Aubrey O'Day Doesn't Bite Her Tongue On Diddy's Home Raids (& We're Not Surprised)

Aubrey O'Day is just one of the many celebrities speaking out against Sean "Diddy" Combs amid multiple sexual assault allegations — and she made her feelings clear about his recent home raids. After Cassie Ventura sued Diddy in November 2023 amid allegations that he raped and assaulted her, O'Day shared her thoughts on X, formerly known as Twitter, with one succinct sentence: "I stay trying to tell y'all.." She also told Rolling Stone, "I am in full support of Cassie. It isn't easy to take on one of the most powerful people in this industry and be honest about your experience with them. I know what her heart is feeling right now because I have done so as well." O'Day encouraged other possible victims of Combs to come forward, hinting that she was one, as well.

She then expressed her disappointment when Diddy nipped the lawsuit in the bud with a speedy settlement. "Money [over] accountability. Every time. Welcome to another chapter of the system is well in place," she posted. When an X user called her out for being "insensitive," the singer clarified that her statement was aimed at Combs. "She told her story, and it validated her, not me or mine. The accountability was on him," O'Day clapped back. Following Homeland Security's raid at Diddy's homes on March 25, O'Day again shared her thoughts and it's clear she wants justice served for the rapper's alleged wrongdoings.

Aubrey O'Day thinks Diddy is getting his just desserts

Not one to stay silent on Sean "Diddy" Combs' growing troubles, Aubrey O'Day tweeted after his homes were searched by the feds, "You reap what you sow. I pray this emboldens all of US victims to speak on what we have endured." Amid reports that Combs' private jet was tracked to the Caribbean after the raid, O'Day shared in her Instagram Stories (via OK!), "Some people stand on business.. and some use the money they robbed from decades of their artist's pockets to flee the country ... I said what I said." Combs was spotted in Miami by TMZ after the raids, so it turned out he wasn't on his plane after all, making it unclear who traveled to Antigua.

Despite O'Day's fearless outspokenness about her former mentor, she revealed she's scared for her life after Diddy threatened to blow up Kid Cudi's car — and it happened. During an episode of "No Jumper," O'Day referred to the incident, which Kid Cudi confirmed, and shared her suspicion that she was being followed and revealed that she took over 600 pictures of license plates of suspicious-looking cars in front of her house. "I have just enough information at this point that I've asked ... is this a sociopath or is this somebody that can be redeemed?" O'Day wondered. As someone who has known Diddy since she was a teen, it's no secret the reality star's relationship with the rapper was riddled with problems.

Aubrey O'Day's issues with Diddy span almost two decades

As one of the former stars of Sean "Diddy" Combs' show "Making the Band," Aubrey O'Day clearly has a huge beef with the media mogul. According to the singer, her experience working with Combs was not a good one. O'Day, who has reflected on the pain caused by body-shaming critics, recalled Diddy picking her apart constantly. She told Variety, "We were scared to death with what would happen with Puff each day. There was just no room for error. Diddy was one of the most intense people you could ever work with. I experienced everything from race [remarks] to sexism and a lot of it was scary."

Back in September 2023, O'Day read an NDA Combs' team gave her during an appearance on the "Only Stans" podcast. "I have to release him for any claims or wrongdoings or actions prior to the date of the release. I have to sign an NDA that I will never disparage Puff [or those connected to his record label]," she revealed. The Danity Kane member explained that Combs was offering to give back rights to their music but that they would only get pennies per stream. Although she warned her band members not to take the deal, a couple of them signed. She added, "For people that worked for six years of their life and entered an industry where somebody made, what, 48 million dollars and we didn't even see a penny of that."