The Stunning Travis Kelce Cheating Rumors That We Can't Ignore

With how whipped Travis Kelce appears to be for Taylor Swift, it's almost unconscionable to think that he would ever be capable of being unfaithful. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end has been open about being besotted with Swift from the get-go, making the first move on the singer with friendship bracelets and all. But alas, Kelce had not evaded cheating rumors, especially when he partied in Las Vegas with his teammates.

Swift has yet to release tracks about her romance with Kelce, but the NFL star beat her to it not by writing songs, but by waxing poetic about her. Kelce makes gushing about his girlfriend his business, that fans couldn't help but collectively swoon whenever he talks about her — which he does. A lot. "She's on a whole other stratosphere. She's the best at what she does for a reason," Kelce said of Swift being at the top of her game in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I'd be silly if I ever tried to take anything from what she does, other than just enjoy the people that show up." Amid all the prying eyes, Kelce remains unfazed, convinced that their romance is as real as it gets. "I do, you know, have a guarded approach to it," he told NFL on Westwood One Sports. "But at the same time, I know what me and Taylor have is special."

Despite Kelce's relentless campaign to tell the world how smitten he is, that didn't shield him from cheating allegations. When he found himself at a nightclub in Las Vegas, the speculations followed.

Travis Kelce's Las Vegas trip landed him in hot water

Travis Kelce better cross his fingers that the next Super Bowl won't be in Sin City. The last time he touched down there, all he scored were cheating rumors. In February 2024, Kelce jetted off to Vegas to continue celebrating the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory with some of his teammates, including the MVP himself, Patrick Mahomes. The trip came right on the heels of him being the ultimate boyfriend, accompanying Taylor Swift to some of her shows in Australia, and even sneaking in a cutesy zoo date.

But lo and behold, cheating rumors emerged, with tabloids calling him out for chugging booze around women. Because obviously, enjoying a drink is a clear sign of infidelity, especially in a Vegas club, where people are practically packed like sardines, right? Not! Even fans (or maybe haters?) got swept up in the speculations. "Not the scantily clad woman dancing 10 feet away from him breathing the same air. He's cheating," one wrote. "Not sure that party looks 'attractive' for men in relationships,' tweeted another.

These rumors are likely unfounded, though, with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton dishing on his podcast that the media probably planted the story for clicks. "I would bet good money that they hired hot chicks to try and get near Travis," he said, with his co-host Chris Booker theorizing that there was probably some "Travis booty bounty" involved in exchange for catching the athlete red-handed. But upon further sleuthing, Hilton assured fans that Kelce mostly kept to himself. "He and Patrick Mahomes were on their very best behavior... They would steer clear of thirsty tigers."

But he doesn't have a squeaky clean history either

Travis Kelce may not have cheated in Las Vegas, but that doesn't mean that he has never cheated on anyone ever — that is, if one dares to indulge in the claims brought about by one of his exes. Maya Benberry, the winner of the dating show "Chasing Kelce," and whom the athlete dated for a few months, claimed that Kelce had been unfaithful to her in the short time they were together.

"Once a cheater always a cheater," she told Daily Mail. "Taylor seems like such a fun girl with a beautiful spirit so I wish her the best of luck but I wouldn't be a girls' girl if I didn't advise her to be smart." Then again, a source close to the tight end clarified to TMZ that Benberry's claims were completely false and that she was likely just chasing clout. "A poor excuse of someone trying to get her 15 min of fame," they said.

The good news is that Kelce remains unbothered. According to him, he and Swift are happy in their own bubble. "It's been an unexpected ride that I've just been having a blast with," he told Tracy Wolfson in an interview (via People), and proceeded to call out the people who still think they're together just for show. "You're all crazy," he quipped. "Every last one of you is crazy."