5 Times Kimberly Guilfoyle Had Even Trump Fans Turning On Her

v Many people on the left side of the political fence aren't big fans of Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancée. However, quite a few on the right side aren't either, including some of the most fervent Donald Trump supporters — and, if rumors are to be believed, even members of the Trump family itself.

How Donald Jr.'s siblings feel about Guilfoyle varies depending on how and where you consume your media. Ivanka Trump's relationship with Guilfoyle came under the spotlight after Donald's oldest daughter unceremoniously cut her future sister-in-law out of a photo taken at Tiffany Trump's wedding in 2022. It sparked reports of a rift between the two and speculation that the Trumps aren't Guilfoyle fans. "The vibe is that the family doesn't like Kim," a source told the New York Post. "She is trying too hard to be in the family."

However, another anonymous source insisted that the photo edit was just a flub and definitely not a snub. "Ivanka loves Kimberly and in no way would crop her out," they told the Daily Mail. "The two women are very close, and Kimberly has really become part of the Trump family." Still, the rumors persist, and Guilfoyle remains a controversial character within the GOP, with even Trump fans often turning on her.

Guilfoyle's inappropriate outfits

Kimberly Guilfoyle's unique style often results in Trump fans turning on her. Guilfoyle's inappropriate outfits are a constant point of contention, with most people seeming to fall into the "oh no, she didn't!" camp. Either way, it's safe to say that Guilfoyle skewers more "Real Housewives" than first lady when it comes to fashion.

Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancée went all out for a Mar-a-Lago hosting gig in March 2024. However, it wasn't her speaking skills that came under the spotlight; it was Guilfoyle's get-up that hogged the headlines and lit up the comments. She was clad in a sleeveless, skintight black dress with a see-through net panel covering the plunging cut-out front, allowing for maximum bountiful breast exposure. The dress also had a net panel on the hip-high side split.

"Honored to have hosted at Mar-a-Lago for the @AbrahamHamadeh fundraiser, putting America first!" Guilfoyle captioned a video on Instagram showing her talking to the crowd. "The atmosphere buzzed with electric energy, fostering inspiring conversations and unforgettable moments." Well, one thing is sure: her ensemble was unforgettable — albeit for all the wrong reasons. "Wow, I like Kimberly but I can't believe how she's dressed so revealing like that. She needs to not wear such revealing clothes like that," a commenter wrote. "Like you, but seriously, what are you wearing?" another asked. "Conservative women are starting to be everything except conservative," another opined.

Guilfoyle's Photoshop facials

Kimberly Guilfoyle is clearly a Photoshop subscriber who frequently undergoes filter facials. She appears to regularly post selfies and photos of herself looking suspiciously wrinkle-free, which has led to Trump fans turning on her.

An August 2021 selfie Guilfoyle posted on Instagram celebrating a trip into the wilderness with Donald Trump Jr. raised more than a few eyebrows. "Great weekend enjoying the outdoors," she captioned the pic. "Love Kim...but hate the Photoshop touchup. She is way too beautiful for that. Please use a real photo!" a commenter begged. An October 2021 selfie of Guilfoyle on a golf course wearing a MAGA hat was also clearly altered, something that didn't go unnoticed by Trump fans. "When fillers and filters go wrong," one sniped. "Dear God....the filtering in this photo is redic," another opined.

Meanwhile, Guilfoyle took the Facetuning a step too far in an October 2022 pic she posted of her son, Ronan Anthony Villency, driving them in a car. In addition to zero lines, she somehow managed to completely alter her features. "OMG....What did you do to your face???" a commenter asked. "You been playing around on facetoon again," another noted.

Guilfoyle's hunting attire

There is a fine line between under and overdressing. Yet, Kimberly Guilfoyle effortlessly manages to do both perfectly at the same time. She often flashes the flesh while going all-out glam during low-key events, such as the frequent hunting trips she loves to take with Donald Trump Jr. Guilfoyle has Trump fans regularly turning on her in the comments section of the photos she posts depicting their wildlife journeys.

"I like Kimberly, but this is a 'fail' post. You are enjoying the great outdoors with full makeup, false eye lashes, and hair perfectly done. COME ON REALLY!" a commenter wrote underneath a Facebook selfie from August 2021. "You don't need all that hair and duck lips to look beautiful. You are very pretty in your natural look," another sniped.

Meanwhile, others took exception to the Christian Louboutin heeled boots she wore on a September 2022 slaughter spree with Donald Jr. "Red bottoms don't go with gator hunting! Just saying!!" a fan commented on a photo Donald Jr. posted of him and Guilfoyle posing with five dead crocodiles that were shot in the head. Still, others objected to her murdering the animals rather than fashion. "[I am a] big supporter of your Dad here in Slovakia, but this post is absolutely sad and doesn't belong to the 21st century," one wrote.

Guilfoyle's profiteering

It's Donald Trump's world, and those closest to him are either supporting actors or understudies in his orbit. If, for some reason, they overstep that mark, they're very likely to find themselves on the wrong side of their leading man. By all accounts, Kimberly Guilfoyle has headed in that direction. And as many before her, and probably many after her, have learned the hard way, if you lose Donald's favor, his fans are sure to follow.

Political insiders claim that Guilfoyle committed the ultimate Trump no-no by using his name for self-profit — and Donald was not happy about it. His disfavor reportedly stemmed from 2021, when she jumped on scandal-plagued former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' senate campaign train. Donald was reportedly furious because he believed she only scored the gig as a political advisor because of him. "Trump thinks Greitens is problematic and that Kim is annoying," a source told Politico.

Meanwhile, Trump fans turned on Guilfoyle in June 2022 after learning she was paid $60,000 for her three-minute speech introducing Donald Trump Jr. at the Ellipse rally that preceded the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. "People in Trumpworld are sharing that clip. They are aghast that this is the amount of money she got for a speech to introduce her boyfriend," New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman told CNN in June 2022.

Guilfoyle's self-promotion and fund-raising fail

Kimberly Guilfoyle had Trump fans turning on her in 2022 over her lackluster campaign fundraising efforts and perceived self-promotion. Guilfoyle is used to being in the political spotlight due to her previous marriage to California Governor Gavin Newsom. Still, her celebrity currency skyrocketed further following her engagement to Donald Trump Jr., something many within the Trump inner circle believe she has used for self-promotion purposes.

Donald Trump hired Guilfoyle to head up his Trump Victory campaign in December 2019, but she apparently quickly alienated potential donors. "I think she likes the spotlight a little too much," Dan Eberhart, a fervent Trump supporter, told The New York Times, claiming Guilfoyle spent an inordinate amount of time bigging up herself and boasting about her media coverage. Other sources complained about Guilfoyle seemingly utilizing her position to "support her public image and lifestyle." They pointed to Guilfoyle purportedly using funds to pay for a glitzy birthday party she held at Mar-a-Largo and jetting herself and her team around in private jets.

Political insiders noted that mid-tier donors were loathe to splash out cash, handing over significantly less than initially projected. They also claimed that Guilfoyle's management style rubbed many up the wrong way and alienated potential donors.