to hang out together. The meeting went so well that Kid Rock even considered partnering with Bud Light.

Why Kathy Griffin is deathly afraid of Donald Trump

While Kathy Griffin stands by her controversial Donald Trump photo, she's fearful that Trump's return to the White House will end badly for her. "I do think if he gets elected again, he's going to come for me. I'm quite serious about that. ... The way he came for me last time, he almost (expletive) took me out," she told Seacoastonline. After she posed with a fake Trump head dripping with fake blood in 2017, the comedian came dangerously close to being legitimately canceled. She lost several jobs and told Newsweek she didn't start feeling "un-canceled" until 2023. During a 2024 appearance on the "Dinner's on Me with Jesse Tyler Ferguson" podcast, Griffin revealed that she had far bigger concerns than her career.

Using a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain documents from the Department of Justice's investigation in response to the severed head photo, the "My Life on the D-List" star revealed, "I actually just got a FOIA back ... expressing how serious they were about trying to charge me with the crime of conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States." And Griffin isn't just concerned about how a Trump sequel will affect her. She believes Trump will take advantage of America's polarized political climate and further divide the country. "I fear that the age we would be entering is what he loves to promote, which is anger, hatred, chaos (and) fighting amongst ourselves," she told Seacoastonline.

John Mayer praised Donald Trump's voice

In 2012, musician John Mayer earned the distinction of becoming one of Donald Trump's celebrity tweet subjects. He accomplished this by dating Katy Perry, whom Trump just had to throw some shade at with an oddly worded insult. "@katyperry is no bargain but I don't like John Mayer — he dates and tells — be careful Katy (just watch!)," he tweeted.

Apparently, Mayer wasn't too offended by the warning that he's romantic napalm. In a 2024 appearance on "Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend," he actually complimented Trump's voice. However, Mayer wasn't suggesting that the former president should start serenading rallygoers with his own rendition of "Your Body is a Wonderland." Instead, he thinks Trump could find work as a voiceover artist. "If Donald Trump weren't saying the things he was saying and was saying things that were benign, he would have a lovely speaking voice," he said.

But if Trump were to ever narrate a children's book, Mayer might not buy it for his future kids. In 2017, he tweeted about how difficult it will be for him to someday describe to his children what living through the Trump presidency was like. He then attempted to do so by imagining a conversation with one of his nonexistent offspring. "Okay ... you know Keith, who pulls the legs off of bugs and gets detention for tripping people? Imagine Keith was our president, times 10," Mayer wrote.

The tweet is mightier than the sword for Stephen King

By now, Stephen King has likely penned enough anti-Trump tweets to fill an entire novel. The "Misery" author has deemed Donald Trump "Putin's running dog" (via X), and he used a food metaphor to question Trump's mental acuity. "The cheese appears to be slipping off Donald Trump's cracker," he wrote in January 2024. This tweet was a likely reference to a big gaffe Trump made during a New Hampshire campaign rally: getting the names of Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi and his then-opponent Nikki Haley mixed up. When talking about Pelosi, he said Haley's name instead. Trump had also boasted about his performance on a test designed to detect symptoms of cognitive decline. At another New Hampshire campaign event, he told his supporters that some questions merely asked him to identify animals, but he assured the crowd that the test got increasingly difficult.

The same day Trump's failure to remain respectfully silent during E. Jean Carroll's defamation trial almost got him booted from the courtroom, King tweeted, "Trump can't keep his mouth shut, can he? All else aside, not a man you want to trust with national secrets." The writer took aim at the former reality show star's behavior again after Trump learned that he owed Caroll $83.3 million. "Trump is such a crybaby," he wrote. King didn't specify what Trump did that inspired this tweet, but he had recently whined about being a "witch hunt" victim on Truth Social.