Who Is Jamie Foxx's Girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp?

Jamie Foxx famously keeps his relationships on the low. This became evident through his relationship with Katie Holmes: They started dating in 2013, but the couple did not make a public appearance together until 2018 when they attended the Pre-Grammy Awards Gala. Not much is known about Foxx's dating life since he broke up with Holmes in 2019. The "Miami Vice" actor was romantically linked to singer Sela Vave the following year in 2020, but no other details about his romantic life emerged until he started dating Alyce Huckstepp.

The pair was spotted together in May 2022 when Foxx was photographed cozying up to Huckstepp on a yacht in Cannes. Over a year later, in August 2023, Foxx was spotted with Huckstepp once again as he hung out in Malibu with friends. Shortly afterwards, their relationship status was confirmed.

Foxx and Huckstepp were photographed vacationing in Mexico together in September 2023. They were seen holding hands while getting into a car, and then later hanging out on a beach, per Page Six. It was also revealed that Huckstepp had accompanied Foxx to a commercial shoot for BetMGM in Las Vegas in July. "They seemed cozy," an insider told People in September. Huckstepp is a former fitness model who prefers to keep a low profile, and as such, few other facts about her life have been reported. 

Alyce Huckstepp was a fitness model and trainer

As mentioned, details about Jamie Foxx's girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp, are scarce. According to The U.S. Sun, she is a former fitness model, who started her own business at some point. Once news broke that Huckstepp was officially dating the "Django Unchained" star, more info about her trickled in. "Alyce is a total sweetheart," a source told People in September 2023 while revealing that she was born outside the States. "[Huckstepp] is Australian but has been in the U.S. for a while," the insider added.

In addition to being a former fitness model, the Australian was also a fitness trainer. An Instagram post from 2019 showed the before-and-after photos of one of Huckstepp's clients. "6 weeks working with @alycehuckstepp to find her maintenance numbers and the right nutritional strategy to suit her lifestyle," the caption read. Huckstepp has since deleted that Instagram account.

That same deleted account was tagged in a March 2022 Instagram video by influencer Vanessa Chesson in March 2022. "LIV last weekend ..." the caption read, before tagging Foxx and Huckstepp, along with a few others. In the video, Foxx was seen holding a microphone in a club as Huckstepp danced to the side. It is unclear whether they were dating at the time, but she did attend the premiere of Foxx's Netflix film "Day Shift" in August 2022. Once their romance was official in September 2023, The U.S. Sun reported that the couple had been "secretly dating for over a year." As such, Huckstepp was with Foxx during his health scare in April 2023.

She helped Jamie Foxx through recovery

Jamie Foxx was suddenly hospitalized in April 2023. At first, he decided to keep his health issues under wraps, but he finally provided fans with an update in July 2023 when he posted an emotional video to Instagram. "I didn't want you to see me with tubes running out of me and trying to figure out if I was going to make it through," Foxx said in the clip. "And to be honest with you, my sister, Deidra Dixon, and my daughter, Corinne Marie, saved my life," he added.

It may have been Foxx's sister and daughter who helped get him immediate medical care, but his girlfriend Alyce Huckstepp played a major role in helping the actor though that difficult time. "Things are going really well with Jamie and his girlfriend, Alyce," a source told Us Weekly in September 2023 — not long after their romance was confirmed. "Aside from his family, Alyce has been a huge source of support throughout his recovery process. She makes him really happy and they spend as much time together as possible," they added.

Later that year the "Gold Digger" singer showed his appreciation for Huckstepp with a thoughtful gesture. While grabbing lunch with friends on his birthday — December 13, 2023 — Foxx rocked a black T-shirt that said "Alyce" across the top and displayed photos of his girlfriend. This was on-brand for a popular TikTok trend of boyfriends sporting shirts with collages of their girlfriends, and confirmed that Foxx has serious feelings for his current flame.