Who Is The Father Of Sexyy Red's Son Chuckie?

Even though Sexyy Red doesn't hide the fact she has two children, she makes no efforts to make them a part of her public persona. Despite her bold personality, Red, the stage name of Janae Nierah Wherry, prefers to keep her personal life away from the spotlight. That includes the fathers of her children. While the rapper has been more forthcoming regarding the father of her firstborn, Chuckie, whom she welcomed in 2020, she's barely said a peep about the second.

She hasn't revealed much at all about her new addition. On February 5, Red announced she had given birth with a joke that made no mention of the newborn. "Me waitin to get discharged from the hospital so I can hit da block wit da guys," she captioned the Instagram post, which included a photo of herself in a hospital bed wearing a patient gown. But the pregnancy in itself was very much public knowledge. The "Ah Thousand Jugs" rapper featured her pregnancy in the music video for Drake's "Rich Baby Daddy."

In the video, Red plays Drake's pregnant partner who goes into labor midday through the home-style video. The clip gave rise to questions as to whether Drake is the father of Red's second baby. He isn't –while Drake and Red have a playful friendship, they are not a couple. Red uploaded a since-deleted Instagram maternity photoshoot that shows that the father, whose face was blurred, is not Drake. Let's delve into what we know.

Chuckie's dad was Sexyy Red's high school sweetheart

When Sexyy Red welcomed her son Chuckie, or Sexyy Junior, as she sometimes calls him, she was around 22 and in relationship with her school boyfriend, whose name is also Chuckie. But he wasn't actively in his son's life for very long before he was sent to jail. "It's a lot for me," Red told Rolling Stone in July 2023. "That's my high school sweetheart. Free him. That's my dog. I hate being on this journey without him."

The timeline of Red's relationship with Chuckie isn't super clear, but they had their ups and downs. In fact, Red got into rapping amid drama with Chuckie. When she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, she turned to songwriting for some emotional release. It turns out that Chuckie was impressed by her previously untapped talent. "He was like, 'Dang, you straight know how to rap. You straight snap,'" she told Complex in May 2023. 

And instead of being embarrassed that Red was putting their business out there, Chuckie encouraged their peers to have a listen. "Then one day I was just like, 'Well I'm going to go record the song then, since he said I'm snapping,'" she said. Red and Chuckie are still close. In June, she uploaded throwback photos to Instagram from when she was pregnant that featured Chuckie with a heart emoji covering his face. "HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO MY BFF," she captioned the post. "Free my baby daddy."

Is the father of Sexyy Red's second baby in jail, too?

During an August interview with the podcast "A Safe Place," Sexyy Red received a jail call from someone who sounded like a partner. So when she announced her pregnancy in October, fans began to speculate that the father of her second child was also behind bars and that she must have gotten pregnant while he was in jail. Confusion heightened when Red released the song "Bow Bow Bow" in December in which she sings, "My n**** f***ed up, f*** my baby dad."

Red addressed the speculation in a social media video reposted by 2Cool2Bl0g on Instagram. "If my baby daddy's in jail and I always say 'free my baby daddy,' but now I'm saying 'f*** my baby daddy,' do y'all really think I'm pregnant by a n**** in jail? Like, how do y'all think that works? We grown. I want y'all to use y'all antennas. Stop playing stupid," she said.

If Red was trying to clear up the confusion, she was unsuccessful. "That made zero sense. So if yall are lost. Don't worry. Made zero sense," one commenter wrote in the post. In her rant, she implied she didn't get pregnant by someone who was in jail. But in November, she hinted that her baby's father was indeed incarcerated. In an Instagram video, Red pointed the phone at her bump and said: "Say, 'Free my daddy.'" So who is the guy in the photoshoot? She joked it was Chief Keef.